Slacker and Steve - Kissing is Bad 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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Steve can't answer we got one of those since they're the yellow of those things that falls into the category of isn't good foreign news value. So let's play the theme and then Steve gets not you know why no here we. It's. This is just reinforce. Your weird little Howard Hughes. Or Rick you are doom and bat. But moderates are you. Don't know about Steve I've I've I've told your secret on the year before when you retire to the restroom here at the radio ranch and you. Wash your hands as if you're scrubbing in for surgery when you're down and I. They need you use and paper towels sure. Dinner right next to the door and you dry your hands then you grab one extra paper towel. Use it to open the door handle hold the door handle open with your solid it's true and then Soro the last paper towel and as you escaped. Tear her but yeah leaving a trail of the germs then want back on your body folk should. In Europe that's what runs through my head you're trying to follow you look. Come over to pet my dog and then come in and do the surgery scrubbed but it was no look nothing personal I'm doing now. Are. Do you that's every mode do you personally I would. Fast fix this so Diddy likes touching me. Two guys so here's this here's a story that is is that there is a bad and Steve is going to fall farther into is darkness after he hears this. On to sing hymns. Is bad it's now Bessie we will always side kissing his cooling down just kissing they brings up those seen in abortions comes. Those emotions don't means all those things in your body that make you feel insecure mouth to mouth resuscitation for your soul good kids just hubris a little. I got this yes especially if you kiss me because I mole like washing machine I'm like I don't know how did. Doubt they don't resort area but anyway if eighty million germs yes I made. I'm seconds of the French kissing can transfer well I got eighty mil there are eighty million different germs. It's. It's history as many as eighty million microbes from one person to another. That is a study from the Netherlands so we can't really say well if there's any good or not but on the that's how many germs senses das to keep you they need started their study to find out the extent to which partner shared their moral microbe my god I don't show up walked up so they asked 21 couples to consume pro bionic beverage. That contained a good bacteria. And they probably each had a different staying in their mouse so they can tell who's now and what they swap dump him free to us. Swap dumb post here. Armed and the germs on the tongue were more similar. On that you have my day. See there was eighty million germs we're jumping from really one house to the other out jogging back in full religious swallow you not so if you're one of these. Lucky ladies that happens to be in Steve's bevy of Steffi in his seat at the hair around you know you're probably nine and test anymore well you probably drink alcohol first is that kill eighty million like half a million or I feel like they have to drink alcohol just to be kissing you. A cell just humid here and alcohol kills it you're the you're safe from outside but I got gore kissing is.