Slacker and Steve - Life’s Little Annoyances 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th


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Steve how are you ever think this week needs oh why all of our. Ironies like. But should get off late. Save the thing. That drives them nuts. And then just burn it off church I mean you could just be me I feel like we need to talk about. The little things in life. That in no way you can go to the point. Her I'm I'm brutally honest I was never this person you know me I live from my cellphone. I I have been around I have an army all the time I improbably a person that most people don't like because I will. Sit down at a restaurant and start to text somebody here whenever. And ignore the person sitting across news don't go for very long process tells me now Marty here whenever. So I think technology is a pain can disconnect you from other people that's are it was a good thing but I still do it having given the whole disclaimer. Recently I was in an airport. This woman. It was it was. Thirty minutes before he's forty minutes before board time to his flight was late so everybody's already there it's not like we as short an hour and a half before boarding time is only like four stragglers in the gate. Every one on packed flight. Is that got you all CNN there and we don't know why don't planes able world kind of staining readied a blade powered some of what looks go we got to come play we don't we know we got to know. This woman has Apple's. Bluetooth at all she couldn't really see I'm really she's got a hat on. Also was like hello everybody kind of turns around looks at judo club. Well. Everybody looks energy and. It's good to an end flight slick. Right now. We had a great time for the next. Twenty minutes she had an intimate conversation I. If the person on the other end of that knowing which isn't it. Are you sitting in the deep ocean you wish you everything you should actually bring your voice down to yourself to yeah cool. I'm seeing here to the bathroom. Just don't. Stay in the mid and since he can hear her side and are enough to just stand and around you this is a pointless to just hang up that got its there's no way. Ice builds value caught on years. So annoyed that I I was like I couldn't get it back together do your face walker avenue or no I think. I'd I got this far away man I got shut down I think it's hilarious. You should try this if somebody is doing conversation and public. Do your best to be the other person. Put so they don't know you don't use it. Can you hear all the gotta you gotta just so if you put. The other side of the conversation with X I don't react winners while Mozilla doing it whispering to my wife called she's like Latham like. And I do get it louder and louder she's like don't don't don't she looked at it was like I'm gonna do that but that's were I would say you in Europe and his CB Corey now so was she was annoyed but she didn't want me to take it to the next. In this final words the rest of the group all look a like who's going to be a woman's giving her forget. Are all just go and this is one of us live releases when somebody doesn't debts. That. Still others. Other deep odds are there's. Please call home. Dude I'm just saying mess if she wasn't on her Bluetooth things I think she what if you're pulling your phone and you know you're surrounded by people during your little more like. Yeah no I mean we're sweeten its flights to limit the recall you know. Right back but I think the Bluetooth made her feel. So completely isolated that she didn't give a crap about anybody and I was just like. Months I can't execute one of life's slur our key is due back and ended and it's like a thousand different instances where that person thinks are the only person. I just want her drives me have me to those little things a draw I mean I feel like 90% of your annoyances. To do with one of two places when you I don't know if you have one ready in your brain likes. Number one. All your annoyance is 90% are on the road you know why because I'm single and I am the only woman has his head totally constantly into driving. So I spend do the entire time constantly pointing out the small look at some people parred in from people backing up from people driving. Good over every blitz all but sold everything you know ever breaches every once you give us some error in the state an opportunity to get a right now get a wrong or resign. And you think it's because of I do this. It's gonna be all technology annoyances like you think Easter is everybody's preoccupied with for the throws everything but it's the driving. The thing that you're supposed to do exactly and you know we mentioned this before the people let's slam the cooler doors in the in the grocery store the people that. Paul there yes cooler door slammer right by hate down people that don't take the receipts are the self check out to leave for the next person is just. Don't even today I get plus three are now. Not all of their ass kicked that's. People are certainly look him as yourself I don't either do you plug yours in today Hearst or you just like she others are on the way we know I'm not mine inside and then I took both of them yes salt and eventually you're welcome jerk why aids I mean just I have my little I am I recyclable oh that's with converse on them. But now you're they forced you to deal with their basket. You ask why are you more important to me pigs if you're not Mormon word is there it is this is common theme with. Mean I think what's your life's little annoyance I might have many needs today and I think everybody can relate to it it's it's a driving one like Steve but basically I was driving down Colorado boulevard. And every single light was just far enough apart that it was like I would he give the green light and as soon as I got up to top speed the next I would turn yellow. I'm happy and then I'd like there you're you're wrong cycle you have. Yes and then it turns three kids just have to write Jeter and then you have to stop to pick and then just do dredging you have to stop getting down it was every light. All the way down I. Hey dad street oh my jaw like every ten feet right exact I. You never had solid greens earned. Hope elite sometimes you can hit like to put her in a row your artillery and if you don't know if you like John it right off the value like I'm gonna beat the cycle and then the next one is like that ultra short yellow that's food cooked up right away and I saw one more quick and don't get too because it was on the sheet. And I just wanna I wanna I wanna