Slacker and Steve - Looks Suspicious 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Steve. Yeah. So this list came out things that looks suspicious gasoline innocent although I and I'm guilty you want one I know. Are you serious sues them it's now one. I think. I think you've done more than one loss I think I can tell you for that and I'm so here's a list to did you want it. Here's number one analyst at the moment they say. It's completely innocent thing but it feels creepy horrible suspicious. When they buy cucumber. And boldly that to cover. Oh yeah. There are other things I would add a few minutes of ice so I'd I'd say it's. And vegetable oil and cucumber. Can sell it is much to be doing anything else and then there. Have to be true bite my first Goliath is a one of those things pretty you'll. No we're I have so weird like fine baby oil or whatever and a sore just New York Madson. I was saying he'll wintertime. It's all dry juror soldier. I mean your heater running forced air heat is dry OK so it's it's whatever so he'll run this dude he like runs over the brush restore. I like to do a lotion pads and then I go to movies with a permanent shift but it did more than just. I get my regular grocery stuff like that all all your. It feels more suspicious when your say you have a whole basket of stuff and one thing is why ocean like I feel like no here's the thing everytime I go in they'll scan the entire cart not look up at me and then they get one on Mittal. And they have to make eye contact. Yeah I. Total cocoa police. Or should I have a hard water all right hey I'm okay yeah oh I understand what you do. No drama and it's harder and I'm gonna tell me you haven't done this this when I feel as you put cucumbers not you owe Exxon because no noticeable if you're that is. Yes she that is the only real. You know whatever I'll do tomorrow I know do you want to what I think I'm just saying OK you would feel weird if you were buying you know they know it. Healthy galaxies because shape if you don't shape. Accepting a lot of cash from somebody in a parking lot yeah I was OK I'll give you that that's two on the list. I do you know. I don't we will that's real nice to think I did they're doing weird Craig's list Wal-Mart and where it's nice. Somebody's like I'll tell you I did it all costs. Com we I would honor a little vacation bang and he asked me to bison truffle salt. It's here if you're off limits on big occasion so. I could be happening to work with a zip lock bag all mesmerized all of why troubles well. Tell you something. I bring all these cheeks are. I love you which triples so you lose without leaving a huge tray of slightly lower third hmmm well we I. Like a huge trip Brussels sprouts and literally take a pension going to grammar so be not. Clinton greatest. No troubles not so much. I have to meet him a party ice. I wasn't coming into words they don't like him and I tell you truffle salt. And so I had imagined he strand a money went out I don't mean you know me and asked who it might help. You can walk away and I. Top corporate pretty bold words. Saw a typical. I'm no life I promise cooking goes for but I guarantee was cheaper to really do some truffle salt right do you did when I. That's going to. It's a really good yeah. But he did a dummy of triple there for the ultimate decision going to have a many simply this is the one that I think it's. You'll seal that's a close eye view on where to listen to resume looks suspicious. Walking out of a store. We now buying anything you ass. I. I I swear to god I almost do like he ends up don't shoot us if but when I walked out of stores because lately have been looking for different Xbox games and stuff for my kids. And so I walked in two trolls march Margate stuff like that make a beeline right to the electronics department. Do like three passes he knows there are not runway but only until the most extensive partner sorry I don't know I don't know so. And I feel that way coming out of the though the schmooze emotional need those and stuff. I do because at night when I go they have mall like guarded off although it checked out when you can't just walk through to get to the exit door. So you have to go through kind of the check out Lauren Eagles check since a lot of zipper it. Looks like America and around. Went to the place of a small. As real diamonds and aids for my Trammell or not it. You feel like you're right absolutely yeah yeah. I don't know and I I don't know. What are shoplifter so why do I feel it once Oakland picks or when you paid for years stopping your bus to walk out the door in the alarms go off oh. I yes I. I have to and repeat after semi a lot lately I'm wondering if there's not an implant in your sometimes police stood by your appearance exit above. All right here's a guy I. That makes it checked. Yeah like more one of the stores aren't so yeah coincidence it don't come back you know go through that night numbness and somebody else and I walked acting doesn't general like. I don't take my pants off right here somewhere. I am at a yeah. And that the system are coming up behind someone's walking slowly. What does that mean. This never happens to you because you you are the person walking slowly. But like I immediately just there's a woman. Walking slowly I am just like I'm a much I don't know what can all help. Common law and order these these are doing that whole gotta gotta analyze them and look at their reaching for like Mason a rape whistle and older like ice on what yeah. I see that now happens to me all the time why I'll pay attention knowing your brisk walker I do I blocks. Very fast you do it really pay attention weren't going in so you're always knocking in the back I don't and I just I walk fast enough and we look like your. Did shades had. And ten year look a little you'll shoot you look in American history X should see that's true. It is not an ideal look with it's slowed down a lot of community speed you can't decide. Bruce can call my feeling this on terms more that's what do I applaud you write your review sounds you just need to skipped everywhere yeah. Sure. I just know criminals it's no. That's not a miracle I don't like yeah. You talk at all times conducive to actually skip please is the upper half and there was there's another one clicking on a new window. When your boss walks by. You are legitimately. Hello you're going back and forth between just like you you're you're listening to something over here in the new right Nino could give you multitask though if your boss wants direct indirect. Well it looks like him guilty of our routers are or soon balkanized. By C there's something going on. I have one of these we'll about by the airport and my my kids love seeing the planes land and stuff so whoever driving around in one of them falls asleep in the car. All this kind of dried out lake a a Bain didn't roads out by the airport and park by the end of the runway and let my kids watch the planes land I. I don't until I was sitting there and suddenly I'm like. Probably looks really yeah I don't get it honestly do you told anywhere to Doug how he would drug sale. And we sat out there for so long and then I got out of my truck and I was like using my sound. No lights or read or not our guests know the UVs start rolling. And they ask her CDs all drove by any and they flipped around I'd jump back to my truck we gonna do stood out of their ice now you look like yours. The innocent until we want to see. You know I cucumbers and yeah.