Slacker and Steve - Lifestyle Change 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th


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Staying on the get really interesting stories that I don't really have to care about for years but from what's at some point. It's it's it's six lifestyle changes if you're at it you or someone you know or care about is gonna turn forty anytime soon Luka. You need omelets and making these six lifestyle changes before you turn forty okay. And let's try to test you because you're turning forty. A noon right okay so long ago whatever. Is that this is this by the way is from a professor of medicine at Harvard who this is really serious NEC and then it's mostly about risk factors for different diseases such as heart disease and stuff so. High blood pressure high cholesterol obesity diabetes they Al go out we ask you turn forty bucks though. Listen if physical is like boats 34 years now maybe three or four. You're due for a clean bill of 00 you didn't clean the look the bill was cleaned the deep down I'm sure the diagnosis Mercury maybe I wanted to finger. I did the first time numbers but I know we're supposed to do that every year and I crave it no I tell you know I don't what I have to get it every time I don't. I 'cause my team has it. Home every night game is history not to tell marginally more time yeah someone born in front structural culture like at one check out to both slightly nobody likes. That standards have really changed its dude in you you haven't got. If your dude forty plus or whatever you haven't done that because of some homophobic whatever that's you're an idiot dying of cancer is yeah I just our young was the same way he's in the U Farley talk just just it takes twelve -- it's just general Roy and dying from cancer is slow awful thing and write a better than just don't do this so here's why such changes need to make a 440. Oh boy nevermind we should do this large number one smoking I'm a smoker this is good beer. Resources smoke authorities know this is. Oh this is smoking is a major cause of heart disease winning is hard persistence is key. You need takes you need to Steve Jobs by forty smoking desk. Our next myself changing need to make it expanding waistline my experiment I'm doing good. Right so what you're not gay I'm done here is usually not your second. This is customers things yea I'm doing that these are crap I need to solve our doing other Singapore and I had an expanding waistline can contribute also. You heart disease CDs. And your metabolism is slowing down so. Picking out yes I'm good at that one yup I'm a good number URLs are made just literally over 35 seconds to go the opposite of these they say it's tennis or controlling your portion sack in that size and not be as greedy. Thank you probably also. Think he should work in something any color and it's not unique color you should try something green some green do you sense that in this but I am just saying. Our next up. And I think I know they're gonna react not going to the gym. Doug the it's also a bit and this what is interesting is has not going to jam or going too much. Regular exercise is something you need to start doing at forty but if you're certainly still a gym rat you know bomb. And you're geared to intensive don't act like your job was dude I was too much. We told each allows them bend forever who staged. Our freedoms like years and years ago always is in your head yeah there's always easy to sit on the couch. With. The Steve snow you have to it was a bad doesn't have a good job being to stress what I've already stressful right well somebody choice again phones you need to find ways to relax Luka and distanced yourself from those things. And I feel like right now I'm the thing the stressing you out because I basically saying she conceived. The entirety of your life style there's been wrong is it is wrong. To put not deter you turn forty C Bob finally keeping people out of arm's length Saudi government expert to keep an all you people again but this is the bad thing I neighbors stopped keeping people at an arm's length wise sayings and the company you keep can impact your heart's health. If you're lonely or isolated. Your more than a third more likely developed cardiac problems he just as little loan as a medium lonely he. Among its remote lonely it's weird lonely for you OK good we're good. I need your life could try to use stress me out a couple of guys I heard so. Little does not killing me my best.