Slacker and Steve - Little Games You Play 1/26

Friday, January 26th


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Staying on the first things first quick update about some things can happen on our show what time. From what happened here is go to Penney's and B and pick him up does that look they're not since Steve shot a video which a lot of you watched video so it's it's a Boehner he's the page. Honesty picked up liked when he. Tails up. Tails up pennies and expecting 1520 bad things happen to me and nothing bad has it doesn't it's not cumulative thing but all right and I just out of something what. Did the very next day your iPhone exploded stop working. Okay it just stop retaining its charted and explode. And it was an iPhone four so it's like eighty generations also eventually was gonna die all bench it was already done much it costs you replace it Steve. Let's see all in about 950. Some dollars from Sweden that's. There was pennies telling us what you tell it had do you not think of those today dead. It's too quick tale thought I had I was a basic problem if you want an iPhone four sitting on the campaign. It's a tournament more notes and no kids hides but no movement. I loved so. We discovered something and we want to know if everybody feels this has a sing like this I'm I started to think about it and I first I thought no. And now on certain things yes. Little G. Does a thing when he's when he's in his car that we kind of noticed. Still one of us carpal within tell you notice him doing this little thing we know we are called out about it right and now. We discover she's he's kinda told us what it is but we need a better explanation. And then we're network received everybody plays. Sounds weird but does everybody have a secret little game they play too weird amongst themselves what what is it you're doing the. So I basically play like Mario in my head. But with my eyes so when I'm driving it written you know there's obstacles on the side of the road there's. Walls mayors lamppost they're street lights there's street signs all that kind of stuff. So as I'm driving on this either gonna kinda keep lake. My IA looking out the corner in my eyes are on all of that stocks. And I like when Momo Momo Momo and boy and I have to like jump over obstacles that are here literally don't know. Oh and yes I jump over everything on this weather does that pass it on mom moment my moment a moment so rich like with sick but a if you and makes driving so much more fun boy you only put your arm up to jump in your mind. And I see I'm all we are all do you notice because you're like sitting next storm but I would sit in the back seat and I see him. Like just doing it's like a little stick that thing yeah there's just it's not public twitch to the site. It's I don't. If he's having a seizure or they can Nazis and the team he plays yes please Barley news he's almost better as a group. I did just. On the highway yeah oh yeah. The country except it started when I was I don't know probably like six or do you try. I was when I was sitting in the backseat to the card my parents are driving was like what they did entertain myself and then now I'd. Did just stock I guess and while still due to this that it indeed was your games that you use plays so there's there's what I played a long time ago I don't dude anymore because I don't allow this to happen I mean you guys are freaking me out I don't think they ought to be driving games like I had just like I got one of the stars in the middle and windshield you know little article a rock hits it deep well and good. I think it was kind of just off to the right in my field of view and what are my favorite movies or not it was a movie that no one has ever heard us to Clint Eastwood film. Where he had to go into Russia and steal their likes top secret new jet that's their socks fire. It was fox firewire thanks Firefox. The video game to. Yeah eight after the movie yes Firefox it's that aggressive game with you Clooney's wouldn't fight and get the little star on your windshield cut. I would like to look over through the star. And it looks the same as it heads up display on the knee and he was all I am cheap and you feel like are you can't put Carly did your way you include cornered. All I'm out of your way to break the mouse but I don't what is. Who makes them out ways that we super small diner you're leaning over to the answer is no trust co hole we are. It's analyzing the light of the shot co oh sure there's a pedestrian on the senator Roger is this doing that like. Mean and I'm gonna want her as well release lays it. You're let me get access to its content online you have to make all these delays. I seats for the viewpoint do you points if you take completes. Series thanks tiny little separate. Little moments where you know I'm better if you play this with your salient and go to trip newly that's this is moved amazingly when I was first learning to drive well Paula during your driving test he were actually Barack. It's good to guess I don't really took a defective vehicle to look desperate. Asarco and I'll explain it yeah. Agha pocket would you agree yeah. At least I don't know if it's. Just it's just yeah that's. A Motorola products hurry inside. If you our hands on the wheel yeah I know I forgot to mention I did not pass went narcissus hurston you know what I'm not so yeah. Applied okay so little G reminded me it's and I don't remember this one. This was so much fun there was a time when we should go to basketball games all the time the show we would all go to basketball game do. And we would sit there. And like may come back stories for people or make up