Slacker and Steve - Kicked Out 12/13

Wednesday, December 13th


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Staying on the I'm going to in this current Q why did you lives are run he's not utilized a warped view of what it's like to be apparently I don't know I'm just right that's it toward the phrase mean war is war be. Okay. As a suspect we'll talk about where you going to doubt us yeah if you've been booted from somewhere in which to meet. It feels good when you say the words kicked out it's automatically means drunk. Have to be that physically removed plumbing but now it turns out to exert because you. Are you asking a karma police are vineyard it's because your bloated this woman that starts at all loss is a woman who was merely. Merely all your hiring go suck I took she was just merely actually he. Regulation yet she wasn't what is now that crew did exactly what they're supposed to do she was out traveling from her home to new work. From from Houston to Newark. And down she's concert pianist and a cancer researcher OK so this is supposed to matters how well I didn't physical that's Steve when you tell a good story. Could you do you have to have perspective on the store owners swear you will do as I am not I don't believing anybody. Anyway she tells cancer patients and plays piano at a concert levels she's not stupid. A two year old son their own Spirit Airlines. On a flight attendants said look we can't take DOS until you stop breastfeeding your child yourself to your child was getting a little on ruling them. I mean she was trying to get him to sleep which you as a passenger who's on a big I'll give you that you can all bad. There weren't doing it you put your. Own lines. I exclusion that would. I just didn't show and I'm liable quiet slug. It Jeff Bridges are an. Old boy you guys going. Oh OK I'll give you come back you're not wrong I don't know. Just first of all week yet to unfold what do you flying around boy her two year old didn't exactly blow its ear drums out and secondly that's where. Plain area exudes cool if you you'd have a few baby you don't. Your old toddler you make the rest of your friendly come CU we you don't fly no lower had to can bring you zero Z I am one might my entire area law. How do you still there's like seventy people all living home in. Primary line in Brazil know you see each step and that's thousand dollars and then find hotel stays out it's not how it works Euro. No it shouldn't fall below. You shouldn't be allowed to travel because one with a bunch of restrictions on. Him being exceeding Mirotic I had. But anyway she wouldn't stop breastfeeding the kid OK I respect her because she's trying to quiet nice kid which is doing everywhere rounder a favor so I respect that but that's illegal to do on a flight where illegal it's against FAA regulations because ultimately. Screw it here's a thing what you know until two you can choose to like to have them sit in your lap for the whole damn flight knows that's designed I guess. So soon have to buy a ticket we'll have many other question still have not changed now I'm okay no okay so then. Don't sit through arguing his dad and you don't know when necessary as crew pasture excuse me miss you must be seated. And buckled first take off we all know yeah. That's like slow you know god that no she wasn't she the understanding. Oh. She was sitting in the seat when their kid across her she was a quiet. They want her reporter kid in the seat yup you don't but if your kid is one month younger. Version was. 23 month so look I didn't put the pair out. He's crying out all soared to. 23 months and 29 days your kitchen in your lap breastfeeding. Is too. Easy ducks. Your kid doesn't. Radically change in weight. Between day in day and they didn't card became didn't know how old kid is India shot up and we can't allow the crew followed procedures she wasn't quiet and so then she just made life miserable this flight was delayed eighteen times before listened to incident even happened I don't know what bringing in evidence it doesn't matter doesn't matter depleted never been daughters on Zaire imagine every once a router does that. Hi guys who can you imagine her car. So we're now I got her back to you imagine this is our researcher knowing what's right for her charity Eva you play that card you're not even been out what I am I. You can play Ouattara got playing against a hole so then she did some details in the in this seat is in no did I know we both started crying and they're like he had done nothing new tale. Since that's crazy isn't it LT and we have to as they should they were compliant kicked out. That woman in their lives yeah that's not a flight but an airline well I'm sick I'd probably barely I would say that's why if I got bands from spirit I'd be like oh no. I told you return to spirit took this I didn't know there was this thing absolutely if you I think makes you formats you know a trick of Israel and that means your frequent flier deserves it they do. Every airline in the United States of America. Says. That's what whether they charge you for your bags they