Slacker and Steve - Knocked Unconscious 10/16

Monday, October 16th


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Staying on the so we you know we unit are we opening it up to all forms of on consciousness so I. Now he's there's a story that we've been talking about I don't I can't decide if his deeds a hero or. We want to hear when you were unconscious act and not. Yeah knocked out of state knocked out three didn't you've seen it why oh that's right you Phoenix is the romantic Siemens is answered. Bombed yeah I think it twice yes that was one play safe senior when we were doing Ecstasy and can't see not only out of toll that it was that was the overwhelming Russian senior man crush c'mon it's going to watch. Had nothing to do with a birdie on who. Just yet so I know whom did you see that coral speaking of like the concert during the girl this while I go one direction shift milk. One directions and broken up for like two years for this story just coming out. She won direction came onstage she Steve did it could end screens are in a story human well she was screaming. And she screamed so much that she collapsed her own long do you get a hold watts didn't even know that was. Ha so hole lead at one direction and one direction yet dude. I told you I went to Boston for one direction that's right good tickets you root I was one all year you're waiting for that true. I was one of meat beef. Inside Gillette Stadium which is huge whom I was one of need be 100 males. I know you guys all stuck together affront to push your way don't run Virginia yet c'mon guys. I here's the things I see what you're trying to do I'm not trying to counteract the fact that I called you out from passing out that yes they can consider the romantics if you can I say they have the story different but she literally. Collapse too long and never re inflated her no big Steagall fix it intellect make little I don't know what what direction did what no basement and a paramedics there because it's what went to the shall this second to current stage. It's like a jet engine like it's huge engines I appear to be airport yesterday at a time I was unconscious right. Jet engine is less loud than the women and girls screaming at wonder and you and 99 dudes the end user I was there supporting. The bay and I know you could it still retire from so clearly we wouldn't. And so how I continue paying now wants it but I'm proud to us you can name all of them yes and their middle layer leave them. We keep it dial. Chad. Zane who last you know who's the one I'm missing. The missing Lauren. Jones. Lily Lily yeah yeah you both have a central. I know my parents it's got a text so we'll talk about when you were unconscious. This story the goddess inspired so this is some dude. Paddy Lamborghini. And some other dude ran over to you asks did you Lamborghini made suvs. This is this is a liberty SEV in the story. And made won their first warm back in the late ninety's I think the ones yeah. I saw the video is not an SE yeah this it was a so yeah I'll ask me. Yeah eighty cabin door SB and I. And SUV this one's the Mac daddies and are Evan dork so he's got to read every red memory you right and he's wearing do you Wear and like red trousers a national whatever some prankster comes in runs and it's a guy who runs over the top of the targets away within. And decides alma go try again yeah. This time for guests of the cargo Lambeau owner grabs them good throws into the ground just give back up any coal Cox and knocks him how good. So I got us thinking. And you know don't. Do we know. You weren't knocked out. You never been knocked out I have once that's when I got hit in the eye with a baseball yes I did I rumor got it I was wearing. What glass lenses and mental illness regimes the baseball hits me in the one from blends goes flying on all right fielder yes and the other Udell the frames broke no better than my head anyway. So as I'm going down it was one of those right so like it was herky jerky or doing down slope gas like late in spasms I would. Go down stop goes out. I did it I admit when a passer on the air no sacks came over me. So fast I like I didn't knocked out premier indoor knocked me out that's like nothing like failed to. That was like a movie knocked out where they come up behind you hit was a gun which would never work by the way and rice you can walk. I I don't think. Didn't beat Don the whatever walk up line somebody hit them all be part of your experiment you're not gonna knock me call filming yeah it's hard you're not gonna knock me out. This things hit me and just I was out of Cole like that you would no doubt yes but when I passed out on the air. I was fine we're talking remember what the topic was and then all of a sudden everything just kind of went. There was this like I'm still here in the guy particularly still. The whole world became just like Fuzzy yes and then that's happened and then it just like the black and this general and from the size should. Lou Anna that then next thing I remember your hold my head that app that's basically what happened it was like straight finally downed. Hard. There's another do we want it some of the stories we have of people get knocked unconscious this dude hey Asus what Jeff. In Argentina was. Was working on trees symmetry. I he slipped and fell six. Feet. Onto his noggin she's into. Just don't. Sat by him and her. Oh way Nelson was dog dissent they're protected and Maliki into the emergency medical team wheeled into the ambulance whatever the dog followed him into the yemen's from the guys finally came to. His dog was there with him I'll get out there and a tool it's a beautiful story that is period that you've been unconscious but I have one dozen kiddo what I was at a summer camp and we're filming. Star Wars and I was the tallest kid so I got to you've. Makah and a bear suit with a clinic I do remember you talking about yeah so we're due to take on the stairs were like we're all gonna run in on like the millennium falcon or whatever. And so while what we are in between these takes I was we're all trying to impress each other inside on the banister. So I got on the Bannister in this bear costume like headed to beheaded sobero cost him. And I went to go slide on the banister and fell backwards and went down like a story and a half and lay my head. And out cold got like two days later in the hospital. Yeah I nothing for two days off and Lisa we were still