Slacker and Steve - Junk Science 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th


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Steve I am so I don't know how to even talk about tennis I mean I do women. I'm just curious and we love to hear from you in some ways she performed the yeah. Ever really Biden Gwyneth Paltrow stop us now duke starts. Okay are what remembered the eggs saying you know CNN Jed eggs it was like she need a yeah it was a it was Joseph. An egg that women were Social Security around. Yeah internally yes home to help with terror. Bio frequency stealing stuff for something in home no that's another thing oaks the vital frequency healing it was a sticker. Thing you put on your. Yes that's right unnecessary it's ball bonk. It's all good and it's any it's when it's cultural brain ends. In slow group mr. Brady and drew does your brain has got a whole bunch of things like I remember. When those. Dialogue I don't know there's was due. Lights. Were sold for like months before finally a gynecologist you know when legs arms and rocks in your John did you do anything book rocks just is chuck I don't know as a gynecologist I never thought I'd have to come out and say there is no legs. Just women her show went up to their yearly. It really needs a Little Rock Tom east go to Iraq in there are some doubts as to how is grounds out to stop it with a rock well apparently we. Grouped and bring parents and her brand has received something called B rusty razor award coach from a British magazine called the skeptic and what it is. Is out. It's it's calling her entire brand junk science salt. Armed everything apparently pretty much everything I mean she has like expensive lotions and stuff but even that. But she's got different things like tighten your Steen and you know open or close your Taurus I purchased what direction your pores need to go this GO putter closes the scores she's like got all of that. And key in all supremely. Overpriced I'd so what happens is this magazine called the skeptics they put out there and they're like who's this snake oil salesman who's the biggest peddler of junk science communion the editor of the magazine said quote we were surprised and quite how many. Public vote nominations group received for the rusty braver award razor award for pseudoscience. It certainly. A popular win snags are going big is dumped all over Gwyneth so if you got one of those bio frequency he's a compelling sugar constantly or rocks in your John well you may drop them now only but it's not prepare you.