Slacker and Steve - Kitchen Towels & Swimming Pools 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th


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Steve I asked. Steve I got a couple things that you probably dumb kid Killian price snowbound a mobile please enlighten you well one of maybe not use so much so waiting in pools or hot tubs can Julio. Or at least make you really sick leave and soon the tour. Her now finally science is taught. According to be morbidity and mortality weekly report I was just perusing it hard yes peiris is what I every moment my bubble bath is that. C is seeing more good it and more. Nearly every report. On Tony seven the more than 27000 people were sick. Recently and eight deaths have been linked to exposure to treated water. During a fifteen years stand. If you're sharing dirty water with other filthy people that's like hot tub I want one. But then food I would ever let anyone else do it and I wouldn't eve thirds consumer and there are still so they're all go all the chemicals we know what does or does any did they do it might chill them but in the chemicals are telling you may gear waves or you're gonna die from either and that's Macedonia bacterial wrote this is they get their same pool hot tubs and water playgrounds Melia hotels and motels gas already huge risk. Of spreading germs Spain men. So yeah you need to avoid pools. And hot tubs and here's the one that scares me though. You also need to avoid. Kitchen towels. You mean like though the plot though we paper just use your views what's he's paper towels in the cage do you ever tell us everything every thing. For tells you go through how it's hard though because it like you rolls equals twice and that's the ones I buyers the Eagles won because you Geiger rolls they're huge about a week like an island by myself and I'll go through these like 1028 roles in a week maybe two weeks some buying twice in my arm right hill bull when I was done reading the morbidity morbidity and mortality rate the American side society for microbiology. While at their meetings and they said it is extremely possible. To get food poisoning from your towel yes because you cooks it you're cook your phony Yasser wiping your. All your she puts all over that's how they'll when you're done with Mike in your real. You put up their forever okay I know I could you not do that okay I should never tell us I would tell. Underneath my sink that is for drying my hands after you washed back yes okay. Only thing touches that towel. Is clean water that's on additional can clean water that's on my hands OK I have metallic flipped over my would go you cooks do arguments over my shoulder felt that I use of some gravitas and pander pawn something on the island. That's much much towel and he gets used for one meal. You're using your slowest. We're gonna it's nice if you ask a dumb I don't really why despite chicken got so my aunt and home wash my hands first they use the clean towel underneath the war all use this one bad jokes all else doesn't have still not because I'm really bold if I have chicken got some my hand. I don't want it on that's how does that he's touching the pop with that's how I view my I don't touch but I will like it would give you a little flower in my hand always put on their unity of food poisoning from what. From flower bouquet it's mostly clean out your I do when you're saying OK what what you're describing. According to the American society for microbiology. Is the way most people do it daylight yeah. I know why some crap but not kids sit these people are are literally. Putting that towel under there sink or wherever you put it movie it's for all month all you do you. I don't wash that towel the site. I don't wanna see a wash it daily but all Roxanne what it's over my shoulder I wash after every mile. But the lakers always on G who are these 7% of people claim they wash him once a week. That. Date when they think they're probably only doing it at about once a month if you would just use paper towels you'll never have to think about any of this again. You bureau where. That the people who don't want rainforest to be mowed down and are screaming going and you execute your. Going through eight rolls of paper towels a week didn't dads today Kerry points so both though. Trees they're not a finite resource almost keep Clinton or three months. I hate awareness of my eight Eagles won you over here with the paper tall mast yes those people in the Amazon should take and how this plays desert treehouse has been shutdown at 120 no I thought I. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Please don't. Zero brother died from Zell Miller what are these people are Euribor indeed there are no trees left therefore no oxygen you're gonna die from lack of oxygen and well rather than Salmonella we thought out on the interiors look but yeah congratulations.