the undersea window I. We. Didn't do it at all. I'm so if you're wearing the other shortly after I got back I want it to your stories but the stories we haven't. I do telephone hover board. I did that but I didn't I didn't go down. The hover boards I want to bring an end for you guys. I honestly it is. It has kept head injury doctors. Who likes in business it is the hardest if you can't write it. You will fall down and you will be unconscious level of that guy gives again he resilient data for. And this kid was having trouble with the hover boards and reached at Clark gets on it but just when they go. The New York there's. It's it's adding duels with a brain two it's a few lean a little bit. It goes a lot while and you're yeah yeah another person got any speaker follow them and me on any musical right. Somebody else had a tree fall on them cheese if you've been knocked unconscious or you just passed out in a bizarre weird way. We'd like to hear your unconscious source IT eighty. I what you got you were unconscious what happened. Avenue bike short question and when I was eight so my brother and I had to write them Otterhound next Wear it on at a big hello I hit the peak I just. Flew over the handlebars nationally station that he met I think Dario put my nose back. And it all perhaps a couple of days later. She if we lose that amount of time one day we gotta just do coma I don't know when we'll call. But like I always wanted to know somebody who lost that much means little. That makes it official coma you've been there two days I music I don't know daughter there's got to be. I mean I guess is we're gonna call me he just doesn't remember I am sure she was still conscious but his brain was the US that. You are unconscious that whole time right but your. Real. I yeah I know I wasn't at its republic it had to spend a couple of weeks there. Wow cookies from a bike accident you and I I can't tell you how many times I went over the handlebars my bike and I never I mean I was bloodied up you're but I never went unconscious. We got it for you in the bikes you were done. It's. But this eerie sight of the bikes fault this is an. You do so get ready and it's well it could. Are allowed that's that's set thank you through how would you buying these surviving childhood Donna by crying although. Although no date to that that generate I just had a conversation with some of my neighbors and their like their kids don't care about like I the other one neighbor that's into in the restaurant. That's just fascinates. Me they'll scooter a little bit but they know their parents and know that Coopers and their future did you really. A bike does not mean the freedom and meant it hard candy. Yeah I unconscious. So I just gotten home from a dental procedure went as a teenager. And that big in new way committee narcotics and I have a feeling Liz is on Arab heads up that other part but our. And then the next thing you know I'm on the kitchen floor and then like firemen running around and like creating or mean. And I have no idea that I got. I want to do. There really like hospice to yourself would you morphine now you had weeds that makes so much you almost died. They definitely do it and I thought I was definitely can hear any thinks. I had no idea I am Tony remember go to the dentist off as. I know how long you were out. My mom told me look like two or three minutes. That scary stuff anyway Kevin paramedics are there like I. Ice literally when I passed out here on the air. I couldn't see your row how you won't. Were holding my hand in my it. Would you get over how did you get here are getting under the board how do you have any you know you're just like what the hell you you to end your brain won't let you write pieces back together. Wow are so you big mechanics and now are you out of the blue never met at a good for you know that's. Why I'll take you gonna call it dies. My age. Yeah I unconscious. Well I'm not a Serb computer about five years ago. It's throughout the years it's started only a scar tissue and so that true actually poking you know maestro. And put cops aren't gonna pass out. So I passed out in the bathroom or walk into the bathroom and my wife and I mean at 5 o'clock in the morning in the if you call. If that hashed out from cropping. Sort of want to I have to. So this screws would actually cut your windpipe alters how what was happening. They're pushing him so this cutting off air going again. While hope that's. That's feels like a medical Mel yeah. I think there's some truth. I got a little sense and I have a cup since then but I guys behind the wheel once and I cost. Look real it's not here yet. Do I think I think it didn't do so I don't think that we get about six time. What drama not lazy not even a big huge sneeze just a little Politico a typical cost puts you down. Well it would it would turn into a compliment or build up my oldest topic topic opera just couldn't stop. I. That is zombie show us some good and consciousness thank you for the call Mike I JD. Yeah yeah I couldn't unconscious. Well I wouldn't let my friend because she wanted to hurt nipple ears and she actually asked me to record. Well hold it happening and I have now while I would. Trauma just from watching you need to go through the but the. The fact that the eagle at the back of the Eagles wouldn't go through thank you heard. I'll I'll I'll do. Oh yeah. I probably be with you though you remember like I didn't I know I'm remembering all these guys know they couldn't get an idea line in my wife's dry heat and easy just kept polls now why isn't seen too much of what it was like on the likes this time. Unlike you pass I don't mutation and I'm playing on the foreign tour. Oh. Barilla awful they had like hold her boob and one would try to push the needle thorough and I would like. To do office. I don't put good diet and why why secret like speaking at the white and it knew that you're saying hey. I did like the better recording an album to I don't guilty again now they're not like you're. These upper eighties I don't think judge did you. I'm pushing you have to holding you know pushing I don't like my kids my daughter has never hears your symptoms are the judge and enter right somebody else you have to do it well particularly to bow or my child you have mr. But there's no way you can go to clears your recent. VIETC. So. It's me I'm on Steve's mom. Please send an ambulance is good for him to fix it clears.