Slacker and Steve - Life Hacks 8/14

Tuesday, August 14th


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Staying on and discovered something from. That's a life pack. And I'm so inspired that I feel like. I haven't tried yeah I heard from a friend that this works I I don't go to this store anymore is the greatest thing ever isn't it's it's just that historically tried and restore Oca. It's it's so easy to so here's the life actor we've been told that we haven't tried it and I don't sort kind of heat about and cool my tax like this one who dictated row and then once people are doing it in that company's gonna figure it out you're not going to be able to brightening your music I thought that there yet you didn't so. If you're ever at one of those big box stores sells things in bulk Oka and their residents of the this friend is sad. If your hair if you end of one of those elite lunchtime it's. Insane that's why you Melinda. Used its. Do you know the courts are huge in every gap like 4000 things in their car. And then they're backed up like eight deep zone to try to check out reap any like. If you're trying to even go around either granola and stuff that's up an affront he Cheney but you have to commit to which lane you're gonna check out and like halfway back to the back to restore owe us a song is a good at all. And that sometimes is only a like for checkers talent or put in more. So this is the way to get down to putting more you walked up to the fronts near where all the people are. And they're checking and you get thrown out and kind of hold it above your head and look as if you're you're trying to take a video. How many people. Are waiting to get to wanted to fore checkers and yet I make sure somebody who looks like a manager sees you doing it. 'cause when they do this company doesn't like bad from. They don't want to see bad information bad pictures to be put in a bad light on social media. Saw Stacy somebody about to post something. It looks like oh my god the lines here were ridiculous. Bill immediately open and doing a lot. Back easy that's fine I don't know that it really works for you gotta go there at lunch hour. My membership expire call me immediately given the bill will you pay means turn your membership to tacitly is Julie the platinum I got a 10000. Bucks a month. A year. My membership always try to look shaky walking path McDowell what that does it on. Folks I Issa is she could get they have good won their two wouldn't you guess whose selection order broken aren't. Tammy and under and I'll go to slow well oh yeah. Gloria you even know how to secure it means that since the actual attack did goddess that is a great and as simple as brilliant. As right yeah so try innings I mean you know. I don't know that it works at every story I don't know if you're going to be it. Target all good it is on losers like what those few extra lanes open to a lot of people yeah. You got the video of guilt amend opening more links that is awesome so he got a life pack we want to hear about it now. Don't set to be about shortening mines some of the ones we have here I'd never heard. And that I mean it can be about anything. Isn't this what put a little bit of water and a glass when you're about to microwave pizza. One and put it in there apparently your pizza won't get chilly. What is ahead sort of new about the microwave everything history yeah that's why are broiling in the oven. If you're still easily but it is to try welded c.'s Christie though I wanna Chris gonna wanna run Steven Chu a fine idea. But this would doberman Shui in the money grew on suggests the water glass this and this was my life packed as it relates to water and a microwave. I'd take a glass of water and microwave for like two minutes. And then take it out and then took my micro popcorn and what does that do pop there's humidity. In the air so what makes the popcorn. You just saw you know almost all the colonels will pop that you do microwave popcorn at the end there's just act. To Holmes holes of unpopular it's all major general Obama's puppet for longer. No it you pop for longer they burn digits and nice did you do as a wheel house. Some idiot who works here who doesn't know the rule because every day come walking around grayling. Hard. Hundreds yeah. I know what he wanted so doing water food so I can't install no moral made on Saturday there's still huge but there's something about humidity in the years that makes more of them pop open while but it seemed to be crispy you know we'll be Saudi popcorn. But human popcorn do things you popcorn now airlock and second guessing since he's not take its still current okay mama tried that. I wonder if you could leave the water in there while you're doing. Must also work some pizza yeah you'd. Well I don't crave the drugs and a lot stuff and in that microwave your ID sag I think you are in all dressed none a's so bulls. Check chief for the way I know how you free food and eighty drive through any fast food restaurant. This is an actual attacker is this a theory goes is this is this is pack. I can tell by the way your she's worn out it's a fact not an actual act what's your pack okay you go there you put your order and then when you go to the pay window and they tell you it's like eight dollars a every Disco I don't think they said it was like that pay you pay it forward thing and so and I think this is paid for right. And then cool would have told you there was pay for a day Selma that isn't. About the same person yourself into the so episodes ago we had sent the card act there's a conflict is that. What's more the people alive meet meet the guys said. Well in the McDonald's does it you're in a huge. For a guy got meego was like the motorist saw them as I. I was it is only a few BC universal hand signal for very important right and so then you saints they do so together you're Mike Miller is an hour McDonald's boys gonna go. Oh well they insure all cup there seems to be some sort of miscommunication there they're part it's straightforward. It's a free for all there you know what's going on it. Here's an admission from me what's up I am zero proof holding your phone up the cost goes to make them open up another line. And and so I'm not positive the mile attack Israel but I'm a 100% possible causes you to quotes that I do know it's not a how can get it it's it's it's it's huge try and certain work around the mayor cook do you. Odds are still huge. But it's you can see they're real eye got person you. Is tiger see you deserve free food you don't get anything is that a lot of backup behind these wanna do chew through the livelier yes it's covered go on that's not match your free food that's not how when his drive when I got my orchid chick filet is the only person my work. Because they're really nice to. All they might do well it's my pleasure sir go ahead. Okay others. Are you prove my wife packed just do this Belichick played to guarantee it's not guaranteed DL and