Slacker and Steve - Kitchen Katastrophes 9/15

Thursday, September 15th

A woman was shot by her friend's oven while trying to make waffles. She was unaware that the oven was where her friend's family hid their guns. Kitchen catastrophes! What's the worst thing that happened to you in the kitchen?

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Staying. At our kitchen to exacerbate his or draw and are now you're pitching catastrophe yeah do you catastrophe your kitchen. You would really weird. Completely off topic but not completely done a system puts him needs imported talk about this catastrophe doesn't have IE at the end I always. Yes and no I think. We'll do you wrote it down for us and I'm like where's the Chinese and there isn't one and I'm like oh god you know not to the island there at the end of yet catastrophes. And others no lines it's media enthusiasts and ripped. This morning in the feel cheated by duke. So now we just want stories that I. Every certain guys are. I can't do it faster and a need on the east. So there's a couple different prisoners I just wanna say personally you book your new money through dude when you see his I think there's people whom. When jump through a lot of data homey did this bracket days. So I've got to convection microwave yep me too. You admin before me I read and heard of this thing it rocked my regular microwave went out and it was nights so I went online to find new and and it they're like. Why don't you try and judge Myron Mike what else could imagine you're exactly it's like half open half migrant. A little slower than a regular night it's like now and it wants to eleven under what's I'm not trying to sell you people saying if you put it is it is more bottle let me and you cook. And like you only have one other and too stupid are you don't cook can you have double Lebanon now I have three now Montana hitting White Sox talking between you and Tim you rub. Salty and my lack of oven wounds I always have one more human Harlow is live to tell what moron. Yeah. Literally forty yeah that's that's Spooner. Or do you realize oh this thing lights these kind it's an all we continue so. Like I was so let me get a and a my dinners metal rack to lose Mike that's awesome so first thing I do is like. Frozen popcorn in there on Guantanamo Braxton hits. A minute thank. Yes you can use the metal racks just for everything but the Michael function gets put on the transaction data secure everything breaks are incident inside now is is all lightning started new app downloaded. So I really am in the market for another Michael you're just yeah. You burn your house down. Because you don't read the manual. Hopefully some manual it's Como microwave my view and on the screen you know the doors also was screened in and has the manual you just video he just hit a button both in and plays the manual on how to use it right there in the the work permit most just pretend you are exactly something like that. Actually I. That's my even if we pretend that it actually exists like you'd be calling meetings and I had access to so shut your title are guilty of three okay yeah. You're right so we we wanna know what you've blown up in your kitchen what you've what you attempted and they don't miserably. On the there's actually eighteen year old woman in Florida. She was only slightly injured by you being shot by her oven. We shot how does ID OK she knew she was visiting a friend they decided they wanted some late night waffles pay armed guys is out of him host Eric. Yeah how the other embrace love you guys waffle iron. Why poster and that's to each GP LOK because you're actually. Because you're actually making nor are you so there's Stephen Dyer speaking about is that I I was. So excited I can't tell you drove us this Saturday we continue to sounds like we've been drinking and every his marbles nobody's. In my mind so they just have to frozen ones through the other that's what I think they're trying to do. They three start freaking out and they were unaware that they restoring a magazine. From his 45 caliber Glock the idiots wasn't a whole gun just the mag who has put the mag exploded. You know bulletins will only know. One TV movies over time they do you what Tim and still be as they do you do references Bruce Willis wants to keep these are the magazine a loaded into a frying pan. Put turned the burner on but the prime Diana gave most five minutes before bullets got hot enough trust shores let's try that. Let's epithet at a time when waffle iron at your house and aimed at one of yours yeah. If I she managed to get some of the fragments and wind makes Disney just everywhere of the waffles guessed well on the ball all push yet. So that's her kitchen. Whose stories that are for the armory and no. And so why the rules. Okay at others hot pepper spray led to a Hazmat evacuation of an entire highrise building why it's just students trying to cook hit. Type one of the lights are opposing ghost and hobby Nero whenever. But I mean green that's a crap to embarrass brain so once you start didn't into the atmosphere Foley's small just like your breathing it and it's a tear gas. Making tear gas in your house you know Zack you're an entire building instead of yes tenants were allowed. Back in doing like ten hours later this US medal in the microwave and you have what what's what do you see you don't even caught the heat things up or George Foreman. She bought have you had a disaster viewing your form and mouth I admitted