challenges for people when will we look at him and go. I never did this silly to say you pick out yet you pick out like say it's some. Forty something year old woman in a business suit and got her nails all done and I would say that you five dollars she does not as start a one mower. And we can sort of back and forth and then we have to nominate somebody to go ask her. Is she knows how to start alone are familiar to employ you as always I mean there's so dark degenerate and yes she knew she she can you junior like. He's never been bowling in his life but your side but she's never been bowling and somebody ask go ask him jet an Arnold ever like contest we you must now. Everybody screaming. Him I. I don't think it's awesome it was so far so much fun I think that maybe it's because I just have a fulfilled life and I have nothing's going on that he's there and that's why you don't have any games sled hockey doughboy yourselves mental games or laser means I had. All yes I only had enough and I. I guarantee you we're so you've already at its usual game. Like put your brother sister yours should give another what ever is we just don't play yourself what you shouldn't pedestrian you see why they need actually shooting the veterans stop. Your laser sorry my windshield and you're gonna hear one you know. Crap I do that one eye open because I wanna be part of the group or do you think of anything you're just being typical tried and I don't and I'm actually not a war be better I may be Smart people don't do this I don't know. Herb educator. Who else. And if there's a little game you plan a little T tell us all about it I've Jack's. ER yes sir what's your game you play. Where I know he with a bad back and forth at California you count how many people they catch. I don't and I can't art. She can. Really. Are a lot and own. Outlook like but it they are. Yeah conclusive than you did you have a special number for how many are consuming. I know anyway did you find. Out the local dimming XE we could watch a guy one day on the way to work he's ear wax. So they're not going to do they are then. Yeah that's just. Gusting but it's a game did you can't even played Angel Boris I would bar that gave no hey you stack all Steve's son Jessica. I with the game you play. So my sister Ankara over he isn't even on a lot of vacations. Aren't we trying to produce thank you know we're 10 well let's start looking warnings and yet there aren't annoying. And we would just keep adding on and it was like super autopilot super out in public places to ignore her parents. I just don't go until finally put in College Station. That's so he's the end the end goal is for somebody to tell you stock. I like to see how are you can battle. Before someone it's an order gets mad. Suddenly we do that occasionally I here's Steve let's. Let's give Jessica around the plots of good Joey. Do you know the I know the daily news. I see it all out. One to clap it's just like you Jessica now where it's totally quiet you'll do one more. Yeah you're right it's June yeah no I don't play this pressure. I thought well maybe it's a great hero game Ohio what does this right here movie. And Edinburgh has to be you know I just did the little always does not only has a great Kia eye candy you. Guys you're disguise this game. Do you guys. Game of our program based so I am a teacher of elementary school student pulled. 89. We are so my cheek her friend and I started noticing not a lot of kids are is are created to eat. Alec. So this is who Yevgeny. Her career who can borrow more frolic arch. So display or else you really are really foreign object all the random. Especially in my kindergarten first grade they usually win but I. It is. Just everything looks like Johns appreciate her come on yeah and you need to make you coffee tea and look yeah. As soon as I heard. I for sure skidding on school that is an awesome game that is always. Yeah I know made although we have media on you still a ways to skate hockey's sorry didn't mean to leave that on your time still it what's the game plan. Yeah I can do I'm going to let. You'd be a little a little game and the EU could be a classic figuring iron has to know if they funny car. We pay money for it plays they claim they go to the mall your songs be a little would change easily but I speak that's on now armed they go to the mall on the go who had plastic surgery. And who's who's who's got in handset may go up and verify verify. Carolina iron verify before and we are pleased with what yet. Play among ourselves. I'm just act I've done I've done in the modified or not much green hit people's if we've had no you're greeted the mum upper model yet there's another one that's I'm sure is politically incorrect but I remember people playing in an in school. I was doomed from where have they always been that gender. A whole hour. That's another one you sure I'm positive it's politically incorrect but nowadays. It's one of those still he's serious like who I'm a 100% positive image you go up to verify you as there are certain games that are non verify oh my friend I need closure and that's you need zero closure of the fifth on that I attacked. Yeah I see you guys. I can pretend that that when the economy that the long grabbed switzer rations. And that a lot in my are richer leaking US troops. Can't go on. Well can I love everything going back a day so usually learn how humans also he. Oh my diet may lawn mowing so much more fun to watch. I did it come from all sides could actually go. All I'm sure I'll look at you a couple love everything about quote seek peace or you don't mean North Korea not take enough really bad beating in the springs.