Slacker and Steve - Liz and Eric Development 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Steve. Asked us Longo we had this woman call combed. She broken up with at a restaurant and gas it was actually ugly it was a bad scene in and got stiffed on the bill Shanahan shining armor have the let's to remind you let's play a little bit and what she said when she called us. I'm down to dinner with my boyfriend and done. He actually. Broke up with me at dinner. See and he lacked last restaurant and you know. IE city marathon myself and I had to cover the bill. Anyway this guy he come over to me. To make sure I was OK I mean I would like. Falling apart and so he came over her Annie get on and make sure that everything like okay. You know I I think importantly kind of late composed myself and and my server basically let me know that this guy. He named Aaron by the way he got there listening Michael is. Oh he he took care of my bill. The bill for me it is really really really really sweet and I just wanted to know that. I so appreciated. That but there are people out there really. How that kindness and now hard to do something for. Only stranger. So now that you are caught up on what happened before or let's I guess we have somebody who knows. He reached out to something scrutiny they know something about the situation. Hey. A patent when he announced. Okay well I am feeling that my brother. That it that there women's looking or that you meant. It is is that Eric is the Knight in shining armor who bought her dinner for her. I want to actually hit his name's Eric and he always doing really nice things are total stranger to court dealer this am but he really love. Which you've got a heart of gold he can really nice man I love my brother so much and he he told the story we didn't get that specific that. Even said that you know he mentioned did not like how worried and I yell out. And he said that he did overheard at the broken hearted woman mini you have to separate cabin after I know it and that's soon know it and it. Just this is I'm sort of jumping here my ego gets in the way how come Eric has reached out to us yeah we talked about it on the air we like it or quit league where you. Think what. So many here he lived in Minnesota he wouldn't listening to my parents ever. To. That's kind. It is essentially do really pretty unlikely that it could not. Shot while desire Astor was Derrick Todd she goes he's very attractive option I think he had them ground bottom. It's got to be you'll see this story dovetails too much there's no way there's two guys named Eric rice saw a break up continue to tax. Exactly that hit like a week or so ago. Well he's only getting back at seventeen I think generally pretty really nice it felt really bad and he had no other intention but to try to you know bright and human spirit could be a really really sweet guy. And he literally flooded town like the next day. I don't care or our dear Liz did you tell him. Or no you don't even a brief chat Abby how do you told and indeed we're talking I don't know and know how to tell him. Anyway this sounds stupid. And we just talked to him it's just here's thank you give us his number. We can still tracked down Liz and see how do you honestly. You heard some of the audio from her. Thank you she won't she just really wants to sit again. I wanna do I like where your brain is and where you're tried I think the hookup thing. Aren't sure different states sirens and look at what I know you exert your first thing was was he hot yeah. And why would you here's the reason you don't mislead them. Loses to OK I'm just. You're trying to light low connection because she just broke in our blew up down sorry but does like she said the words. He showed up there or am I moon what we know she's single and he's obviously easy easy single are you got to hit a girl in Minnesota. Single seat single. He's single and handsome and make scared the. Told the slide back here long distance and never have. Are listening that's where we can we'll try to Colin right now can we do what we won holds they Serena not to us stats and how. Here. I am I heard about it and think that. We'll tell you meet him I thought about you that you think that I. Yet from an historic day but I heard about it from Tom and he needed to know I guarantee you guys to get together. Perfect well not that sweet. Well. We're VMware and go fearing get Eric's phone number and you wanna put in the younger. I don't think she does I I just I wanna put them together for you know thank you for that thank you yeah end. If something's half acre I was a true low guy. This is it just felt like it was out there in the new numbers I see you need. Why did fatigue if you heard somebody being broken up well would you ever pack. Like would you ever walk over there even though you're the nice guy you know. Also the guy who doesn't get us in balls and a man walking into that situation never affect Erica took some components that you absolutely have. So it's just. There's there's there's a synergy I don't know the witness there's a Syrian dip to dismiss. It to this whole thing I just wanna put Eric come one's own and Liz and another zone and let's see we're happy are those do.