Slacker and Steve - Lies You Tell Your Kids 7/5

Wednesday, July 5th

Every parent does it…but it doesn’t make it right! We’re talking Lies. What lies do you tell your kids?

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Eight. I'm. It's part of the process urology hypocrite. The only reason you if we don't reminding kids and Steve husband all you and is currently the biggest liar I've ever met in my life are not second thing you know there's nobody bigger. Com. To say that it didn't make it's bad and hypocritical to what your kids it's part a parent you always yeah. It is you may have part of periods because you guys are always easy no it's it's whatever is easiest for the parent as opposed to doing the right thing for your child just there's times where there's a an inherent danger or something. Or there's an there's a need to do something you can't explain you can't logic in two. Examples if it tried teaching kids eat vegetables and up. To tell them. Now either he's sort of administrators or impose Serb units in reserve ends all stern stern nor. Older manager dean during which you don't do that she likes this isn't change this might just like T slides. These right here are might like what. Cinnamon rolls Jermaine out of so you're negotiating with the child and your shoes are you a parent to child eat that. Day. Hello hello John how are in this do you eat well did you guys really work with you up Noah I'm pretty sure did so it was yeah. Your your diet. Like doing your dietary restrictions right now or you lose a second ago or so element and a second ago that I included in my head. Now when I was a kid. Sure until we beat them did. See now here's the problem with you guys you've come up but these elaborate bruises and cover stories and lies with honesty you're dumb like that. Dog eat that done. It doesn't work collect so I got a good taste like this they could taste like tell me this if my how many children have you raised with that logic. With. While none both. Also look at what other nuggets of wisdom do you have a better you know it once again and I'm looking down on the rest of your parent general is the best place to judge here are some examples. To get people started. This was it was a song creditor somewhere doesn't really matter where it came from I just sometimes try to source mid thing but it it's a laden wherever Columbus parents will say if you don't brush your teeth they're gonna turn black controller that's alive or not. I know there needs skiers your children posts here okay were lied to the kids in the hours scary you're here telling me the curly and parents should look to you instead if you your sister don't stop to return the scar around okay. Well yes it helps. So they did hold some really good match and yeah I do it. Yeah it's not a lot. Luckily returner but here's the thing you can't use that money in your kid when your two hours into your trap that. Get a stop could turn around don't and that's an MD RU two or three year old they don't now. God I thank you guys who seek explicit pledge during the Lee getting away with lies the -- 00 plus I don't know why why can this be honest with three year old wanted to but these lies. Tell the truth is. The sound of your voice is irritating means to the point that I want on buckle your seat belted slam on the brakes but instead what I'm calling this and I love your article. And other so irritating off I want to crash the car good guy but instead I say. Were head and don't Wally world today with. Her or are they shut down but to certain death death is not tangible tie that. But not going to Wally world is tangible that's what you snake its rat that is embryo you may collide. A local such. A spirited. Thing to a seasonally our own parent so. Let me explain down at the base level. The topic we're talking about is the lies you tell your kids but more sort of simulate and Steve still debating over whether we Sheila. Wish we know you have to absorb what the song locker free cell cars so little lies that you prepare like I. Know vegetables in your dinner you give your kids chicken pot pie and it's like what's it. Ticket. Well we're these greens is different colored chicken pace when you look. Equate. Is just in the dim pretty easy so when you lie you to kill the senior dealer put vegetables and there. Do you think they're getting a completely wholesome meal no you all know vegetables until they even made bike and then late. There's surge in meetings are about tie you up you know the greens accumulate yeah that's actually called broccoli okay. Yeah I can't keep track of all we got the club crisis you a multi so she didn't realize notably on every means yes. You tell them it's it's all chicken. Wrong though they nodded off series. You guys worst part is you take pride I don't take pride you all like our better liar and a parent you are oh yeah aren't so why did I. Others I don't feel great about you guys I don't because it gives you peace and and they get the shot up. It's easiest for you right. Notice it's like you tell your kids money that are good like