Slacker and Steve - Laundromat Stories 10/31

Tuesday, October 31st


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Steve on the day. I believe. That's one of the best things that ever. The best thing about owning my own home. It's having my own washer and drier yeah. Big day yeah then I stopped going to a laundromat. I remember sitting there and night putting clothes in the dryer and going sitting down on my couch and now being concerned to now. People steal almost they'll now have to sit there and make small talk with lake people. Hub to stock up on quarters. Hot he had. Tried a little boxes are deterred not become who you did. No I would but I don't well the guys first I would by the little ugly shoes they wanna lug around. I got a low low on the third floor so are gonna Bono you know bombed. Suddenly. There's been a rash of stories in the news about incidents. Happening. At the laundromat it's. Hello it's easy incidents. And so we thought we would go out on a limb and see if anything weird is happened to you. At a laundromat yes a lot of I. I have it's these stories some dude in Virginia is stealing women's underwear from London mrs. Clinton wants third cameras everywhere now right exact when he first or stealing underwear a few months ago he's been caught on security cameras doing the same thing in the last week or so where they watch T Saturday. I think he's grad yeah I don't think so does it be hard to find them you graduate she's still unless you Bastia gap unless there was an open machine yeah yes. On. This to a total site collection would you ever. I we totally want your laundromat stories but I said this is a personal question between Steve and I because your the type of person who gets really angry when people don't drive correctly yeah we wouldn't do it wrong when a guy. So you go in your laundromat in your apartment Oca. And you get there and all eight dryers are being used Soka seven of them are spending. And they didn't stand NC sand there and you're you're washes ready and there's one Dreier is still close and it does but it hasn't started a while. Not gonna do anything. Half an hour goes by. Still not other people coming grab their clothes music you thank. One can you didn't take the crap out of all of that. Dreier and senator on the cat owner. And do your. Dryers absolutely I'm doing every one involved a savor doing the laundry out of favor Clinton is that that just right I do lawyers and dormant yeah I not do during their revenues second of all the rest of us there are other people. It's not your washing. Now you're grown but if somebody moves your clothes I would if I did that to other people five minute wait a half hour yes six as you I don't everything absolutely because I would do would TOR you have that guy just. I knew you'd be the guy America would move this just a touch the stuff I feel like you wouldn't like you're somebody tell yourself I would if I was in the wrong if I was afraid that it shares if they were sitting there for like twelve seconds and any minute chance to get their their opinion off. It is odd that a rumor governor blows a definite so obviously this guy's one of those guys are you are you glad we got movement ever. I didn't just lose later you wouldn't I just wait for one of those other machines to open up I would dad that's when I did what I have done. Because I didn't the victim of a laundry room and somebody wash your dryer they pull Marleau wash her I think they took it out of the dryer I would I would sect. Timers right so I would go down in times why my washing is simple as that cold stares do my thing come back up for a long time I would sit and wonder academic said exactly got to make. Conversation. So I'd go up to my apartment. Watch show one time I came down my staff had been in the dryer. And one of my peers genes. Pair of socks the T shirt and one might really cool sleepless finals with a hood. Rude really cool since you're there well you pictured go to school but it's 30 in the city with no sleeves slam that's tough it was. You're tough Jack your foot is faced allegedly let's yeah. Yes they still so I think we are. Outfits and shoes I'm not sure if they stole underwear basically your style they stole everything here's the thing. I sure they stole was my dance sure it's it is an intense on it okay in the living your apartment why would these I had my picture on it. Your season high seas was on is so pure so you would hope we don't want these. I've walked into the mailroom every day one can do laundry ignored for your idea or use SOB you come in my head on picture and it's probably net somebody who's here. This is a stupid I am I'm assuming it's a prison break right and they liked. What prisoners do right to break out and they want to somebody's backyard takes a Boston College loans line whenever a monologue. There I still well. Let's stop because they stole pull out six and you needed a hole ousted and he admitted and they happened to be myself I see your what was your route runner and the people where I'm gonna call god gives you confront a mile no Motley. My. Assistant who. So that's my that's my laundromat to Germany in incidences are you know what I every place I've lived I've rented so I always joke of first Iceland's I look forward removed due town has a 24 hour laundromat I'll call anytime I need when you read it if scientists are always there by myself 3 o'clock in the morning areas are too afraid