Slacker and Steve - Lil D's Missing Family: Part 1 4/24

Monday, April 24th

Lil D answers the phones during the show and got a weird call today. It led to him frantically searching for his family and we had to put the show on hold.

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I I do let's get real let's get the went what's going on this is the weirdest situation and wrap my entire life I'm seriously like freaking outrage I'm scared because he scared I've never had anything like this happen. So do you just wanted to jump right into it so here's the thing when we were we were talking about something else a minute to go and nice little. 120 million things. And you got a call from somebody saying something very disturbing. So is I think she was just trying to be sweet but I do what you guys were on the air I like jumped off and took off my headphones and picked up a line and Blake's. This call came in any didn't Blake show any information on her anything in solos like. You know picked it up guys soccer and Steve who's this she she asked ray weighs this will be in I was like yeah what's your name and choose like. Don't worry about it. I just want Janelle I'm praying for you and your family today. And I was like. Okay you home why what's today what does that mean and she was like well. I I talked to guide and in your name came up and he just wanted to meet and know little DT model he came out and she and she said I just once you know they're praying for you and your Stanley today I'm blessed that the Mets sweet stuff that's what I say you and Alice likes. Okay yes extra that you know some music aren't you I appreciate that you to end. And so I hung up with their NS or did this really weird feeling in my stomach and I was like you know I'm just. I'm gonna call home our meat attacks my wife and make sure that everything's okay. And and so first I semi -- the way are semi wife attacks. And I have an iPhone and so you know one of recent attacks it comes up with like that little bubble and minutes as delivered minor one that's delivered. So I sent the text and no delivered every single until it's still not delivered. And so I've been trying to call her for it means your phone is. Not all on is something but here's the thing is it's got a job because then when that didn't deliver I was like well that's weird so then I started calling her and the first time I Calder. Knowing answered just went to voicemail and I was like well that's weird okay maybe she's with the kids at the par scorer you know do you take it one of the kids to the bathroom or something like that. I've spent literally probably the last 25. It's calling over and over and over and over and over again. And no answer it goes straight to voicemail every chance have I pack I turned on so I tried faced I mean my kids. And nothing gay keeps ringing ringing ringing and then going to unavailable facetime are they ever NASCAR only Cabrera parents Debra and I mean I mean they're always in the house somewhere where you can hear them you know and it's. If this is the weirdest I've never felt like this in my anti like I'm literally freaking out about two seconds from getting up and walking out the door to drive home I'm freaking out because I've never seen you freak out like this I'm like sweating I don't sway in a month's wedding rate do you think this initial phone call she was just I think she was just trying to be sweet in trying to be nice yeah. No not even. Flaky yeah okay little think you guys have really appreciated many just like no we get that feeling that something weird is happening that was that we had pitted your stomach feeling. I suddenly got that and it is so that's what I said I was I'm just gonna call and make sure changed your own anything yet nothing nothing. Should we prayer soft enough. I don't I don't series I don't know what she what do you do for you I don't know are talking about this red outlaw. You started no knocks not to be rude you meltdown couldn't do your job anymore so we couldn't keep going what we were talking about decently during their slay you and around and don't. At first it sound like something cool and cute now I'd like she drinks deal. It's the opposite now what is just like just doomsayers I think that it will say to ease a bike my wife. Never like she doesn't go more than ten seconds without returning attacks that's kind NATO of person she is you know she sees tech she responds right away. So it's really weird that it's not being delivered. If she were like sail on the phone with her grandma or her mom or something like that. Recalling 27 times she eventually you know something drop and said what. Why what's wrong and nothing it just keeps going over and over and over a voice known the first string every time or sometimes know we know that's the thing is it's not like the power's off on it brings like three times and then goes and what's really doesn't do the full bring it just does like. Half set of reasoning goes to voice broke what would you say before is if you can go to hold your weight if you know your kids from their pads oh my god I you're going through the press. But hey get all your mom well it's not even that eyesight I wanna make sure. I admit any cans not her nanny cams are just. They're not we bottom and this is my Wii I have other ways of checking in my happy but if if they're nowhere to be seen as Smart you go rates at their I don't there ipads yes and just like I text them hey guys what do you Dylan. You know Indy Lights but I'm okay earlier this is weird in me out. I believe in stuff like this and I don't wanna freak you out any more than you already are why this woman choose today to show Sen Dodd told her. To pray for you today that's where it's weird she was just doing it out of kindness but as we go back one more stat. Why why today. Right now what is going on that's exactly what I said why what what's today that's what I asked her when she called what's today but I've. So you don't know her name you don't and you know about no information on her whatsoever and then you really after that call this with your wife started happening yeah immediately right and that's it's when it's never happened before. It's still not delivered either see she jet I don't know. So what do we tell us and we keep going with the late I don't wanna. I don't be rude do you I don't wanna I don't know what to do next is the thing this is. I believe in my heart she she did this to be nice consolation but yeah but now let's turn into some deals yet now they Europe's reaching out trying to get ahold of her. Armed. So bottom line is we don't know if we have a producer for the rest today I mean we all. There's so what you eat little the united lives Neary Chattanooga disorder neighbor and we can get to dry your eyes are trying to find somebody right now. To just drive by it and see if your house is in one key solar yeah to see if you're her cars in front she partnered Roger yes she does but. I mean I would yeah I'm just like we got to figure a path. Just don't have many neighbors and so therefore closed big chassis are we I live in a foreclosed oh dealers in the of their storehouse OK Tom. I. Here's sang let some. Looks let's just take a break and then we'll figure out what happens from obviously you know because you to write you look at. I guess I don't like yes you guys I don't believe in stuff like this and that's what's really freaky attack should go thrill I believe in technology very much so to you and it really wears me out when I don't get to deliver on its like that means there are sewn. These. Either turned off or it's out of a place where you have coverage boo so. And she's in charge of all three new kids read them yeah. Okay so we're honored we're gonna hit the panic button and try to figure some stuff out. There's obviously people on the phones maybe Stephen I can we do need some publicity interpret OK okay will be.