Slacker and Steve - Junk Injuries 10/13

Friday, October 13th


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Yeah. He you know. We don't know why we did this to ourselves or TU every once in awhile and I just wanna start this entire thing with that a complete total apology thank you to anyone listening anyone. Who will be here for the next few short seconds and then go running away. On the we will talk about times you hurt your. John. I'm John Q injuries so in the reason it happened the reason we decided to talk about this is there was a story. That we saw. An ice. Literally all day today thought there was a glitch in the matrix. Because. I remember this exact salary months ago wasn't like 23 months ago a guy in China. Rushed to the hospital after getting his stuff stuck. In a wrench. Crescent wrench or a play the adjustable replace print I would I would say hey. This it means crescent wrench you just. Going to anonymously had to be one of the late dimensions that's always seal a deal done. I was DynCorp is a real occasionally he any is OK you don't need and so the more. It hurt the more the blood flowing down there and I made it worse right I don't partisan yes it became impossible from any had to go to the hospital. Bomb it they couldn't cut through wrenched so she uses disk cutter which I don't know what that is you know dribble. A notice. Own a grinder kinda dream yeah I don't grinder anywhere near my Coke if you raise serious outlandish but yeah well me and we're very yeah. Jewels yet and it takes off the likes what I think scope and bombed so it was freed after two hour. This so then we lights. And we should talk about joint interest isn't much other stories but and it's like wait a minute I know we've already talked other sore right. What's the other one guy put a wrench on his stuff and then didn't go to the doctor for like three d.s usually during terrorist you know. Actually got there it was back right each. Com Yahoo!. This guy's been freed has he went right away from so ladies gentlemen ever if you got something. He took if you got a tool metrics if something's stuck on your. It's dusk the public service announcement from site turns these moves Carlos Ferrero I would. Old. So. I guess when we're gonna do is what you call and tell us how you around. How you are yours. If you if you did there's an adversary in the news and I'm just I'm caught this this was some. From the other day that there is some doctors had to put out a warning saying. Don't try to clean. Your lady parts holdouts. Within cucumbers now what do you know buddies were doing that to begin with the eight you know. I don't it feels like something Gwyneth Paltrow would put up on her weird side it is she does all he's weird things but it's like. Apparently they were peeling a cucumber he's trying to Ababa. And then. When some and somebody told them that it would make things better. If you clean there. He'll do it this is used addicted to clean yourself because your stuff and cucumber like Bynum I little sort of an end and yes if you read on the Internet maybe I would I would maybe. Shoot the call over to your primary care physician and don't. All this has really skewed number. Played hard things are you think that's a good idea that NBC it's not they say it's not don't use any vegetable or. I'll post a lot of outs are thought that's what the reviews of his or supplements are the match. I don't. Not. No Steve disarray I said I read those two numbers bad score in every other every other vegetable but. What what do you want need so I have to confess or tell me what you want you say it saves where Iraq. So I don't care because now now I am forced to go through all the vegetables in my head that are shaped like that and then convince myself. Not to save them all on the air. And that's what's happening in my head and so I can't concentrate on anything else because the west plant. Okay who took the truck state and sometimes is about I wanted to stop but he can't so there's something in the cucumbers that's what does Obama. She should. Know Q Alec brown sugar and road. Oh. Okay thanks so don't do that okay it will hurt your stuff. She joked. Sure we keep going to what we do now I mean can we ruined the show jumped is there any okay bottom line is this what you're Duncan resource and I feel like in the NB a total accident. I I think you probably better if there are accidents. I don't think we wanna talk to the people on purpose with oranges as the French people if you do the little people you can't because here's the thing. We have huge stack of papers of these are all stories I believe are intentional jumped injuries heat and shockingly enough. They're all male BR here's I don't go play with his jokes. And guess what happened did you another guy with a toaster I know what it's are you go it. Guests are Jim Angle setting does a pinch resist to put in