Slacker and Steve - Kids Say the Darnedest Things 9/14

Wednesday, September 14th

Sometimes kids don't understand the meaning of things they say. Other times they understand perfectly they just don't have a filter to keep them from saying it out loud, sometimes with hilarious results.  From mispronouncing words, to telling us how they really feel, kids can say the funniest things. What's the most embarassing thing you've heard a kid say?

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And we. Who have children children and how their mouths are. Or I want now that I'm in the middle of the session to finish. Their mouths sometimes dip them in trouble and they don't even realize it Pegasus or honesty to say that done the funniest honest thing darnedest weirdest. Things. We'll see a cure any drag you in on this them because I believe your children are in the habit of saying. A bunch of things recently. Movies are debating making factory knowledge that played a thing easily squeeze it jump yeah. I had like fourteen kids in three years how many kids again or three yeah in the three years but yeah in exactly three years or under three years a little over three years. And soon then she's pregnant and it's. No. Matt yeah I. I don't remember where this original story came from it's it's all these parents. Adding their children out this is the bigger than this clearly from like. But get a porn site has some of these kids is saying yeah. Really mommy card debt included a three year old told his father that he is. We JJ hit it looks like hot dog with the with my to my kids to diss Jennifer while he's when you when you're we have little ones. You'd think they the doctors all say don't. Give it a cute name don't Ryan we leave or you anatomically correct yes so you're saying the JJ. And if you're seeing a lot like if you already have a boy in the house. You take teaching him to potty train a what are your rights. Your B we I won't see it UK Europe. We miss what are you call it when you when you're calling you dad staying in your daughter resides. Mine meanest looks weird they cheat they don't understand yes yeah. Everybody's. Is that part exactly he's labeled the same thing yeah did your kids talk about their privacy incorrectly. It kind of yeah. I count. They they well. My daughter told me that she wanted what her brother had well playground and it's sure to join us here. Math class action is upset that he had me more there than she did. And you craft only reply has judge yeah today. Not much I can do about. Obama taking it I'm so kid told his Sunday school class. I'd like they're they're they're you're in the room and they're asking what is your dad do you in this kid says my dad drinks spears and peas on trees could. It's a drawn up for it but I think with him I was career vocation at all yeah I. That's not true that because I. Had almost the exact not quite that but I had some the other day we went to Costco and we're getting ready for a barbecue there we are having in our house and so my daughter likes to carry the list that's her thing you know and so I tell her what to cross off the list in. So she was asked me what the list said and on that was. Soda beer zone and so forth and I'm not a big drinker at all and she asked me she's like what's beer and I was like well. Beers an adult drink it too it's what the adults will have a barbecue that kind of thing and so then. We go back and wrapped a soda. And I grabbed this just humongous thing of Coke you know like 48 coaxed that you can get a Costco and thrown on the car and there's this. Poor little old woman standing next to us and as soon as I put her on the car made it my daughter goes. Is that your. Usually get this many a one yeah. Equipment that. I don't there was no one on one of these other sites it said then there's suns went to his dad when he was six years old said dad too we get attacked. Dad says so on your mom's allergic to cats so now. In the sun says all mom dies comedic Jack. Vocal as I sure. I don't know I goods you chatter out now is I'm I'm trying to cut. I don't I don't I don't retell the two the worst story in my life but at. Every time I think about when to say the darnedest thing it was me. It's my kid was so into the debt that would just showed you your kids watch it clearer. They show its machines. Where did you show oh yeah I subs did I used to do a lot to be totally honest I would love that show I can I didn't completely hasn't come. Total aside this conversation I can see you partaking in adult beverages or adults. Other things and just seemed it's literally just like to say who's next data. She didn't lose Lawrence cement all she's like. And I remember sitting there and my son. It just fascinated. You watched of garbage truck one past. Him doesn't contact you but what you don't realize he's your child is learning that wind. Large stings well you know it's serves you garbage trucks when they actually don't. Yes and one time at the grocery store. They've really large loan was in front of us and she started back up and my son was I so. Decides to grab his case and rip Scherer thinks out there might once mighty machine. That's sun yeah. It's you know. I do Diebold. Ammonia content high school so my son ray now is learning to potty trained and so one thing that day he'd. Does is he doesn't really got out and he doesn't really realized that he has to go he just. EU says it it and I heard oh down there and turn it turns down there and I'm like no it doesn't hurt to just means you mean go the bathroom you know that Kennesaw Georgia teach him that all the other day. He he's in the living room and my daughter's over in the kitchen she's just eaten at that table doing her thing or whatever. Not paying attention RS so I thought into my son comes up and he's like that he did it hurts and and my doctors screens across the house. You know watching good how. Don't know. It's. A good thing you can I don't know. It's. I'm I. If you go back then really you're like what darling little things of your kids and you that are completely inappropriate it's usually the F bomb in church so slow or on whatever. There's little girl to even tell this last. She went to her mom and said she and a car in her pocket. I I shutter makes telling the rest of this anyway apparently somebody in their team we have the little matchbox car the Oscar Meyer. Wiener mobile use my. Own. The little she's she's teased. Should we should