Slacker and Steve - Lil D's Missing Family: Part 2 4/24

Monday, April 24th

Lil D answers the phones during the show and got a weird call today. It led to him frantically searching for his family and we had to put the show on hold. 

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And we are trying to put to show back together here we and we were in real topic a little bit ago and down little. On the on the surface looks really friendly like that is sweet thought this woman called and said. Is this little. Which is what praying newsroom. And he told me to pray for you today so. He's like OK well thank you in the and so he just tries checks his wife to say cool is that it is for call Texan known through. Try to call toll as a river like over and over and over again tries facetime and kids often nobody's answering so then he stepped out of the room. And he's been frantically trying to get older and he's back in the room now are did you dinner wise yes finally and everything's okay actually. Never been so she's her phone died her phone was dead following a morning innings as Jihad and on the charger went upstairs with the kids and I was like. Why are you not answering your phone must teach that god. I during the twenty minutes and yeah cause like praying for your literally what are the odds of that. I've never been so frees up mind you. Everybody lived I was sorry everybody I. I don't mean to freak everybody out I saw one guy that guy but I've never laid idol boot on the Steve when it comes that kind of stuff late I don't believe in Mac. Kind of thing I I don't think that it's it's what ever it's it's weird but. That was very idea of her saying god told her to pray for your family. And now I am almost I only your feet and then all of a sudden my family is missing not one of nobody is answering anyway and it's never happy with memory of their lower. Not to be and he's okay good so then have you given her strict orders to stay home yes. And I just ask you this but what if something goes wrong with how looks I still don't do that I play. I think like we're changing our our normal patterns we changed a show you're telling her what to do what is this is like some of that final destination. World making right dozens of meetings she'd maybe you're not supposed to if she really tickled to have art she should still take kids to the park. I think she changes her her routine. She's she could be changing into the bad thing makes sense I was like. I don't I'm not gonna NATO sooners could go wrong in your house you know if something goes madrassa detection just dumb she was gonna do writing does woman's got my. Everybody's past. Is completely screwed up right now ignored pray for me because I do I. Does that mean we are clearly that's just our own thanks for the sentiment but still so what are you going to be all right you good with continuing on the hill would I made. This I have nothing to compare this Cuba. Like I I said before I was sweating I now will I felt physically is well known for. And when she when she finally answer when she picked up. It was like. This would. The weight of the world had been lit I've never felt so old wage. We believed were free in my entire life telling him it's a good thing it was but now I'm still like I'm still worked up I can't like feel like a key catch my breath I can't slow down and help initially say she wanted to pray for you and your team is yes and she said I'm praying for you and your fans so they're fine till you get with them. And I know hey I never thought I. Just try and eat I'd like do you stay did you wanna keep doing the show I don't. I just need like five minutes just delay could move a Mercury for you know don't sound system could even though it's accurate word to try to do this so PP. Let's let's let's move forwards and if you can't do your job today then will go to. It would introduce understandably so sooner we're gonna figure this out moving forward.