eventually they're gonna be like Nancy please I'm telling people that has been an important. Jeez since trial once ultra yours you try to look. You're gonna go to Costello yup. Or do we know how to scene taking a picture with your phone number like. There's almost some backwards literally stranded there could be generated I think we are on the right it could come and opening things with the on the here's what I tried tonight so we another good one this is a light attack OK I mean but the mind. Goes so here's what happens someday is there enough time to Spanish my laundry before I come to work. So I get it started to get any. With the highest efficiency stuff you can't leave your clothes in the washer milieu she doesn't do almost the end is meddling mom yeah. So what I do is today I got it all done in the washer and I moved it over and looked over and it was like I got to know so I started the dryer. And dried goods and now they're just sit there you just a 10 in hole. But it said if you put ice cubes. In the dryer ice cubes in the Dreier whom. You know get the wrinkles. Because it's true crime and all whose turn it on. It's their melting and they're getting your clothes just enough dignity you know that they have to read dry okay my own a cure for him because I take a hold she's trailed rice she's Steve Jones include I guess what kind of mechanical know we're gonna start. Don't like Sony and try your gamble. Florida also don't know a lot of back and PIC's. Mike Bryan are. Until the until you Coca this what are. Punished or third is even I can't listen to Marsha it will it is no trust of course I tried changing stations in my headphones and they keep forcing this crap on me I don't. This proves that the its looks OK so I take ice but a bag of ice and importantly it's a back home to somebody that's a lot there in full. Okay and then I turn the dryer on million today you know here's why I liked that one source and then I remembered I had a really nice draw here that follows a wall steam mode I just almost seem people consider if I have that mode we yeah we all have a Bolivia don't distinct. If you're my parents live and up and long mom with there're many tags. Dreier the day but I personally use dryer that's a fact until she means is she can't express my life like there so I didn't drive like the moon. So I attach the least she's yes it is just a trickle down birds flying over your clothes on the line with ice cubes dacha continue to train homing pigeons what I have to Minnesota's. While. This was to make life easier as. Who's really. So here's some like tax we're gonna tell you a few minutes pain pain free. Picture hanging we have another ice cube hack oh what are you doing that I'll tell you spoke and it doesn't involve a drier. A. Place is pretty you know on paper this seem like it was going to be a really good idea and then I forgot you and I we're going to be talking to are. Who can we get it just said my attacks and went straight to the phones it would have been a little worried but now we got people so confused like our I think you're taking calls nice chips that cost. The merchandise keeps. I sure didn't look like the millennium. Yeah. The perfect people put notes that it's. Good but the but the it was another I saw logos. Etc. chipped it RI if you've got a great life pac. Really I mean Mardy is a blood as you're free food antibodies near obsessive restaurant wants to try now you can let us know how about that. Statistics ablaze with a yes or some Piazza's complete with. But if you gotta get my tax and you're still listening please call us so what what's your life back. OK so. Steve I not actually get free food during. Just don't do. This is cool huh how to we do it. OK so you go through drive there especially LA chick filet or McDonald. Or on Starbucks. You can go out there and say hey I would carry a cheaper lines and you guys came in Iran salute. And a hundred times out of a hundred times they'll get beat preclude. Omare. There is easier than my life back for my gosh if there's still lying and deception involved with yours which is awesome but holy smooth says yeah you. We do it because let's target for lunch at UNC won over everybody is doing now and now he's your life just got shields oh no loses. How odd and I kind of put it might change countries see it became president can order prices is just. Really not a lark yeah you can be the victim in mind. They humor that goes doesn't know if that was brilliant. Was it is it is over now the rotary and get photo Abdullah now that's in your mirror and ask you please you've got about five minutes last year over the life had to shut down Susie. Right now. What's your life action. Well speaking of nice to hear as you know who started here in the carpet well in the end it from the furniture fast. You've put up IQ Barnett and hit the carpet I'll come right back -- Sox and more real. It 30 I don't and I don't own any issue it might chocolate lab look EIQ. So yes it's an hour while you're doing your hacks and bring the curtain and apple back. I sat there with a hair brush and try to get its coming out in my view and out of my apartment. And in my Bigelow sectional on it forever. Do we know do we use the slackers milk you yet secure will know. We didn't need in no no Cuba's south but hey that is a killer actually Susie I'm Terence. Yeah I. What's your back. Yeah you may not like get but it think definite pretax if you get blood on your clothing. The other way to get it out. I sort of got a few sea ice cubes on the lose it. You see on our high blood. So there's no doubt you try it IV of the bloodiest of all blood you put ice cube so they didn't cold water and then look at an eye skewed with the calorie diet. Vanishing like just soaks right through the ice house where you find Beckett put out but I you do apparently do it. Jesus from Dexter so did you forty. You do for a living and you can get blown out as often as you don't. Follow why I was so you freeze the blood Al Leach's. Indiana. I don't think that's good that's that's. However doubt I have my mother gave me that's probably the best advice my mom effort op. That is also to moms and here true serial killer it's impossible to thank you can fit. It's my shoulder is your father were doing all the ice cubes or response it's. This. Guy you guy like tax. On my highlight package when you haven't picked up eat drink a lot of water with a paper towel over top of the and you treat to the paper towel tech it's going to be a pick ups to destruction. We we we we knew how to hone the skills and your drink you cotton water that's discussed and the others the downs your ideas like Brett sing and that's what if you change is one emotion into another motion but yeah actually Garrett tells you did majors a sixth. I'm ready to labor got real thankful that the cubs won a big blow dawned proved. Showed it on your bottom left yeah. They exert a hard look at that I have now is equipped with. But no had gotten so.