Slacker and Steve - Kicked Out 10/9

Monday, October 9th


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And there. Where you've been kicked out. I don't know Olympic Games you have just torturing event of a Summer Olympics. Oral so you're you've got kicked out of an entire book changed. I've been kicked out a few points. Did you kind of barked before the bars on a kick out of a town and then a Tony. But otherwise that's about in the UDs law rising now Rambo movie bright house. They drive you like you guys this town and say look I'd send. They don't show your face that's here in this year I am kinda Iowa going to do terrible we got escorted to the city limits of the city by city police got handed off to. Tony share ups who drove most of the toll line there yet taken up by the hype Ohio highway patrolman took his back to our town so we were escorted by three different law enforcement agencies. As we can still make it. Never enough to charge you they just they were like we're not. We would jail forever but we're just gonna make sure you're not in any of our jurisdiction yeah I was just kept Y you're asking nexus so we got it back to our tonight. Right she did. She'd felt there were almost where you're going and so US women's national teams are. Alex Morgan this happened a little bit ago was kicked out to Disney World which it's hard to get it done Disney World and it just wanted to do you do and it says she got into an argument with another group that's not only San an and app gotten all its it could well there's two reasons why yes it definitely drinking glass and up to us. So I'm. What I know is she chipped out. Or kicked out kicked out. Oh she's never seems like to complicity would hold a grudge so you think you're right maybe plaster trees up everywhere and I'm sorry to say like I. I was like you said I was kicked out of a bookstore and they took my picture in the Dominican never come back. I can go back I look different and I had long haired pain in the whole staying. Disney's kind of cut the video Cecil did not seen it. But they official recognition software just like it could see no yes they absolutely you're barred from their dues he wondered cruises your bar I would change the world and play under an ex and her zest and that's what I mean she's actually. Shooting in an effort. She's done which is the only thing that's that's kind of epic to doubt this dude in Detroit. Got kicked out of this new stadium or something who used to be the Jolie palladium was an old so I. This dude was like one of the last it's just throw an octopus a deal Jo oh they made it illegal. I am not seeing a hockey and I don't like getting off into the do you in this sporty stuff but. Like when somebody scores that trigger reserves are hats I get it is you had your hat your did you Wear an hat. We that I've seen hockey games where all the sudden. Screwed that saying is my own cooks and steal each endangered species to iron out a chipped it down and how long was let's see your coat and how does your personal hygiene and nobody around you was like hell does that smell the these are all valid questions actually like usually I think typically goes like don't be ice which lights 12 off the clock in the first period it's like. There's an. And to most is like. I'll just tell what do you do if it's. Right right away right but yeah running at a news like always just ready maybe take the ice. He was he claims he's. The last winter when it Joseph anyone to be the first one its road to new place all that's actually they should assign them I know it's illegal but they should you must so. Po box two closers some do we go about well he said. Unreal this go back two steps guy. I'm gonna give you 500 dollars down and I am sort of stoplight. Animal you two hours. How would you come back from an octopus has got to that you knew. The only tell in Australia with you're go going in technology still section I don't give you lost today and you're not coming back we're not so you see in this guy he. I. I should come tell an octopus guy. Do you eat Jones you you even know where you start yeah kinda you do all. Like an aquarium return error or a west lake oh what puts a Telemar. Is that what they serve I would just. This octopus is an only currencies as you can go to like coaches go to go 1008. Do you think you need to Telemar we imported back together and once played. Defense my partners guys jelly doughnuts or five. Talk about stimulus split which if you put that Alomar back to getter as this went well Sosa were in the process it was taken apart C unified belt where was hole I don't I don't think that in this Statehouse is. Our or topic though I'm so you know or get not to post we're taking your gossip. I don't know reacted out of the process has been rejected I don't know if he's gonna be able to come back. You've got to get this it's a tradition it's thought the candidates octopus guy and I'm a recent headlines you Tony this is true men got kicked out of Taco Bell for being drunk. I. I'm too busy putting on my non shucks nice oh. And stuck well knows everybody's drawn so much there's certain bars in the talk about it a whole part of the new culture. Anyway he was also using racial slurs all what do you what do you do 45 different dudes dressed as Magnum PI got two dozen Detroit Tigers can do these guys are also because if you do rivers Magnum PI you always wore Detroit Tigers baseball caps and don't know why injured NASA these guys 35 drove. I know within their wherein my dad they're chest hair out damn them they have the legs. Porn stash the call started acting like 45 you are asked me in an appropriate that was clever. A woman slash B big screen at Busch Stadium she's kicked no solid till we want from you where you kicked out of still bigger. But we banned if your bay forever that that gives you an extra Fred will ya. But if you've been kicked out of I mean my street cred is a bookstore. I have zero streak with Steve doesn't deeply not an international incident at the Olympics it's out of the horse park's clearly it was you cook