to blowing up my brand new microwave what have you done. Right. Nothing I don't. Did you ever done this grease fire. Yet degrees higher Nolan wanna put that on. Do you would use you splitting rent a column throat or we smother you don't throw blasting news or water on it I'm not delighted that's actually right now it's a breaking soda. I've actually thrown water degrees higher why do you do besides I don't think. Must be this moody guy one guy I was trying to make birds I was like hankering for my parents house my it was a hang current involved and it was. It's carrying a bite you when your links. I couldn't work that I couldn't afford the 95%. Lean beef for whatever always that was like 80% so. Your burger is essentially frying in its own makes it still seems like sue birders like. Please bulls if somebody goes out under the like things I will. It's always loyal so you know. So I grabbed hold band to get over to the city was like should. Sites and just me that is napalm flame thrower like to you it's the last thing it's not a good players yeah it'll tell you that in Hormats yeah. Don't make it gym bag and I I didn't make too original mad right now let's start a fire him my peace. Because that's a useful skill I saw magnetic speaker. Six or beyond or all of course either item and a black and yellow male moviegoers it's which it's exactly how to go. Yeah. It's uses laser like why didn't know he's he's he's he's they have fired in my day we are. UN a disaster really all I. I've witnessed cubic neither one of them were actually mean first when I was little kid my dad used to make the mean Islam bay all the time like veteran whenever we have people over that was like his thing because you know you third you throw the bickering minute of flame dogmatic. Cherries jubilee and looks cool blackness of so one time we have all these people over at our house and when I grew up we I grew up in Arizona's we had a poor in our backyard we have this huge pool party all these people over. And so he is like come inside a make the but it has Bombay well our paper towel dispenser with like right. This dope like low hanging under the cabinet exactly and so he'll whip that bad boy. Cost of paper towels on fire which led getting cabinet meeting on my father. That's how the evacuation. I think wishers and it turned into a huge mess it was terrible it's his show right guess so that happy in and then when I was in college I was living with this guy and he could not cook to save his life we we had two different incidents is where we had to evacuate our house to our. One was because he put a pot of boiling water on the stove. And then forgot about NATO dropped his run and unit and all this water is evaporated out there and started like frying the prominent started on fire he and I. I don't know I mentioned star umpire there's no water I guess I had no way. It was like the hair straightening where it was just like these toxic fumes in our house and we had to get out of the house I don't know if the pain in the drama and it was shrimp lemon yeah. That's exactly shows we had to like get out ousted in the same kid. Went to go make like a box pizza a frozen pizza I'm happy he took it out of the box put the pizza in the oven put the box on top of this still move I ask and then instead turn yup and Oz show. And he may get those tires heat played what petty does that now fighters. My mom. It's the unity it's folks on wow look for love ya. We put the bodies. Last personal cooking disaster me no my mom's not listening bump she read somewhere in light when we are stop the new tangle but. I still clean you know open. Low pulling her cash starved fans in Michelle's cleaned I'm in terms of cleanup and shackle and you clean your urban rat and is also cleans all cast iron and that's we. So she set the timer sport also claimed airplane in there lipped out just a little some. Luckily analysis. Should stay and she did she love newest offerings on the a lot of us might not my mom's I guess airmen. I would handle. Oh no you know how hot your self cleaning up and gets hung up on justice self clean all this takes a lot of I didn't know why it's like a thousand degrees we just all let's let's do I think he's like. Sure you're right visually see now is all the crap all know we lit. That handles over stupid. Bomb tests are being an on site which you do. I screamed bloody murder house filled with smoke hole easily you didn't like you can't make it. I have a fire's extinguished Maine I don't know if you know how this works. It'll locks you can reopen the door. On the news on the self cleaning up the wanted to tell you right until he's not to get to know. Don't and you can't stop at nothing in the world is gonna stop that so just sitting there house is filled not with smoke. Open is locked I'm just I'm. Holding a fire extinguisher breathing tubes what did you use of fire is doing and knowing this is getting out to me while you choose to. We know better not a six upholstered to include you in retrospect I should have like McDyess birdie out into like a straw often reflect on the big things and execution down linking teacher who rejects amenities are shouting you'll crack in the ambulance and that's what I wanna know. Don't know how quickly could give just unplug the haven't caught. Up up up up up up. That was the hidden now a boy who went to a white and it was until I get the word is not really can't really follow the court I really horrible divorce oh my god and I think