Slacker and Steve - Lost 3/27

Monday, March 27th

A Texas college student has been rescued after being stranded in the scorching heat of a remote area in Northern Arizona for five days. Its not fun. Have you ever been lost? What happened?

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Steve I ask you them Australian aha we even lost just recently again. Surely you must sign. How should I know. How did she I don't know I'm always. Told the Smartphone you know it. Because hype hype and heights told myself I'm not calling you anymore because you know every back road or might not stop bugging him trigger a configured. Yeah I took. I I go in the same way home I thought you know what. Which is a quicker way and I tried to quicker way and totally go lost. And ended up in residential area did you end up in a state parks did you end up all three in the wrong stage did you wind up. I ended up in in in a commercial area that I thought I knew that I got out of that area into residential and afterward got the I've just I was so twisted around and hit go home site Hillary's take me home you guys. Didn't do that. What is Facebook's lack. She's a. Oh you are searing my god I. You're a college student. Who was lost in the scorching heat of northern Arizona alone game for five days saw gut and send lived. She lives she was sightseeing and then once it finally found her a spoiler alert here's the end of the story she continued owner sightseeing adventure. But I'm done she's she's she was out near the Grand Canyon her GPS Director General should they didn't actually exist some so. On she was getting through more and more rough terrain rather than stop drop and roll out war. Slipped below her brown stop stop she kept going. She started noticing that her own cell reception was getting worse who the terrain is getting worse. Nom she got through 911 just his night started to fall but the call drop before they were able to figure out where shall so so and everybody knows there's a woman in the desert. And no one knows exactly where she is Wahl she made a series of videos for her family. Well your soul whose term loss battery resulting from Marty does a disservice I don't shed not a their alleged sports easier than. I personally I gotta get this shot right. So it's that I know she's the chip Bronx I think she adds she ran out of gas. So she may help signs out of rocks while taste choppers flying over. I she spent several days out there by herself she spotted the truck tried to chase it down and they didn't see here all just so you get your hope over. The moon. She left behind notes when she decided she said are my height and just tonight out here but she left a note on her car saying if you find it. I started cutting east. I'm shooting ms. stone's seeking gold mine and we don't have to switch. Oh you know words I did some shot to pull the rare flowers and he's absolutely right. Our somebody. Did finally find her car helicopter dead while and the signs so. You read or know they've and then they followed the late Easter and trails under 101000 despite the spelling out help. But yeah rocks actually saved she was treated for exposure and dehydration within she decided continuous icing. What's earlier in the jazz you've seen everybody and see just how awful other people like to go out I. I like to go out that's as being lost in and there in Arizona seems like so these ultimate suck how about the Amazon would you like to be lost they're low road this. Yeah that would oh yeah that's a Chilean tourists. Arm got lost for nine days in the Bolivian rain forest there's no I would I be dead within this. Story is unbelievable because you know what saved his life why it's hero monkeys there's just called hero monkeys but they're there's some sort of Montes a troupe of monkeys. Kept dropping him fruit. And they would somehow lead him to shelter and water every day. Jet Powell he's 25 years old he went missing from Mac's adventures tour group. He was found nine days later lesson a mile away from their camp ground. It's a race so he's like Tarzan yes he's now one of them he's amid she's Cyril is too she. He was dehydrated week nearly eaten alive by bugs she. We're group and one half and it's that deep but so I just can say this I've never been lost on a tour because in this pro tips for any view go to different countries. Bring you tips for your tour guys. That you're going out into the Amazon into the Nile going diving whatever bring twenty dollar bill cnet's kitchen tip in with. Take said Tony dollar bell can go just like 60. There and asks hand one has to the tour guide now. We about done this boats. You know honey we don't. You don't have to noon that's actually small things happen every time remember don't you watch some movies open water where does the couples that are out there and their lawsuits he and whatever. Else he's given half a tip you'll forget to come back you know I don't I don't care about the recipe really make sure that it gets on the bone and yeah Tony Dotson that's brilliant thank you. Nice one I don't think he's well. Finally somebody got lost in the great sand dunes. Is that indigenous is at and our country I guess how it's viewed sand dunes national park in