Slacker and Steve - Life Hacks 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th


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Staying on at any China becomes imperative that we talk about my tax them YE. I just I were I'd regret it one. Because usually take credit for everything all of loud and dogs are year old Ali I won't you write a double secret for any of these awesome like pac. And for. Foreign nine but otherwise you are for the white exit started our conversation today. Or twelve times saving cleaning hacks. And we also ask some other ones that aren't any but we don't want just cleaning one's buying it on the I feel like you're going to. Secretive for all these and I think your take credit for a few cleaner. It's thirty minutes only that's not a life tax. This is this is my favorite I think thirty minutes only isn't lifetime decision saying set a time when murder whatever Lewis received only after thirty minutes of cleaning and stopped numerous ways all no matter what if you are done you stop. Yes definitely get more efficient Oreo then you'll come back the next day that same spot oh laurel I think that's kind of terrible what. I think one that I like the most about the light tax is job by job because what I tend to do is all walked into my living room. So much in what my wife tends to deal isn't regular. And she likes clean lines and does the floors then fluff the pillows then Mike does the couch is cool name like she's doing. The whole room and they're saying no. Do blue lines do blinds. Everywhere just get in blind mode oh did that task simply do all the blown rooms then go on to the next one and two all instead of going edged room room. O job by job. Obama is the way you described an interest critique group with them. But she said that she does floors and she goes on a I was not making it always had good in the right order okay good floors or lack yes yeah yours we should wait. She did good she starts up high you work your way down to the floors. That's we expose what difference is a Mac because all your dirt up here because of you cleaned out we're in charge that you record top and all the dirt just it's on the borrow my houses and they're selling my house is a cesspool where are you sue your peers is just. Just it's due to slowing from the other side. Let's start I worked here's another great ones bomb. Oh isn't differently this old newspapers to put newspaper in the bottom of bands. On a live boy it'll cost soak up liquids. You know what I used old newspaper for puts us very hardy and used it for now from last time I got a newspaper Huskies knew they are now. I just a little out there like skinny going to height and the guy when I walked in your interest or. Until the other paper you know how that guy will be sitting there is like you're much does she. On Sloan school. For good looks the picture is certainly a paper. Sorry we meet for a lifetime and so what I use music before and you may think I'm crazy. You use newspaper instead of a paper towel or or a towel to clean your windows or curse. Works you can take off could come off so no it's really good does that leave those foods people were told Fuzzy who left in the news a street. Yeah that's good wife you know another good one plant use like jet dryer like the dishwasher Blake anti Asian spot dripping sing in the dishwasher unelected jet dry stuff yeah use that in some water to clean your windows the street creation. That's simply brilliant too. I use you don't use a is that what's called. Doesn't matter but it costs go. It's this it's spray away a glass cleaner lost the there's only on the other I wouldn't use index anymore visibly because of that time knowing these like a song it's like a CDC does that is they are useful to root out. Boss doesn't lose yeah yeah there's social clean birds ran into more time all. This spot so there's a bunch of clean ones I don't want you to laureates Marlins and we want you tax. You can waterproof your shoes. Using bees wax in a blow dryer to you by beeswax we can store and you can Boca is just what does that look like that currently honey comment. The result of these accidents that he could almost. As well he's got to let go machine there's an artist Alexa look at these flags if we had a relaxing in here. Damn dot I could see. The doctor and his greatest Oca let's see I don't like the act out. But what's the dot dot just a little like hockey puck with a 1020. You put in different rooms yeah exactly nice. Anyone hearing voices right now. Okay yeah tough tough series of any system I had two or maybe this is the last show for the I thought oh Jesus I know I so they say he's brought these artillery issues. Use your blow dryer melted in oh no you're no longer see it and your your shoes will be what that's cool. You guys why isn't the worst light pack cumbersome shall just nobody's getting excited about every so what you want another exciting yeah. So when you are whenever you open a bag of chips open him upside down. Why because. All the flavor all this momentum on the chips has slowly settled to the bottom so when you open him upside down it's slowly works its way back down to the opposite side of the bag and covers all the chips X smarter tech is probably my favorite thing you do and that's more yeah. I was series sitting around like getting hurt you today but now your boy redeem yourself. Tom this is one had actually gotten when you lose stuff like. You see I see good in commercial where they. I hate him commercials where they show somebody doing something that's common but they do it so Sosa Griffey like what I would also drop a zillion things in the tiny little area. Oh my car between the seats and the cons