that's that's a but the I don't see why I didn't I don't know your roommate is better tool. I hate you guys use the blog who could I didn't know. When the all right so to somehow we're gonna pull back together and it Humana catastrophe. In the kitchen and we'd love to hear your story he's Curtis. Yeah. Off pitching catastrophes. Actually my brother and I we were tourniquet from Brazil harassed frowned on this though no cigar now boy oh boy Elaine and then forgot to put perhaps Brandan Wright awareness as soon as we dumped on into the boiling oil at all digit shot. Grease all over and then Blaine went all the way over the stove and up beside the wall through the certainly. Should we. A natural born hash browns claims or is there a hole the way I did you know what to do. Oh yeah well at first while we had mortals we did you have a fire extinguisher. Well I mean we were just pounded away would towel and then we finally got some flowers not doused it did I mean I got extremely almost burning entire kitchen down. Continue never. You teacher has passed around the U I don't know how well dude into birds anywhere I asked do you you could yet so you know go and I don't Soledad good yards the issue is energizing the UK okay. It's a he'll let you know without stitching you gotta yeah they're they're Astros charisma. I just wanted to let you know that if you. On at home or at a restaurant serves me. Has friends there are Kristy you you're freaking Communist gathers some don't on you gotta have that easy studying yet just keep her until there's. Oh it's every paper is. Oh Curtis were coming over restaurant and then we'll be right there you have it you're not talking and most of my album let's submitting your comment. Deseret. Hey guys stitching disasters he's. You act itself I had our and bluntly our men and approached how did Allen. I might have a party and then people left there aren't. Trade that they had bride didn't limit and then declared cannon talked all they're the plastic piece. Part of that so move on when I treated men haven't out of the next concluded that particular home with them when the party ended. Melted the plastic saddle alarming and yet that's plastic out of male and I thought. Put it on the top. No no. I'm throwing good money after now your you know. God did she. So I deep you know. To played OK why can't let. But whatever the could then there's saint you know pulled everything out and started doing it aren't stolen wine country cleaning and spinning in print in the oven guy is an it would end like. Three minutes south contested. And try outlay of then you know his shotgun and went out ot leak out. In my house. This happens a self cleaning because it's you've got a classic in theory has Nolte cruel and she's Riley Riley did blow the oven door Ross. I'm well because the country. Meaning quickly Q you were saying locks it you know it didn't but I thought for sure they're glad for busted mixed it wasn't an amnesty I mean inside and out there and satellite lap. Like a slash burn on my late to that so response from the plane that came out. So sad I would get first again because that would slow out and I would say shocked Dunlap had just happened I didn't know that that would enhance. Just keep your means you don't have to clean toilet so cleaners and may god here we go an entire day Knox also create now than injury. They you've really gone Deseret. Jesse. Hey. Yeah teaching to test your news. Late night and brick at a really early and it bird rack it and every eat and on the chair and we're in the end it are arranged. By nick Sara white guy. In silent Bob. And the greens are a little. Bit. 00 Jack see on your hand tends to delicious I'll ask so I do lose its. I didn't get on it this. Year. I did friendly and they're at and Eric. And really pretty interpret their heat an. Art but. Don't know whatever. Jesse for the most important question was it. Pork regular bacon always it's stupid Turkey bacon that you were very stupid about Turkey make. Patrick they. Yeah well I'm very good shape if you're gonna hurt your hair and a big. Baking grease vice president does Turkey first stone unturned you've had so that's the problem right. Solution that awful and I will save your going down verbatim yeah I think you know the real vacation yeah. Then you've really got dizzy Jill. Yeah teaching disaster he's. And now I know in about nineteen and moved into the brand you know. Nobody bothered to tell me there was no high level I. And Bill Clinton an electrical box banquet chicken trillion and I'm really tip sheet out for about fifteen to any minute. But still was still cold. I opened the door access blade here I'm okay. So I opened the door in the windows live there helper but to remove all not long enough. Big blue ball of flame came rolling out in the area remained. Oh yeah out of the hospital. Hole lead even an arrow for twenty minutes and see you know. No way orbit at home in my job and banquet fried chicken is the best you can ever racked did yeah I'm. I never doubted in the oven with the public for the supposed to cook a little bit in the explosions. Really China and would. In the bathroom thinking about that incurred mainstreaming opens the door action is that I had smoke coming out of my gears. Hill oh my gosh she's she's saying the weirdest part of your story about your husband takes bad stuff you. That's ethical. Are you still wanna tell us your catastrophes will take more online yeah fight this like currency FaceBook page.