of the 3 o'clock in the morning laundromat people bugs there are those people but I wrist that. There is hey I'm there is in Yale University believes there is on in Yale somebody is going into the laundry mats. And making do keep like a number two inside of a dry you're inside of a wash her. From what I understand they started just doing it on the floor. It and then they're putting it into the dryer only scoop it up to that all drive you Ers but break it open the what they had no role and why and it's based on the big house is his speech in the machine to do my act and what do you do there's a tub clean and dry all the way to get you started to get rid of that drug you gotta do it. All walkways and to do with baked until it's pick if that is you suddenly you're like your dishwasher. Got a clue as soon. And out of here have you had an incident one down when I was in college days up to go this laundromat though is kind of in a sketchy neighborhood area and so when I was there. It was mean and this woman and her daughter ended daughter had to go to the bathroom and you know how like those laundromat bathrooms are re and in need not just yet you don't wanna go on that. And so should her daughter went in their did Donna was probably about five or six I think and mama's full laundry and daughter went in locked the door will something happen with the lock. And it got jammed and sold his daughter was like a lock in the bathroom. She she and you know every like Mac has that signing days emerge zeal I called manager at this number whatever. And so we were sitting they're calling this number over and over again it's like 1 o'clock in the morning on now nobody's answering an entire department had to come and bust that door down just. I don't need to get the she's finding blood or that it was like and mom was we can now you know like she caught. I'm in like 24 seasons battle through iTunes and a laundromat but I'm drew yet. You read like a full on momma bear. I don't think to door myself I was surprised she didn't. That's. So yeah I if you didn't. This could seal miserably or it could be our finest hour if you had some sort of laundromat run and we want to hear your story Nikki. Hey guys laundromat sway you guys. I had all of my underwear stolen out of the dry areas apartment complex what I. Keep her V mom's car put. I don't mean to be weird because we've had this conversation before. But I I didn't and that's what I get any pleasure from stealing any woman's underwear ever. But I'm not steal on the clean ones if I do okay what are you all a trial what do you guys get what do you New Zealand dollar sixty for steel. Greg is if you wanted to use the by yourself has just go. Those that are priests is letters not. Means. It's a few days materialize that they Wear all the time because I can't condoms aren't they think of what the hell out. I don't know how many great underwear I know I dislodged and slander where it was gone and yeah he is. You even notice it when you were sold thing Matt Nate. You're just saying. Oh no I didn't noted that it even think about it and all. I need a pair the next day and they are all gone. We're moon is one of the things I hate most in life is folding women's underwear. Okay yes. There's almost nothing until it now CR IR OLSD. Array and then I don't ideal slip of the songs are wound up and then the two sides in some Brazilian triangle and itineraries as traffic is always very brisk. In your heart or allow someone in this action evenly should. And I steal them from London out. There we all appreciate that you're welcome also your pennies if you want so and so we don't get. Our rest. He took the that's a service that's probably gone over here empty folder sirens d.s pennies folding Muslim we know yes no fluff and fold just a your. Katie. I detainees folded okay never mind. Okay. It's just doesn't when he shot put your laundromat experience like. Like eleven and Eric here Eric I know I'm at right next to my late Karen Barrett a close and that would. Only he you know how I. Why I'm Sarah and I had a unique name IR. I did pretty cool. Harry oh yeah I'm Eric Carle. So this homeless dude had a nemesis another homeless dude and they decided in the cage match your breakthrough alone why your ethnic. Men want the current I think the. I agree with our. Do you walk a couple of the flight yeah. If you residents on far. What I eat like trying to go back I know why I don't I don't like I'm Eric. Typical afternoon the undermanned less. It's sort of like today you for the golf. Jesse. Yeah yeah he laundromat. Oh and colleague you I was doing laundry my apartment you know shared a laundry thing and when I went this rich. My wash from the washer and dryer there's something clean cool at the bottom. Still going to pick it up it was a human to that was in the washing machines since. All afternoon. Dolls. Yeah ask that sense it I think you're like an adult I smaller and it would clean look like ninth cute and now with the. It's a question from. I'm deal and real wash after that they're good cloistered. You know honestly don't think they didn't think they'd taken credit literary and I know not cute I got quarters is gone I would sue the U. Since recorders of the college kid. Some clues you move she could choose. I put it on capitol wash your with a note it's that I found it and that it made their collate a month nobody claimed it all you're sweet does really well. This is. I.