go any damage in these stalls right down in there well there's this infomercial where they make this little wedge pocketing the goes out. You'll never jar known in her murdered in these so somebody like so lol messing with a friend slightly. It's. What you haven't headed jerk it's one squad but when I drop civilians legitimately like oh crap like they're like yeah. Lou Santa Malaga got her hand drop in the especially with the boots that's it's. Surely the dumbest thing I don't buy that. If you do drop something down in their or you lost some small anywhere like owning your couch and trying to re salmon and you can't get it you you take some penny how who's who Kerry. I know that we hear are beyond what it's. Something tells me you've got ten you know somewhere our hearts to god what ever I don't usually they are you. It's a call until at least they have to sit over here who for all your Saturday night joined the slow for you put all your vacuum. Whoa not over the hole there was to. It. All your backroom you're back to your vacuum hose attachment. Oak over a MacBook acts and then you put your hat down in the crack between your seat or whatever and it sucks everything out. All that you may just get stuck on the penny out OK we'll see who's standing at the little back to the hearing you dropped or imported. It down in the cut feel like grab it as a bridge right you'll get a very different track almost smarter and I used throughout communities like. Well out there doing a penny goes to deal with them and now you just you sought to read up on the got a lawn here Gianni holes later Gupta. Julia are doing dal cat it's. Chances are that amends unsettled like tacked on all I'm saying as soon this show was going to be likeness. Because I this is what I have to do is go all wish you keep going to be better if I stop talking for sure. And you told us the amazing to. Blue eggs did a crafty like Zach what it. You know design and that moods all look out we just want some amazing like tax and make our lives simpler. To tell us source America. Yeah eight you know I what's your act. When we go camping I played. Pool noodles on that and strengthen yacht trip over them and I. Obsolete the most Jeanne why is nobody ever suggested that yeah simply brilliance all my job. That is awesome and so they're just sitting and then it's obvious you can see him even in the middle and I can see the whole noodle. You don't trust what are your face. Pacquiao Rebecca I am that absolute least you know there was some other ones had to pull noodles but I don't remember what it is poodles are linked to tax you really had dinner snack on hackable yeah. That's a great and thank you Rebecca steel and it. Tailored. Yeah yeah I was here light touch. No big clear on the Republican and ethical and how what you get away everything and got the check out. Yeah everything you have a and then and Elliott told you're rich you've been anything but putting your card. Oh no. I eat so it seems that's actually simply brilliant to Taylor solo the person overseeing the checked out well and go why are you all doing 47 orders of bananas but your thing is full of kiwis mangoes and although like we hear. Now things that are like 699 a town you never got caught. I've only got a couple times the money has made desperate but I have not gotten higher. Nice Taylor that's actually clever as some do got caught in recent we. I like doing something where he but I can get like vitamins or something that was nice 37 dollars total was similar weight. Oh. You know and they need scale and that in and drop the vitamins we heard four bucks for something worse that's more you got to know it's it's unethical we'll take you Taylor. Us and mixed. You guys I was July Zacks. So yeah when you can bet you do it you couldn't got a bunch of stuff stuck on the bottom you you dryers you cool little water no get all that stuff off. Mud writer she is. Yeah I did you have any static are. Really the worst stuff thoughts why I don't like industrial light SOS pads. That I stole from the government years ago Teoma goes and that's know that gets an odd but I wish I am I'm afraid I'm scratched up my copy that's a great we're a much right. You even when. They view Cincinnati high efficiency I don't use your sheets do you still I don't know I should dial I Johns. Yeah us what's your act. Any idea if you get permanent marker sure beyond subtitle like on the desk. If you take yes so permanent marker and right back over it while it still whatever little white bread off. He showed us at the other day are dry erase board we just learn that one that's angry there's a red line on our dry areas for this and their forever we're like we're never need op and he went over like. Drew won it and then racing and with Mike is gone we were all just marveling at effective that is a genius like housing magic I'm glad you cut that out there for everybody. Ashley. You op yeah Cox was July tax. I even you know afraid to clean up here quite get all the yellow offer them. It was immensely it's these yellow and then back to exit real you have now. Why would seem mosquitoes regularly get rid of the color. I have no well critical it works. With the. Why did you ever amen to try okay my headlights are brilliant O William don't know tuchman my truck is still ahead let's just trying to get a little genie yeah minor to. Who's right. I think even call. Cindy. I. Was your nice tax. A little bit there will sure that it slipped contends. Lou earlier. In her without a year battery operated boat shrimps complete unison. See an electric toothbrush will do it which ships. To wake me. Early. In her own room. Okay. He and then. Don't just to brush your teeth against me.