case you know. I'm ruining today's show what. I just found out my toaster had bagel sending them. I've always just turn the knob and I never even noticed those four but oh yeah that's for your Rangel said he also. To be totally honest I'm I burned like 6008. CNN I'm sitting here about a bird I already burned 2 lead in the morning and pump my daughter comes around the corner showed she goes. And she put McCoy and she's like it's a big setting it might. So your senator. Early and try. Never looked at. I was when I was younger and then only at. Staying with the guy with the junkie he will but yeah it's anyone's battle setting or were all right now we have to describe all Susan's just like that zucchini. So we just going to read our John Cubans it'd be more fun to talk about your job that's my take a going to leader who cares if you've got to jump injuries. We'd love to hear about it. New alleys. Yeah I guess yeah. Hey Edmund brother when you a little sleep walk a lot and he walked right leader Eric why not try to pee on the heater while you're asleep. Mean not. Only guest for arsenals awful fevered at all I have you don't occurred. A library daughter's dog and then bit. I thought you know you're blaming yet another big family I. Don't know yet until presumably after. Is the so yeah so Z yeah I did with her I get it I guess how that would work. To talk about know our oldest and Ireland. Ask your sister is his own all. Right it's my brother. Sure that's for this sort of settings for some people who really council Ali Nelson but it often are about eight cents really harmful and discussing thank you good. Any. I hate you are disguise on junk injuries when avenue. We found what I'm not I would run. I grew up in Arizona I'm metro tram had a pool. In her yard blue water the there's got the bill would put the home if water flood hit and one day we were driving on us and our employee Donna and a review. Gruden hadn't been. Patent all the world's. Oh sure sure. It got me very tender area the house. 11 PM it. Yeah hi yeah is also just doesn't. Doesn't matter much oil in the water our bush league military agreement in the army adrenaline all blue okay. There's more. I'm just be the buzzword of today you can't you see them soon Baghdad union Ohio homered did your parents sue him I wouldn't call god. I really don't look at your fairway every don't go around with. It would ruin my plumber. Yeah I'll hold. You're the first one to like to ignore dosage gotten caught. You just hit it wrong that's sort of hit it wrong part of what sort of domino bombs. No lasting damage you you have everything you know they're now you. Vieira good certainly there are you grew. Wow yeah that hurts all right that's that's that's you talking you know on talent. Yeah pace junk you know yes. She should try. I would probably feel like it's while ultimately be a good at puberty. And islands. Internap stakes keeper off course and I would prefer trick on account who's from. And I would during the current real and my foot let. It would really got a Eileen and bounce being ranked between the exit and him I did just. Oh and almost none of the personal. Yeah how I think my uncle or eight months I read all of. For a more at school so heroin and you know I see and hear John cash he's. I. Informal poll and currently I wouldn't know. All pretending that did not cap. You see with fed sport urge you to mentally just like you know my exit strategy right there you. Did you. Actually had to what can not picture here doctor guy and then some and injury but the junk wasn't enough to determine. I guess not. It. Was like this is gonna sound creed dear that I mean fourteenth green was. Your image or was it actual did you her own look yeah it's it's its. Own. Do you view your mom now or everything works sooner. I'm not mom Isaiah and I don't know if I had account thinking OK about it is. I might have cracked like multiple. Not had a buried under any it was pretty. Now all of that soft on the hogs that you threw your John's injury room on the leash Yahoo! yeah. Yeah I hear I'm John. Well what are my you don't give a good friend not friend John. On the back of a motorcycle and eager I didn't Kabul elite Q what they're ready for you spell out the back of the letters go out and are relating event. To keep it on the tire. Move all. She literally see who don't want to retire but I was. No edit my parents thinking issued probably like try to hold on. That's you got plans have a tire go and and. You're sorry you're gonna die out hey you know it is just how do you know away yes there's other words to say oh I. On yeah and I'll. That's the word that. Actually part of that story today from my friend so I would like they include mentored me. Everything else julliard John story on alone access. Yeah I did was to see you don't retire you're you're right soft I would. Now don't even know it was so yeah.