a serial event you Arizona and it's a good. Girl allegedly part of what I do. So we -- he thought he looked. This is a win win situation for us I don't wanna be dig western met I don't look so. Read by you quote where you do whether we didn't let you haven bookshop listing off. A legend. It even kicked out of somewhere wonderful we'd love to hear your story Terrence. Yeah yeah yeah I. And you can sit down somewhere. No I wanted to play where you can get cannot. Oh Jesus a couple of bad but I. Knew I knew we took to show oft injured weeds here okay where do you where you get an octopus. And not to but indeed it could also. More it's like a whole lot to put us. Yeah it all out let it in the pilot error. JR RON. What do people actually eat more than just Bynum for when their favorite hockey team is on the eve eve is a hockey we'll do that is it a good day would actually mean somebody scored three goals this is the octopus like. AEU did something cool. Or is not to put aside your team sucks here's a squid and I don't think it's a good question I always thought it was mocking the other pro teams gold gold all ultimate insult by doing that but maybe I'm wrong and that. Is he called golden sit I was. I'm here with man he's a hockey player he's only that but he said that the second one. It's like you. Oh okay. Maybe split means you side who you're taking the call ugly it's if you do it as a believe we have had eight arms. You'd be really doing good it seems like that's like your like your school do you. I would say part glory or try to get back to actual kicked out stories two in these are you guy you are disguised. Where did you get ticked down us. That's a I don't consider what we're you can see it's. You're I would throw my mom when my hospitals you regarding our market surgery die and it was like for fifty years Bengie wanted to get things. Most didn't talk during the time and I don't I don't know what are the big problem we are these are what if what if what their. And I'd having restart the program rounding my third go up the line. And no breaks. Alan we're going to be time to drive your heart well jobs are up but all alcohol hits you are all why would adopt Eric and I started like. Cool lying and pouring out my mom like. Everything right airport on Iron Bowl begging for forgiveness. Only time you go yeah I'm from Bernie try to do lake. You don't get me to leave they try to ever or currently do you know why you pick her outta we hear get a copy. And armed agent couldn't couldn't you wanna leave Marmara but I don't very childish or click obviously you. You are being cute. They actually got its security or police officers who cool remove sleek forcibly removed you from the hospital. You're earlier this year you are now Saturday now permanent security to our veterans horrible. I would regard me in the car we steroids you know we've got me opera Lake Alfred ordered and they're like if you don't get out of here holing the easy has built screaming in Bahrain put. Now that you've your picture there her brutally kicked out she's really into my immediate horizon I don't know I think hospitals ready or your record. It is like you cross section of of humanity is just people nobody goes and hospitals their freshest moment but then when you have to seed this drama full failure that was that is awesome Todd thanks to the story Jamie Ryan. Yeah I kicked out. Oh I'm so years ago he a couple of my friends and I went to a coordinated and we're a little drunk then I thought it would be a good idea future I have might be near corner admired her underground what's the. I and rather than why don't realize you don't need some sort of the flammable agencies aren't telling ES an accelerant heard you know what did you use. Well luckily I got caught before I got it live but there they definitely kicked me out bill. He's aware are you having a little loud siren they're pretty cheeky new outlook for viewers didn't do you oh you're right Steve I would definitely allow him to get the whole stalk of corn hostile and potentially burn down their entire livelihood of of corn field and then go yeah I know we had to let him get all the way there before we didn't. Makes a rash decision of us it's a great way to flying everywhere lurking in a corn mazes and she's never done a coroner is now does audio lost its dude it's scary is is that I you are the ones I wouldn't you want that night but nights Tuesday night Bono and that's when you get down China corn people don't and that's when it seems like an irregularity here but I don't need let's not get a you know I didn't hear Norman fire but you may end forever -- they take pictures of you were. They did not they just said don't come back. Gruesome photos tour newsletter. Do you like maps so other mormons is with the old and just in lives over on county road seventy TO sure that our they give me the golf brands appreciate it. Terrence. Yes yes yeah I did doubt. Channel I'm I didn't actually get kicked out but I am actually got it is Neil Lane and. And at what kind of TV the FBC's. It's you have to touch a while on a chip bright picture but kids who once it's all. Catch our walk on kid right. And your CNB. Oh there's like security guards following that could make a back in the Disneyland. Zero to two B right you guys trying to talk to walk if you if you if you do any change I was with somebody who tried to get out of the pirates is piracy Caribbean right got stalled. And he tried to get out go get the keys out of the dog's mouth. And Paul whom you would not believe how fast all the lights come on Annapolis wall tall dark and also is like. And it's just lit up they need they're like yeah and then they didn't it's no fun then you know that when you get there. They're waiting for you and they're absolutely is a jail I didn't have to go but this guy was. They gig unit didn't land jail I'm not ban on eight by actual charge people they would object to sell not only are we didn't get kicked out. What are the mug shots like yeah. Sideways to go to Donald. I'm. Coming ideas have been this national.