let's all go to bat. You can own and you put them in bed he hopes to true true. You wanna know something cool about my kids they both they think I'm best dad ever 'cause bottom each of stand for their room and like. My god we we have but air bonus so awesome I got that so I can turn a movie John lautner. Downstairs oh and I don't think we're in the white noise don't wanna those things I don't watch in fifty shades of her in the eye of the public to know just like you watch any easy that's Smart but that's not a lot of blood because I'd put him to bed early 202 guests. Eventually eventually settles its project are about as you cross your daughter's. Yeah aren't we all I'm doing your kid and she but what fascinates me as you go as parents there's nothing you hate more is when your kids are lying to you. I get you caught us. You're the current. What is due to risk putting this way you know you're in the airport you go to get on a plane in their kids sits in front of you and is screaming and crying nonstop for her entire four hour flight eight you know on the that is what we deal with all the time unless we lied to them dip and then it and it. Ten minutes into the flight. I think I'm gonna do a lot of my god well yes it helps me out to tell everybody out everyone OK now if we don't. Lie they do I have to in Newark because if you use logic with a child. They don't there are ready for you can't explain to them I'm not going to IU neutral you busted that's what it's like. I'm trying to think of an example you guys do this they were those watch YouTube video why does that set why. 'cause they said you do would I say it's I. I have got fight every single door with my kids would know if I nonstop flight like watching yesterday I saw yesterday there's just one more I wanna watch just let you watch is one more come on please I just what I'm not gonna watch it on my sisters I got to know why why why does need to watch -- my god I don't know a lot exactly you just on the Internet weight but what. The Internet blew up. Well there was a there's a big thing there is some flair in the unit blew up. There's no Internet in our house from the neck okay this would you say the answer is no and his stories I don't and it's not why you keep asking questions and why you keep talking. Why this or not. And we don't. Do we just life. Did you think your mom conceit like things that they did your what do you ever truly believe your mom had eyes in the back for had to she would know crap that there was no issue would now be. And she told you I buys in the back my head butt litter I mean I would I would check in their word that I like should I go originally right yes I did she was. Oh you like. But somehow the lunch lady would caller tell you see all your lunch like they did know your towels so they like you that's just the once I didn't think they just know he didn't eat it. Your territory to launch it. Yeah no bluntly called me it's a lot. Okay let me tell the truth then if they say you did so weird and when you say yes you do that little weird twitch with your must die you're gonna go on your bedroom and work on that we have the we have. Old river there. Where does I didn't know what's Iliescu is this woman's last time your honest with your child. Does all the tunnel your and I guess we hold your fudging the truth and every car owners down for. When there's an easy pass to life is busy yes clay is it easy I'm. It's easy it's the full extension until it's. Dad I wanna poppy. We can't your mom's allergic and distort. What you say you don't get regular Bobby what did check on that I say no and no one. As we we just we know we're not why we keep an answer we'll take care of their promised. No you won't guess I will but I know you want but I will see you keep talking to them you. After I know it's there's nothing left to do so in your world did you like to silence of the lambs muscle under the. Got a little. Have to keep you have to get used OK so when some would you I. Problem your mommy is allergic to dogs clone what happened Stewart show that. October oh ha ha and you can always smoke. Albeit it sounds fun it's just not it was an easier dole then you see them right to cut achieved some. A bomb dot com with an extra things even in my room and it's just at the what's the opening them outside and I don't mom yells Scotty mixed with the Mets. Boy I tell you euros dollars really your lies this is what we need from you bad parents unite even though Steve is gonna judge you if you we all do it. It's about food it's about whether Disneyland is closed when you're sort of world yet. Have to light your kids you don't tell your kids that. When the ice cream truck plays the music badly there out of voicestream third of diesel dropped around. They're dressed to try to impact the drive home you guys it doesn't get ozone is what the book of lies that you look up real quick we're writing the book why. Eyes for you bring out this is the definitive tell all book on a lies you tell your kids. Tell us the ones you've got no way US yeah. I would yours Neil you sought