Slacker and Steve - Longest Lie 9/28

Thursday, September 28th


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Staying on the day. We got a couple liars out there shall absolutely somebody's life a long time a long time we've ruled that allied Lebanese say this Allison losing got a couple liars out there and little do you lunged for his influence. But at the arguably you. Like ratings are here today and it was asking people who got the longest line running yet in some he's pretty good I mean I went to it. Eighteen years old he was in Amsterdam told his mommy got pick pocketed. Bomb and she's like brings it up all the time like oh my god you hope you're never comfortable but the truth is he's way too much we'd had a few drinks. Raptors while sitting OK if it's on thirteen years later his mom still brings us up. And he's got to ride it you got it. What you gotta lie like I don't reach into my mom must seize this date to my hands beyond another one highlights from this thing. From the crediting a kid Brian. Dignity it was gives it in school history and it's a gym running thirty cupcakes on 25 rumor chocolate cyber Vanilla. Resides. When there's only five of something even there's not a better flavor everybody wants it so this one kid. Said I'm actually allergic chocolate. Altman got the Melinda. Well look had to ride the lie kept alive don't tell they were 22 years old yet now with Jeff that's that's like him for what fifteen year life probably up but still. Idealize your whole month period you've been doing for awhile you know I don't line. There and it's a does live there and I hated to get on the clock. I. I little would you do I do I think our critics now is on the air yeah. Are you breaking streak right now well might my dad doesn't live here so he doesn't want them. Oh yeah you have a long life how long is this like going since probably second grade and oh my god okay what's your own son when I was a kid. I lived only about five blocks away from my elementary school brave and so. To walk there my parents let me walk to school there and air ride my bike. But to get there I had to cross Q streets and I had to go through this Alley to get to the to the grounds the school grounds kind and so. There was this kid that was maybe. It's their sixth grade when I was in second grade that would sit in the Alley every day and wait for me to come through. And he would steal my lunch money on every day master it was just like the ritual of getting the school I was like I had to pay him a whole team now. Yeah everything Obama helped by Monday so I mean this went on for years IA I mean I complained about it happened altered first grade in the second grade I complain about it's my parents my parents went to the school about it. He would do the same things to other kids walking to school so other parents complained about it. In a putting like one of those crossing guard monitor people they're for a little bit and it stopped for a little bit menacing is that guy left. The bully was back steel munch money again so on and so forth so one day I'm walking to school and all of a sudden. He isn't there he's just gone. And I was like nice shoes and I don't know so then we get to school we find out await everybody's what happened to what happened to him. And we find out that he moved and I have no idea why. And I decide to go home that day and tell my parents and tell my dad. I become a man and I stepped up to his bully and I popped him right in the nose when he tried to take my lunch money and you never good media day. I am not. I don't know why I don't go. With me is he's he's like assessment of your mainly nests on our hot yeah absolutely. Like. It would I was playing basketball in high school like I wouldn't get into little scuffle with getting that she popped him in the nose like he did that didn't section. I'm like are. I didn't hop right isn't delayed me from relocated here. I don't let him listen do you literally believes you shut down the bully for the whole town with one punch this day and I'm about nine iron or a column. Obviously slacker now we have we have to tally your dad I don't wanna attract him you policy at an airport in Wyoming yes. We are OK okay I'm not you I would say you should. And the tax respects you based on a little. Yeah literally every friend I mean that was like. We would how barbecues all that year and everybody that came to our house he'd be like Brett Baer Kamal rears about a cooler let me tell you store Obama buoyed. Well online. There's no way I could stop it goes like once that train started don't know label like a month for the right now it's so we. You know try to compete with a little little he's got the bar set pretty hack out right now if you're living a lie. You didn't live in for loans have you been touted if you can outlive like the ten year span. What is the longest lie you've ever pulled dogs outlets are with Sarah. You guy you are disguised. Biggest stir longest line we got. There are well my boyfriend we've been together eleven years he think my name is Sarah what you think my name it Sarah. But my name. Technically and legally. It's Johnny. Johnny. Johnny it's my grandfather's name and that might be out who's very adamant about you being named Johnny. Bomb but I hated it. Where you. Were you born a boy or girl. Aren't a girl ask the I'm just sorry I sorry sorry so a girl might have wanted me to be named operated literally Johnny not lights. Any sports casino version and John as you know John I don't think that are important are here. We'll be suspended. These morons don't ruin from a before that I'm just Sarah and then their when does con artist Sarah. Oh really mr. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I don't really loved. There are a joke teller it is called maple syrup. What do do your parents still call you Johnny. Our route to bury our pay my name is Sarah. That's what I'm being called. And I hadn't really pissed about it but I mean they go witness. Actually for some reason most slacker and I think they're good women with collateral is arms boys' names there are kind of sex you don't think Johnny's I don't know it's kind of weird to realize it's too pure Johnny get in here. I out of Oklahoma I still own cup or. I can billion dollars. Wow that's a lifelong learning is this gonna that is you've been pulled mono in her bedroom you're yearlong my jitters. Whatever that let's just. Yeah how long nine. I'm a low turnout on this plan and they can be and I want in panic I would buy it I ate lunch and and you won't. Now I'm dead I have had enough credit line and mag mile an anti Maggie ordered mansion and it and Eminem a big bit. And I I'm not a diplomat and not the candidate I knew I don't and I'm older and anybody who died. You'll see family believes this is the. Don't like it. I think they only know your medical records and now I'm doing mushrooms when we need strong enough when you were a union guy like. And how to get covered Upshaw I used to be good eat eat and and I got pregnant and antibody teamed up and you get pregnant. I am I'm better at night to keep that I had at each and every day may get thank you unlock. So they nearly get yes. Just added my friends we are Tebow you let us that's not a. Mom you know my kid thought that he well there are no one unique and I assume they keep all protective. That's wound. How long we've given them in this lies. He can't sleep right now and why. That's a nice life that's a nice long one thank you actually yeah yeah yeah hi yeah I. Long line what are you guys. I thought this is actually about my mom's life that you don't call it Hulk. Pretty much growing app I've always been told that she went and went to people you had only been here that it only that you shouldn't act. Make sure your make smarter choices regrets. Oh my god you. Leave TCU. Single enemy doesn't like it worked any any ideas when he I have three kids. He cited the continuing to inch liquid but Ackerman my tech that. I told you got it Hewitt beat guy you'd like it and so many people I don't even know how many. He added to the point where someone Renton tournament Mercury that I eat right. Without one of them. All. You guys are always wearing one now. All my dog your mama does song and yeah pulled dumping the live more to meet you a good pure innocence is good Gloria.