Slacker and Steve - Lost a Limb 6/15

Friday, June 15th


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Steve are there. People lost a limb yeah I. Well Stephen I just sit around and go only talked to lately people who have lost limbs sopranos into a lose lose the couple really big league one of the dudes on. Then capitals star hockey team. Like the tip of his finger selloffs in the game and she. She always keep our employer and how do you keep playing a you know I guess he got slashed or something took gloves oh yeah. How is finger chopped I don't I think it's what kept it on until he pulled his glove off in what way. It happened to somebody else a couple of years ago to. This year do you with a stick sword that cuts through your finger but not through the glove I was a possible I guess it kind of like. I think more what it does is dislodged the joint yeah join attended a year ago and yeah no it's not that good is he trying oh yeah yeah yeah price scored two goals. What do you do to sort can't eat the data is reattach it and yes a go anyway don't you. He said Yang said it just kind of fell off though was slashed up by a hockey stick yeah. Other guy got five minutes in the penalty box. Equity. That's the only in my and that's why they stitched him back on any kept playing. Didn't miss any time literally he's no time so that's one person who lost a limb here it is. My family does my father and all my Brothers you all sorts of but all would work like construction think you do after fifty years of being in the construction is at least he has sought so you do sue his. Images but not sawed it okay yet all the way off I don't know a bit I kept really I mean there there's been times where. He's like we his workers people who worst form have liked to you you know how when you're in a hurry. You can go over to your little horses or whatever and sat out pure too but for a major Ed and then go. Measure anchor yeah and then and guy. Qaeda but if you're a real hurry just kind of you leaned in the wood against your leg tell me tell me you've done that you know if you. Really when it comes to building trades I've never in her how. Yeah I guess I would machinery yeah that's. Yeah what you do is Leila I guess your guess my leg in the news this hillside and night and I remember one of my dad's buddies that he was a guy named shock. Lien against his legs but do you isn't our I didn't like. I had a shot an off above the main jet owls back then maybe it wasn't in the time when you can use took the lag is to death. Why do you live just when you're too when your top and that's what what's that artery. Also emerald ash that was the big one that's a big dogs after mom so Ellison they're looking for who owns a finger in Louisiana. Well they really care. The mystery right guy this guy until the turtle I don't first off did you know peacefully turtles oh heard turtle soup for. Going out there it's it's big it's big export some Third World countries. I am not exaggerating I I never heard of that in my like they did make soup or they eat immediately what are you wouldn't all of there's some medicinal something else going on in their. Hoya. All right well you're snapping turtle some guy had killed a large alligator snapping turtle. He was cleaning and processing unit and he found a finger inside it. Call the authorities another one investigate hunt down who does belong CO lake. I don't by the mile claim it just all I hear my story if I wanna back all of them I hear. Find it I don't now I would want I need a little closure of a cool as long hey lights are out there are much anger Likud does it. And now faster turtles how did a waste. It's like he was a drive by biting right eight true so clearly this if I mean your finger gets bitten off by a turn your first reaction probably isn't like grab the turtle particularly in your pleasure actions violate our crap my hand. I do a lot of work they'll get if you wanna get it back on you got to you could you do it might be able to get it out about how you go back into the snapping turtles mouth to Janet you're right into killers how little you know. Well look if you know anybody in Louisiana lose this sort of compensate the owner of the fingers and that. Yes they're really good back inside. I AM look at blown it's if it's Maine could see you have this defense it's so little speech and a couple other stories and we want your stories of what a limb that you had he just may work. Or this may be one of our biggest failures because milk. How many people dealing listening Reiner Armisen. This is some chalk it should. Because it comes to think what about the dude did a dent who Z that's Ito's Daon mode Dodd should not Joseph now Joseph foot and I Joseph full. I thought I Keith he got a motorcycle accident or job to sort Albany made he made three does that and shared his amputated foot solo beat on the story and it's like his it was zero army dinner sometimes I think using construction guy now. I I I'm pretty sure but anyway he was walking up a spiral staircase and somehow we trips. And weight over the reeling headfirst and so he's headed to the ground he realized through areas thought to himself. I'm either gonna smash my head into the ground or can try to grab a railing in and hang on and stop myself. And so as he was falling he reached out grabbed the railing on the side of the staircase at the moment momentum from him following. Possible literally ripped his arm John. It was just it was still grip him sing an up there just was she saw buddy had to grab it bring it down for why it's. OK so I like both you guys but I don't know fumbling to do right now and I dollars in the wall with a watch on it. I may be now. Oh please I would grab your arm okay I'll grab viewers remember Don and X does pretty cute. On the ground and more. This summer's day is like so I don't want you don't roll your crystal took the what you. This held out all right welcome climax this is we heard it I would just kick it back down to no problem. Just talked in Atlanta Falcons should definitely and that's what