address it and then I wanna get my take on it at least here is that there's more on these that this. I don't this is on read it or if it was true training somewhere there was in what are life's little annoyances and somebody said. Trying to get on. To an elevator before people get off. But did no later doors open people's or to walk on and usually. All got and I I I understand that whole heartedly I understand what that would be annoying. Here's what. I know where your goes what drives me crazy. No way to guess about what do we do it opens up I stand clear. I think people do not know if you're an elevator and within five seconds should not not. I'm gonna start to a pro is an issue which in a deal then you give me your attitude like. We've heard pretty upset well the door open area you know it. Adores get a shot again. I assume is gonna grab that no rights you can't let your mind and the doors will open a local agency inside half of the eleven I can't seek some ought to get aren't sold around. Orders are never saw old sick and instead of. Her eight I hate it and I don't know why it annoys me so bad because then they get mad at me and I'm like I'm the one dropped the ball you know what. An elevator door opening should be very much like a good Christmas tree at a drag race. Or. Did you can't let you went to Princeton delights ago were the clock out people start. Yeah Boston Marathon. Until now out of hotel and an ever yes but now we. And this is grandma and right while we get through college jamming. That well my G. So we're getting new radio station. So we're out at a I'd feel better I feel news cathartic now that I got these are my chest if there's something that's just one of Mike's little annoyances. This is your chance to get enough to test the ADT. Yeah I mean let's little annoyances. I can't do it wanted to be back office lacquered the coming up about the outlook think. People who use speakerphone. Is video calling in public. True story phone you're listening allowing public what if I don't have the entire conversation with you in your friend. I'm gonna sit there enjoying an. Kind of aggressive as locker at the bit they're in the other person show unlike you flat out. I see you'll make you guys. I'm sure that's that's kind of fun. My actual annoyance is when you call somebody and then. They don't you there but within five minutes they text you back in drained start the conversation over text. Not OK I can't talk but I can phone buying what you call and they kickback hey what's up. No I am following. I am that person like her to not steer the conversation on the but I don't wanna get on the phone and I will see this a lot of times when I do which are describing. It's because like you called I'm sitting in immediate tasks and so much I can actually talk but I'd be happy did you brought eighteen vs. Critic you can attack compared Hannan and needing I can't talk but I intact what not just call asphalt and then you get back Kate was not unlike number. No easier to answer your phone. Sorry I am I am one of the reasons you're annoyed with Judy thank you for the call mobile text you back to a sadistic. Com Juli is up next a jelly alone. Merrimack next few minor annoyances is somebody's just talking the way we were exuberant yeah hi Julie Flint. What else do you talk you got me yelled at her. This conversation was one of your annoying things in nice. Yeah. I mean people think you're heat. Hollywood way where somebody. Like when you haven't assigned see you go there and they're sitting there and it. Getting your feet you're at the killer botany and these over energy and began of their little way as it would during the opening act that we get a marriage. We're here or keep and they repair and I have been and yet spread back allowing Bernanke eat just temporarily. Solves. There act with Oprah just like there weren't open and about the memory and I along with overt or that bad. Opening act with over we wait to go hidden or keep your eye can. We meet in no Turkey can write or do you fear picket. No India and everybody has so I'd look at their Selig all wow oops I mean that's all I got my. Well I was still below were actually in 34290. About wrong oh yeah I. Alms. Julie that's a good one the only reason you're disqualified is because you just admitted that your husband's. Did its. It's true the opening I was really sad and disclosure is he's just one song. I think every beat that those antennas for. They do that's that is annoying I I concur 89. I'm a last turn aero here encounter super show works so hard the planet winds not blowing and I don't. Don't go slow and yellow and like you can't go grill and you're quite signaled. Yeah you're right in one car got to go and it was the more on that hello I was up. I'm telling you it's exact same no matter what position you are when you're waiting for a light pretend you're in a drag race and you're it's like to his own. And here's like where that goes green I'm dawn and I thank you know it could. Our though. They even got JD. Tiffany. I nice little annoyances. Oh yes well I get annoyed when people do not call for example I think. Each pan it you know I am hiring unit here and I had re interviewed actual data after air. Perched on columns ample ammunition even bother to show up mass on the show yeah like you're not getting hired a couple. Oh my god there are times more valuable when you're time Tiffany she. Clearly clearly like my entire game would be rushed to get my captured in the opener is not at your out. No shows a job interview passengers like are you gonna do that in a professional like industry know how. Wow that's fast thank you for the cost if any. And a and I life's little annoyances. You have not. Little or no and is when you're having a regular conversation about a month and I don't know I went out and get them and they try to one up here she. Oh top birds. So's time. Canada happens to be more than happens do you expect. To. No idea how does that mean more than half was our superiors I was you know I was waived when I was at the Super Bowl these other. And I think it's. I am this is gonna tell you excuse it's kind of our job. Really you call in with a story we have all other reminds me some really cool. It non. We got guys that play only now when did you know when people relate to some. But like I know someone that lake. Outpost but the picture in our great chat and LB like oh that's cool I used to be an artist when I was so. But now I no longer do you think. Okay you're iron and those people we all kinda need to Dahmer's I think I hated man guys well. All to us.