preserves where you just. Displaced when your food producer in the city's turnaround on the column. I think what happens is in the great sand dunes there's low temperatures snow storms says this person already low temperatures high winds snow torrent snowstorms very little winner dear. As he tried to find his own car it's. And he had to park on Saturday. I don't even know it is is this Indians okay. Yeah that's what I thought was. I'm from Colorado and that this Hindus and co grand opening and watch movies like the earliest. I I heard people in my youth goes goes and does a link in the Sierra. I didn't know Colorado descendants every stages of their own say in their just their own Santa it's called like a park so that's that's anyway the guy did was eventually able to I can wow. So what we were from new I guess is when you were lost hopefully had a happy loving if you're here to call us via obviously had somewhat of a happy ending. Your best loss stories is we're looking more Jordan. Yeah I I assume our real quick Jordan. Hole one so yeah it's a mix sort of lose before you hit kid trying to be helpful I don't recall when you. Jordan go and where were you lost. Actually I would actually bill dealing with the budget brand but actually snowboarding earlier get dropped off by the snowmobile and they don't take it up but the bottom. So yeah I was Biden and eventually I went the wrong way in any doubt about like a ripper and I'll like it should not be here so. You know I don't know laid down the wrong side of the mountain. Correct yes I say don't take back up and I just kept sinking up to my nipple didn't spell. Like grade I can't go this way I grabbed charting go to downriver side pretty much. Wait no relation no Gordon next to the river in the powder just kind of slam on top myself word and bid this about three hours. And I would find another object reported. Never found another shrill I don't need a little quick Indian. Dug a hole in the snow and why do it tree branches like it they've for the night. A eventually under you know shivering in neutral all it would get eighteen when they found. Easy but did search and rescue outlook and for you hard. A twelve man team what they're now both agree on key. We're the ones that balcony they found my trailer and bolted down river eventually found me. You know eventually Iranian view this snowmobile on the search rescue and he picked me up bring took reader and a put back to live beginning worries. What a Smart play to a bend once you have to river did you stop and just sit there. Did they tell you that's when he should have done. Nobody I mean mostly what I did was right to try and find the correct but see there's the trail. But you know the next night it's note three each. Sing you'd Intel's move into news daily Munich public inquiry. It's jar you out of Newark. Line that's Sox ha. I don't remember all of your time. That that's a great story during day you've been a car generally. Yeah I lost us. There 1987. And out of this city girl and Pennsylvania and I moved to the mound to Colorado to send county. And that's my horse let me and I just didn't. Top terror I don't know a few days a week or so tests and what else are right and got lost. On the nurses. I'm yours yeah. We just kind of wandered around and and gut at one point about sure you lying to woo and it'd yeah. Okay and some kind of panic it's getting dark and and about like lions and tigers and. Of course is I know who's gonna sound stupid but are they elected a new goal like but he dog. I this is true when you can debate you on this till dawn go home starts he may know where home as they do you played dozens. They do but you know I just moved there. Let's not. Yes so I and that the one thing that I which has really stupidly sergeant just think about. On the ground and I pitched inside out compliment I've found a slim rock and I am trying to treat it sparked. We just do it it's an excellent run wild things a little fire that didn't work. So. We were just trying to kick an hour wait Sherlund and I thought just like he's a black or a gun on him and I just kind of dropped arrangements senate. Except there. Yeah help me out here and such and you really did kind of put it nose down and start kicking and wastes through. And then I started hearing my name be called it sent out search and rescue. Wow oh my god asked. These that these millions of that mineral and you have now I think if you didn't act and I. I was just too early embarrassed but didn't now I think you're right about that the back and I just kind of an Asian Chris Lofton. The unemployment. It's it's it's you know I knew I was going to I'm Jerry it and don't. It's I don't think is going down the our Mary sue do you ever go for rides I don't anymore you like only double checked links absolutely don't how. While I don't genocide titled safe for now I can imagine that young girls warmer and not. Great getting our story at least it wasn't like you know I don't know taken side roads to get home itself was view. Now listen to shift its do you admit that I didn't hear any kind of begging you realized. That's never going away now it's you and until it tests you every day when you leave work don't be like are