Slacker and Steve - Lost at Sea 1/2

Tuesday, January 2nd


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Eight. Story and an heiress to the outcome. Newsroom studio I don't even know what to do with his duties of fifty your four year old dude from Poland. Who decided. He was gonna and they just try to seal 12100 miles. From the East Coast of Africa to South Africa there must be a little mariner some. Don't anybody's tried backwoods. You you spend some time on the tapes like Felix and when you first moved here. We do like wean you off of your lobster shirts after hours since we roll up Kate Hutton top and if so did you get a little Mariner's stills do you think a little bit yeah out a couple of salespeople at a they have their own boats and stuffs we would go out on the boat in you know you fish control whatever you drink. Would it would put the bow have a motor or a sale but my motor now this guy I was sale what those there was motor I think had a motor but I don't know if he was doing bolts. This is engine did die he's now. And therefore sewed in his radio you right now if you had if you could go under the sail lemon help I don't think he had that back up. He she didn't have that and then on the rudder on his. Boat countries without this guy you're screwed I'm just saying and you'll walk around the meat but the pilot would. Celine did I. I'm not a great sailor and emerge try to sail 12100 miles. I'm one of wiggle the rudder a few times make sure doesn't snap up and nineties look like you know Richard do Tom. Yes so. Long story short she ended up lost at see us for seven months seven months just drifting further away and he had a month's worth of sued on his Boris 12100 mile track and you could June. Volatility brought to Kelly also adopted a catch the day usually OK not our ideal it just you just need you to London Boca. Q did you marriage act mr. So the question is smooth. If you don't know the story don't spoil it for anybody else. Did the cat may get a big guys with. If I've got a month's worth of food don't be gone seven months. Eat the cat that's sustenance and only precious yet but I like where your head was that you're thinking way ahead. Don't wait. Sit eat the cap when you have nothing because you can't start any attack their ego if he attacked if your committed just surviving you gotta eat the fat cat you. You do you don't want Chad you so you John its called survival of the fittest and I'm the fittest there the food chain alive and well read what I. I review weak attack. Exit question absolutely you like to I would make it like a week Max talk shackles what you sector where you have other slew you'll need access. I go to Ticketmaster has certainly by the way if you're with Pete that showed up it's a hypothetical that it. But as you're looking at your months' worth of food you could kill the cat I'd have to. Yeah I would but there was one factor that I didn't realize that mighty kind of changed things for me yes and that's the fact that he adopted at the are attacked individual all around captain yet adds that he's gone right away as a cat. And used these I would do you if push came she I guess I will I'm innocent best. I know it's my survival and I have to figure it out but I don't think thank you need to catch you go picky this is star revealed choosy with your food it's more about I'd I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know how he. Two to dress like a I like my my whole family hunts and their legs out in the wilderness an eight page. They walked out with guns and they come back with the deer with no guts inside and it Austin RTC in there the whole thing you know I wouldn't. I honestly don't know where to start that process so lighting to tax lives in mice America's under not a ironic dotted I. And then I would know how to prepare it I would not make it's not like I'm trying to make delays out of it like well my seventh grade biology were re dissecting cats. I don't. Yeah I could die we do worms and defraud and one. Yeah yeah. Don't pollute NASA have we afford we bought catch the Dyson what makes this you know this thought everybody did cats we did you hear. Now we did worms and and frogs don't want to I don't know warm in the truck there would Almonte job. What a warped system where you guys surprise of the day there have been more intelligent kids class got to attack I think you should not be kept okay let's talk a huge tick I. You guys are not nestled in Toronto after the diluted show host and everybody was. What is the capital I remember being really freaked out because I think they send them from shelters and stuff like go to Burma listeners cat church for high school is putting a guy it's yet play there was like one kid my class that was really good at lake preparing the callow. Everybody was kind of freaked out a little bit might nobody choose Dahmer kill that nobody messed with him after that yeah. They attacked column does it still is attacked. It's like to eviscerate it or did you ever deeper now and you. Cut it open yet just first time you would do its intestines and everything are in their cars came in a freezer back yards in a freezer in the back of the lab yeah. So I got to dissect it a blank but blazing so that's where you come and that's it I don't want to do that neither you nor do much to listen OER that you would head to. Well yeah and seizures screwed to look I don't have any yeah. I don't rudderless emotional trip you can write all of this. Have a nice and oh yeah. I mean you would assume he does she's going on 12100 mile journey you would think eventually catch a couple finish but most are surviving on just half a pack of front. Dude he brought one over and he did well when you get you right it doesn't parish yet but I'm gonna show it. And your skirts of back to what you burning Roma I don't know I don't mean just sat in the cat. That's what I meant is Rahm in there for me but look. It maybe Fisher hit a I don't know yeah he was surviving and a half a pack of rom and a dad yeah I'm when he was finally phoned bomb she was he was on his way. He was drifting in the wrong direction towards the middle of the Indian Ocean and on. Cots and finish. Eventually he got spotted at the last I Lindsay could possibly the last two wars called reunion island it's 600 miles off the coast of Madagascar are. If she didn't get spotted there easy to get. She was. Definitely knew he was. He was gonna float all the way to Australia and at that point you're done if you keep it there's not a must detect soon attack is just do not on the bones Cisco nutrition the Merrill suck the Merrill though TP a lot of them don't have constantly curious you've got a conceded. I'll probably be human to see Muslims. Hoop with one actually Scott Roman. What you water. Can you make a prominent so wonders what are you doing who. I don't know if that would not dehydration Morlon Greenwood Robin already have a ton of sodium in and that's true the shrimp one is special interest. But that's going to slow LeBron could what flavor rom and do you think he has to act with the the way had a real good. I should stop everything America the honest truth is in case you're wanting to the end of the story they did find him but he can't ha. And the tablet does well also together assuming it worked out good territories in the really grew assertions and the radio was. I was like eight are you feed my cat. You you know you've only got a month's total worth of food or you feed the cat the cat had to be eating something you. So was attacked eating. Everything is Astrid passer in the ditches you know dollar and that only would CU to. My next meal I cracked and some sort of like if you didn't. Usually I would just an attack is Kook I would hover over the edge of the boats and I don't know that but then you're right I just say there are given some better than the don't do what you're not a salad and bring it Tim Salmon. Go do better than you think I run a while to catch even chicken this card it's gonna eventually need to attack and you wanted to say I know well. If you see your poop and you know I'm. If you I hate it's I it's I'm out for myself that can't tell for itself dude he's he's got to figure out how to play better. Anyway the cats alive he's alive they they are both they were malnourished but they're fine now it's a series on the chat. I'm dead serious that was the first thing he came in my mind is tremendous in this I would not surmised that. And after each attack. So you didn't you really matter little these teachers are just lay it damn cat so and make they're gonna do early to write each and I. Not eating cat deny it but I'm not seating the Tampa which you unless it comes out I mean anything at all. Yeah saint Gonzalez.