deal. Yeah I. Liar. I saw that certain generational thing when I look little my mom told me either her Hershey's chocolate bar was managed that. You don't wanna take mentally you know need you know a little her ilk. You should say it anyway those weren't there ask can I tell achieve my friend kids. You're not good I I'm not sharing or candy or ashtray and. You called I actually momma Smart that's a Smart lets it out about why you call their bluff and you just blew her I love though I tell yeah it's a chopper is dangerous to humans yes. Super dangerous supermodel. That is a good Eliza Doolittle I wish it's Farsi right now yeah I just a tiger myself. And newest hilarious my kids watch me they like to know. They see me I karma Eminem's and then there like they know where Cheney goes and then in the pantry and they're like plans a column limit Eminem's there I'm like. They're now. Let's me do we have a mouse problem and asked him like I can't tell him where I'm hiding and does and I'll start. So those stars are now better instance that he knew you relying on purpose is to cover remaining. There other bright yet should he keep he's. Eyes glued. So what I look like kids and I'm telling you eat light jet airplane I'll leave NN dot in the sky and us. And I told them mentality and it helpers. On top seed and making sure that they're good all year round. Just sit com trails. Are. Art Blakey spy like drone spy planes flying overhead and that's bogeys. Ads on me he's that is not it's a man's over the affair every day in a pretty much every day you see some Contra so back to this year you're instilling fear in your two ribs line you'll now restore our kids zero. My mom told me tell me the difference between fear and respect. Exactly probably won't miss the. I just on that you could tell me like how kids I'd pick up bird southern on the ground I would. Pick them up and like no don't eat out because you'll wind. Ain't too good day eight so afraid to take up a better indicator on the line if I just. More fear again since we weren't afraid this year where it works by Howell thank you for the call Shannon for you guys supposed to be benevolent with your kids which are almost a word banana it's been nice. Other ones is I shot him. Google that step at a later did I did benevolent starts at 23 people have finished the crystal. Yeah 99. I'm like my kid all the time that I actually would babysitting many years ago and that we'll look at. What are you need to eat a banana outside parliament. X message similar level of fear you when it's a lot of. I. I speak. I would we're getting I'm sure you're steady deliberate she idol which. With all of my right to eat that but as I'd like blonde he's dull bullied little little guy and he'd only just started carpet on the banana. You comes and when he's legs snagged his parents find him sitting on the town or skirting bananas at 3 o'clock in morning going to. All I don't has legs. Am sounds good no preview of a glass see another level last year you sleeps I don't like quite that far. I don't urge my kids all knew it limbs are gonna talk to your parents who don't it's a close of the TV your your your goal blinds. No big claim to ophthalmology domain I sure do everything they did Marianne. I line you are. I am still a good and older and I also need they don't believe everything. Well we didn't have my husband turned out that how works until now we want. Them at their computer a couple of hours. You seeks aid global incidentally power outage to keep them other than as Steve says just say no I just do. Pure stuff. This guy's you know nobody it's easier although what are. And it's a good cushion did you convince houses in the neighborhood do with do or was just you. No I was just does and luckily they don't mobile homes close by the other than an unruly they thought. Actually. We've got to do I stood up and. Is Dana you gotta be off the grid at the same time. All hard this is kind of a the money and still drink sit to the the. What exactly I don't know what I'm happy that I. Actually they're a little bit. Always an error an inconvenience you and any reason. They usually call Maryann hi Angela. I I. No I urge. This isn't like you did so. I can mention it's when they were a little bit. They didn't requirement Arctic outside lane actually out there are great aren't I'll opt and that's a girl comes from. Yes law all. Gods these days so didn't wanna be a girl to date on. Yeah that's. Load of laundry and had to watch because of my life I expired but cleric. Ha. Maybe you can losing body parts of units like your lies always go to music on my. Don't go that far but that's still a good way to get your kids to dress properly in your co pays to lie you'll learn your Omega for the renewal yes Steve's. The dangers of seawater using your ticking off a list of negative thing so I think you're taking off a list of why ways that lighting is successful mill owner useful but it our society. As a whole until home. He still does more lies near our kids are lying book with a please do so and slacker and Steve FaceBook page.