I stop tie and I need closure did two year old girl then. Removed. Remove the matchbox the hot real Wiener mobile. From her. Game. From her mommy part she's how old yes. Yeah I was told that she said see I'm a Weiner cart in my pocket little hook up and this mother said. What it would not be the last time that I had to tell my daughter to stop using her. As a pocket. All the facts now. Well it's like it's finally you know convenient. Its approach she could see you know like a marsupial everything that we're doing right now they symbols what tickets at such. How are you oh yeah. Okay. It doesn't do me a bizarre. Maybe not necessarily in coach bag no it's beautiful it's a little punch a hole stop now. He says the stupidest today thank god that. Should the but the ball. Is just do we just dice yeah yeah what I hope is is transmitters so long. We'll find out if your kids and said something ridiculous we call it kids say the darnedest thing style Megan. Yeah I did say the darnedest things. Senator I can and then my 'cause I'm lying but. Her uncle woke me up aren't noble not support her birth babies and land her Catholic schoolteacher at. What they did for her mom's birthday. Cheap bad arm I dad gave my mom lucky for it. Up up up every you know it's the fifth the fifth innings Elmo class. That is so I'm just special part of a birthday that I could tell you shared show in town with the what do teacher put. This teacher did an explanation or they just left didn't know key. Now I believe they Wear disgust about it they detect there about I. At and. Oh did a parent teacher conference. So or he's not about you let your daughter on your nets ten to rekindle this. It really different. All nine uses no I don't do them to have larger than you million limbs. Not me to say the darnedest things. When I heard about Oregon bad weather and apply an outbreak in Milan you're up a lot of experience checking out mail to peak. I would teach him and we were king Cooper one day and he adapt our man behind a line he dark. Does that have. It's a correct terminology. Can. Proceed PS just if he'd have my one of them or the asked Indiana a big one mortgages. How did you know he can't add sticky tab I can hit the proper word yeah yeah. And what real quick gesture. Wouldn't let my daughter works for her she looked happy very earnestly at cheap said. Mom you know are we would be a lot prettier she had a big but like you. I compliment. You looked at plus oh. So the Judy grocery store does he turn around and they should look do you lakes namely Al. Announced. Yeah and then he just kind of chuckle because what else stick it built. Righty you know I would start hitting on you when you say do an amendment Shimon ZX could it adds we are they even go Lin well. Change. Yeah hi yeah I just say there are things. Paying my cousin went kicking her little five year old boy to kindergarten all morning in yellow prettals shout out yes we're gonna back the shares liked what I. You can't see that that's a battle word in eagle I can't figure where it is wrong to think he has heard. Why why can't they are here to ensure they batted. You know what the F word games you don't you why not yet toward me and I'll tell you what it will mean could you let me say the F word. Yes and every single one of those times. Yes. Ha ha that's not a unit are often edit no it. Let's see this what my kids aren't they just yet this I think I may be the worst parent in the world my kids are dying to cuss so the other day I was just sites. Do it and I was like. I dig them each a cuss word and I'm like I going to stand right here and seen as loud as you can which would you give them I knew I didn't do either of the password. But why now what are you not be squared it be yes or no I didn't yet passwords for sure they didn't dispel the S word in the she asked. Why does what does that mean when he does it mean. I forgot something. A couple. My guys like us. Yeah. Element Colbert has been what happened here as lateral I do for it'll. Really good on these amounts due on Lindell. Yeah this. Isn't nine kids in Winston. And my daughter and I I looked at my second child. And acne in and tell me to write adding another EB. Correct lyrics and Sarah. I am wondering where can they care and Eric the larger with a lady walking and sitting here whom you speak write better screened at the top appropriate. My little body so it'll be yeah. Really. Things and when I mean EE it's it's probably illegal to tackle terror clearly inappropriate in that instance. What I did do you apologize or you pretended to nap and. I apologize and kept walking I don't know what it out so I knew how to grab my daughter. I think I can just hurry and I kept blocking I don't know what to. That's actually that's probably the best thing to do just walk away apologize in. Oh that's devastating for sure I know it's oh my god. A page you hill hi Julie this thing. And I did say the darnedest. So I would did not target. Detroit section at play action hero who monster on the future. And the economic straying. Part Kurt Thomas. Hurt the U tonight's. Secret. Our tree it would hurt the court to get together on. Site in part by. Real you yeah. Hey he's not seeing the art food. Yeah no he's saying it loudly he's screaming how much you lose her C without the art and consumer at the deliberate eye strain. And he. Satan hit I if you IE big guy load your kid I don't bring it's almost person. Tough opponent has my wing man. Oh my god this guy is awesome Julie they you've really gone that's true. Cindy. Yeah ai if kids are crazy incidents things were eleven. Well I we we're getting my family when my daughter with you and my sister had a new boyfriend to than I do think that they might. And this guy is the epitome. A guy who knows nothing about children. Never granted the minute and a life and it would completely awkward like eat it did come out they need a hole I don't even know you do you. Poly to act out and he thought he'd be really cool and entertaining this chick Turkey compared. And that. Took rapper 08 had a England where she would be a global employee to stay here country whatever and he would tell her what a widely taught me about it. And they render Milan daily less edgy and waited to China and he's so well that's trying to keep pulled aperture I think that China I had a China. Wool and blue and Communist. Nation. The question. Yes not revenge against you babysit and then right around her.