Slacker and Steve - LOL v Hahaha 11/17

Friday, November 17th


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And she didn't know what I'm in the studio today and you're going to have to be a part of it yeah I actually am right again but. I love you think your right I don't which you are you're worth the world's on my side. I tell you how I. I can prove you wrong and I'm not I'm gonna bring a stacked into evidence in a little no I don't I am I got a bombshell the spring onion today and took Bob then is going to. Negate any argument that you have whatever but. The debate today is hello Al or ha ha ha there is which one argue NY man I see if you are aged. Every adult beginners Ella well that's that's what I am today MM a mellow guy. No quick question about oh well. It's become like a female or more female centric thing was still mail we communicated guides go to a ever male OK so you. I never LO out would you use I don't know whether I like I. I don't like LA go go flaw or tee hee I look I used to do Boston. Legs under I would do remote con. Oh and MOG but I don't think I ever Ella love I have never LO well myself for sure news. But when it like I would just had back that's funny. Oh thing but now I am a 100%. All an ha ha yeah your half sacks you add more pause to militants the level of if it's really aren't that you'll get like eight posse yeah. It is if it's if he just made me laugh at it's like. That's hot hot who once she's type. Besides I don't try. PH. CBS the reason why we better and don't want yup it's a new release that's going to be many thanks for Amazon and everybody's. On the so here's my piece of evidence and I'm gonna tell you why you're still don't know why just because you resist change. Are you know I didn't know we were and were morphing into something else in the morning realized it becomes like now I'm guessing that guy go no no can do it. You still have. What Hotmail email I'd I easier and everybody what real love so you know no doubt. Hotmail email address let's see what I understand easy total irony of this Hotmail email address I don't. Its own radio name it that you don't use anymore Afro and the frequency of the radio station that you haven't worked that in ten years now do you view that well. Appears to be exact effect that they made via Hotmail one it was I doubt dislikes so that's what those numbers. Our. So I. So radio station and his other name. Yeah I only made that for me when I was there because they had to make it for me I just kept it right. Why don't you wanna know why would they change it it works it still is just like oh well it's time to catch up. Yeah I would Compuserve email address a tool where you got to move our and the way do most of the majority of the world's oil well no they're not as a majority of women more older women in the world. The world has moved to ha ha ha no more percentages are new and you know wellstone quick survey. Lol you do you like is say hello Al. But there's still countries right now that are just kept getting up to speed with technology there just giving the text and are you really gonna try to make a zero poverty joblessness really we're -- they're starting with fellow well supposed to sweep the world even more more hello well I can expect at 3 o'clock in the morning to turn on my TV and here is Sarah McLaughlin song and see someone may seated TA don't. Still a little but she's exactly exactly bargaining or nineteen parallel vs rob. I'm not necessarily the worst argument I've never heard other commercials per say and I yeah and there's countries that are just now asserting that although the other countries felt well. I LO. LL ever works it's gonna be even higher now because of all these new countries that are start okay so again it's 54% said the army. And 46 and oh well oops but both these 46% LO well. 98%. Of them are you're female ideal way. X and ten got to suck it up okay so do I have to switch oh I think you should I team I don't know Erica. Bad. I love you here who LOU don't Jonathan let me go right I was no. Thank you gonna call oh my god you did you people today I didn't know Bob this is Melanie. A guy. Yet she paid me to say hello or I did not pay as you are but yeah. Well does the world. It's easier yup. It's an AJ AJ what do you do each is these are separated so much and a key data just let me tell you about what ultimately there and I do I don't know Barbara yup they change it oh well as written by. I guess she was done with the non. Mac LO well that's. I solar hot. How hot. Can appoint some Nazis I dog you're going gender I can tell me I was keeping track till it kind of looks like boys are more well. I'm or II like how high is more dignified. You know what I mean like low Ellis like slang like teen Ager. You finally drill here. I totally and I feel like I tiger is more professional classy here yeah heads. I think it's class here but it's no it's closer to an ash Tim. Durbin you're conveying that it was actually funny whereas LL just it's likes. It's like saying I sneezed it's your describing it I think that happened dealings. Nobody says laugh out loud. But if I tell you somebody don't cut you actually making the sound of the last it's still well just sort of puts it all right. I can correlate your stomach grumbling or somebody's age see you're you're you're hot harm to yourself by laughing out loud that's sees it was so there was the do took over I was overcome with with mirth and I was had. This is explained by just you know left I was hoping we get your whole show without commercial paper comes I hate it since I guess we blew it right away I'll allow god if you'd like to really make this is only did you. Don't try to diatribe just order FaceBook page and write wanted to thank so. Oh I know or LO well or HA. H and show.