you long to tell you emerge from the what ever a player to make sure you're okay off. Grins. Yeah you guys and see what happens. It's that when I was about having your dog my parents to beat it out Allah keep. And with the decrypt that. That's my. On the outside they hands there at the bunt attempt to get to add my parents are black and tax warrant shall. Actually it might bother my mama don't let that and I got it shouldn't a couple of and he. Midtown and they're lucky it didn't realize that you didn't bring you what I'm. At a 110 bickering that's gonna. See no there's no car. Don't seem. How an infant. Up and don't like how loud and then by the time they reached where they are going and finally I realize. I'd edit it at about seven hour it does bring back I see you do walking. Elastic I'm on my out on like seven years old I locked into I found like we're that parking ranger like Arial as. And then finally I would get somebody and then actually at that point I'm just started sending helicopters trying to find me to. Yeah. It was great and he was entirely your father's responsibility. Add it to me that are telling you about it. Only young man. Have we been. What was your temperature like you said a hundred some degrees. Like 110 degrees outside and you're in the middle of death valley bank and a half a mile and even my eight got my water at camp I didn't. So it's pretty bad at these. Matters worse than before I went back breaking heart smile. And I had a really long blond hair like that Earl black list and I necklace how to on fire and I had read it out and Val my here we look at our host. Once I left to be do you think she's kids yeah I'm here. That they did for the car ran wild. Again camping but giving in Death Valley when nothing good about down all Dioner. Yeah I nice. We're at Disneyland and I got separated from my mom and my sister. Slacker. Teach you know what I've always my entire life. I've never got to go would have only been to Disney a couple of times but when I see pictures of people who aware like neon green Chertoff saying he doesn't like you guys are idiots and then you go there and realize how easy it is gets lost I'm lights. I'm not opposed to all wearing the same sure because it's really easy plays look easy but they're actually the smaller all do it's I I you know where your whole party yeah. If you gotta talk a member of the Stanley it's like meet at a local gym yeah I like everybody can signed that one told you should color do you do you rise actually sparrow all right so you're not you're didn't coordinate so you're Lawson and we. Niagara earlier what you need to act at a certain spot on that the Reggie different things that that same time. But when I came back you had been there and there are wet locks in on and they told the that the back an eighth that they told that should come back in an hour and you know. Yeah. Pray I get an hour and I've learned miss my mom and that it did come back and another our arch and the whole time it's. I kept going back to the latch right they are threatening going back to last deep down. I found out an advantage nagged at my mom they've been riding roller coaster every time that you were between a lot and bounty I. They do literally off. Hardy Qaeda surely she's writing rise on her own feet deep and Powell nor do you do you. Eight. And that's. Yeah is pretty tough. Car. I don't mean in the we got. Do you always Searle is he going to really you ruined nurture a part trick but tickets they're expenses do you actually get the right in mid may they clearly don't. Look just. Materialize. And we haven't heard any massive heart sukuk. Wow. They even call it that somebody had died in the park they wouldn't send rice in just her down so. She lives she's just me fine just no money to buy so. And soothe some size Jamie. Hey guy you lost. I now live at what age I may need. Output North Carolina when I first got my life than just. You when you ended up in the wrong state. Our own big violate copyright act the order and I get. I alert and I ended in zero. I know hey. You know playing and denying any. Girl both felt that I didn't have a although I dreaded a little outlet. Are you saying and doing it every now and that any. Sawyer would need and I didn't you saw a sign for Florida is now let me turn yeah. We need to stop. Not found out that's the kind of Ali our way at this only and I I didn't like not me I can't I can't cat like. Hey rob well I. I being read and Alan and I can get bigger and not get up and not all of I don't know what I thought. Today Steve back to just do the opposite of what you've done for an hour yeah and then went on. But you gotta have Jesse home everything's I mean clearly your lives and. Not at twelve I don't go out and even I had a little cry at every night because people or so it already yeah. And it got me all but the. A day long yeah. Between you know we only work ten minutes away if you going if you've driven for our need MCDX eight. I don't do I don't play even drive twenty minutes of cells and we've gone I would've got Moehler even. See you would not have been positive scenario more las stories we'd love to hear yours on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.