don't charge through banks actually fifty packed tonight. You know if you've ever flown anywhere your bag can be fifty task. Spirit Airlines you. They're like yeah. Whatever you according to. Shore up on the thing you've got forty sounds like a spirit her arguments forty. All of the hole a halt what it. The unwritten rule or did you bring you it's written so please advice and small all. I started this. Counter your I want to Cozumel when what you're just forty take its web site. Contention you don't featured at all. It's a should they did tickets this crazy cheap and you know that. I think you spread your backside even unify protests like this you just watch people pull in money other well to do blue league for a blew through impact but that. So yes. But they're close to the moon. I don't I want a list stop the name of these they're airlines Everett says a crap. I'm like these and I won a whisk them off. And seeing their better than spare the coach to a twelve it's a quick sorted out I don't know if I'm sorry spirit must be a budget operating business and their awesome I'm happy for them. But if you go to kicked off over. You wish not to do I wouldn't be guy tweeting about it going in a negative way and I knew I guess he just got to Dennis spirit could just makes it. You could look at what are you think the odds are they figure out my real name I am ticked off a speaker. The unknown. I'm having second C indeed. Oh. We got kicked out and that's only wanna talk about yeah. I know it twenty other stories to tell me get to a Susie some headlines. Are some gas tried to climb back beyond the tree of mice and Disney's True Blue Tammany portion I don't know S. Don't know why I don't see so. Sucks it should go this one's older it's in Orlando and it's a Disney it's. An adamant. Yeah they climbed to realizing their tic data due to stop clicking yes they're they're like you guys have done this a pregnant woman got to Denver catches you would rather take some drunk guys toolbar. Whole squabble a 24 year old man got kicked out of Buckingham Palace did you try to climb the. Walsh had with the queen was even there she touches on a day and now he is everywhere. Were also oh my god can at least did. Oh. Lukewarm. To. She did Lauren Wolfe glued to ensure you blow your. This is not giving Ralph the Communist. My mind that I saw I don't I. You're having a ball. I am I I'm getting nervous breakdown so armed. I you know and sort of calls from lawyers it's a real step. At a few things out of somewhere. We'd love to hear your story I'd Jessica. And I kicked out. I purple highlight your show are wrong we love you accept the case. Actually I mean my house and I am. You know that they local ADM arms and he wound up I'm defending his landing and they aren't your bird with apartheid basically. I'm again at a local stadium and he wound up getting kicked out of there and a couple weeks later we got eight spirit I can. I'm sure letter. Saying he would never allowed to come back into that stadium and tell C I am in good mental anger management guru. Hidden the team's strength and why it's cool idea that he had a spectator I am conduct car but he had to do it out yeah. Oh man is he's not there or who is I don't know it's time. Out of the clear thinking that maybe they have like a picture of Norman at. Exactly like the sounds and as a punishment is it makes more harsh like to take it January wants in on spirit co. Op that's. I'm gonna get some of this fear and hatred here in singing debut for the gods designee. Jacked. I. Dick doubt we DJ Dennis. I am. Tired talent they have Rambo dude they drove you to the city limits and says you can get out signs with the. Tell us some like I. I would have tired driving at a strategic edge. I'm and then had to appear courts and then the judge told me he's not gonna which amid sagging yet I'm angry inch. They're not so much space around there and I do well get five years. Just or what's his press speeding few minutes more than speeding you would have how many kilos of rice cookers. Maybe I'm just speaking to didn't like me while you shoot like soccer ball while our kids America is shot you headlines. All America. And I know things. That is dumb move but that's awesome day you can call it spirit fly in China. They must that's our hub. The home Jody. I yeah I hit not a doubt where you meet you Dennis. Well there daily you know America are really yeah I I heard your art and I looked a lot about upload by we're winning and I don't. And uplifting moment you turn by clicking OKK Miller met but the water bottle he added that's why they're alert and I think he put something injured grain for. Not plundered wondered. I started it. I picked an arcane and she took my grandparents are now are you manager and I thank you you're going to find it this time. I thought. Besides what a mistake of going back now and the might spread boom and why they're not in my great dignity and I went and animal. We horror and you're like. It Hudson. Oaks. I. I'm not a good deal. Information I'm just passing along my family history and it's it's oh my god how well you can doubt.