I want is your money unsanitary all of the food down to me while there now. I'm so I just think they surgically reattach. Stick and it didn't stick. Always didn't take no alternate every day in and give tests are they charge you and I found a cadaver armed forum they did and so here's the deal is the guy that they Goddard off of I guess this guy when he got his rib in his armor dot Hughes got a little bit more build more muscular. In the cadaver that the donor at donate or aren't that they got form was also skinny hairy dude and so he's got the arm attached. And it was skinny and had no muscle or anything. And it's slowly adapting to his body and now it's so it's like it it's becoming muscular and neck hair is gone and why I yes it's weird. That is weird. I'm any calls yet no no choice muscle and last won in order we're hoping that you'll loan from from gill called your stories this kid at this they're short version is just it was. All is that unlike a riding lawnmower. Or wasn't on human right but I do the dad didn't realize they turnaround followed them. Dad like got to a dead end on his yard like had to turn around he's hit reverse the and drove over his son says his son had unexpectedly come delights with some lower then all what happened lower leg. Bustling. Key. Hole it's in charge fifteen surgeries to save his leg GE. And then if I had asked. This could be really fun so you really well at least you know you're either one of your appendages like match also a guy who but like you know argue somebody who's lost a lit. Okay I. Is gonna sound a little bit like a lawyer commercial but aren't you also limits and usually it's the I. Concur. With you never. I don't wanna room. Hello and uses it but I don't think any girls are gonna call either. It feels no girl whose lives they don't think citizens guys doing dumb stuff you might as you can comrade somebody else out delusional women we are ready or what did you extra points. If your of the female persuasion and you flop something off cook it you is going to be a disaster if we lost a limb. Ben. You guys a Los Olympia. What five years old I cut out for Europe mark singer's number had sent you here is how how. I was making Thanksgiving dinner who are you know who dropped this period it chopped celery produced nothing. We can pretty simple on and off right but one of the celery stocks got cotton issue enters split my parents turnaround I reached. Yeah it's my middle finger and then hold the other three true. Zero. All I ninety you don't you'll get those dishes of food processor chopped a mob. No because I was so young and they were so small they went in they separate car premier hospital in little Feller because speaker. And they actually were able to rear axle or the old line. David two point yeah I mean I'm missing a couple of joints and completely and Obama like celery. The truth that. Me. That is it Thanksgiving the Turkey Turkey all. I imagine it is okay thank you for the call then I just seeing here. I lost a limb. Angry gram vibe as the Angel on my program and he look at that and retrieve it pitch by carrying a one dollar and out of the street. And the one that I'm broke that he fell out of that treaty and the Jane exactly cannot expect. And that he had been sacked out east and Japanese are locked actress back out instead. I got a telegram I mean. Sounds dragon meets you re shocked and elated need to write anything wrong and then all the but noticed that even get you in short air when he Specter that other. Any luck down and it would like Bailey I'm like this and it just dragon I know. So were they able to put it back on him. Ed you know waiting it out but Ed good for a while The Who is so it's. Better now. Oh my god that is gross but kind of amazing things you Jesse. Lorie. Oh hole low on the mausoleum the I would lose. Well I cut up keeping him. On the lawnmower. Now. So you know the cloud that's so I reached into an audit. Okay new. We velcro this safety out until on Mars so quick to a friend and the blades returning. And I reached and I caught myself the blade I entered I pulled back out and then went right back in. To get the million. This was volunteer Diana and teacher do the same thing what can hand out. Well lo he deceived he wanted to he actually the mower was on us he turned an Oscar. But reach him to do the clock did your whatever but the mower had enough cranked so that winning all I can tell it's still just went. One more little song. And it gas mom earned any and he was a day in teacher so he needed his fingers all I Maliki are I don't count upon. While Lorie that sound is awful pilot and adult. Show a. They had the big hedges that kind of covered terror. There entrance of their Palestinian need offense they had bike privacy hedges one time they were. Try they can they get tired of using the tool on the hedges so they turned their mower sideways. No I won't decide and heads and one guy was like all hold the site there. Length is bought and fruit Murray fingers that dash and yes hi candy while. I you lost a limb stuff. I'm not at all or think I'll see there's no limit you should apps for business yeah yeah. Yeah. Like that OK okay and guns. I am not a I don't need to chairman per couple tell it and work in our president the last four years. And there that may act a pregnant you know cut out hit it it's. With bond on her is. Yes with why you have nothing Zune. Certain of what actually up at Eric are you hanging. Honor about shelling out two other. On. I mean it was told to do it right on his original or pet so that. Hole we'd like to use this year a million to read his toothbrush and then lake. I don't care but like sawed it off court found him. Our I got I'm not sure about. I know that she felt like it traction not spirit. Z and I just just dwarfs. Any so long here John examiners like you all morning. They aren't you know how each and all the way at thirty attached to. Yeah I it was it was Eric should and then he also extort changed content while. Guys have to tie I'm sure many these are. But this is where we stop talk yeah.