Slacker and Steve - Lost Your Dignity 6/20

Wednesday, June 20th


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Staying on and others in trending on Twitter that we are going to steal. For our show and it's going to we're gonna read a couple of bees in the world going to have to confess our own real. Here's what was trending hash tag that was when I lost my dignity narratives. On. So one of the ones that made it on Twitter has actually happened to me well a woman who is it you know that nobody. Seeks talking on their phone. Low more than I do turn into an art form via. I use it mostly to avoid talking to people selling things on street corners or in front of sore loser let's go to different things like that. But I also do it sometimes here. Elevator. So. Here you know the elevators here like some days it's seems like only one is running yeah kinda it's always a crap ones I don't blame you. She gets down won't stop you so there was one day you our team and any it was one of those days I think only one was running. So there was like twenty people standing there waiting room so I'm walking up and likes if I did on the elevator at least when he people. Were they there's going to be Comverse Haitian so as I'm walking towards that unlike Google pulled hello. I am sorry Mike I'm just gonna go stand over in the corner. And be honest conversation but let's lobby clearer and then I'll do my own elevator by myself nice and you know these people are standing there and had I stayed close and also like to make it seem like them. I know I'm I'm here do you want to go stairs or whatever and also my sponsors want. Off. Although it may call waiting outside Dublin that that would mean that she was shaking him lying. Posing a man they call half thankfully nobody that was getting on the elevator works on this floor sorting to Boston and all from here on a no they don't. And I I own a seductively you didn't know this story because half the people were smokers. And I thought for sure someone would say so yeah smokers to relax luxuries or July you're sort of surged boom she's the real goal. He's better than because that was the moment where I I just you're Mora fight you busted your ruse meant. Then gonna talk I was having this parents we were so unsure as you were just selling its fifth singles. Here's an. And I don't stay don't year old she won't do a little bit. Another call that was important to know a new phone doesn't call call. Plus me and groups is what it is yeah. Hole was a moment and little big you're not you're not immune to this by the way so you're gonna have to go at some point when you. Lose your dignity mr. Steve all the time but the one that six out for me is way back when when I was an altar boy in you know before mass gonna set some stuff up there is a kind duties were altar boys and one of them is taking the whole. Saying number of the hosts you know the eucharist jesus' body. And you have to take it up to deal although reaction in you have stuff yes so I was walking up the altar steps in my classic you know that special usual forms of we work. Yeah I got sucked up to an idea I never heard that word to cast sick now it's called. Rove broke. No it doesn't ask don't solace is national road I was in Momo are you aware why not fix the item item as close enough cash yeah I and so I got caught in my past six. And nice tumble aren't as approaching the home turf and the eucharist when flying everywhere normally I mean that's bad enough but. Jesus USC a deal Catholics you gotta go ahead and do this whole ceremony you go I don't how many people soluble that's the thing if no one was there are no harm no foul relief but it what is scraped up to pretend at night. Not. I write I know reported drill hole you know war you know. How Jesus is because the church never would've known Marat. I'll call for all of you know now other but there were people there there was like 13 full already do and there's only US. So here are mortified is number amenities you put the altar. And I couldn't do just gather remark could throw back you deserve room. I am. You luster didn't like four. I inherited one little yeah where you thought if no one was here I would scrape it back up the price they never know it would have Gregory I'm sorry in the moment and do. I love you back though if I was screwed them up a known would've known they re serve them technically they wouldn't actually been effective so they would have consumed him enough to would have. That would take cold enough that some thought it clearly I want to here along I still like our lose our Bruins controlled experiment didn't seek kept up with drops Jesus well the more downs a little more problems. And coming in here and applying for a job with slacker and Steve. What do you lose your dignity when I was in college when time we had a house party aims so we went out got a whole bunch of liquor and I just got a lack cap out. Blasted. Like I could not stand in my account and some people came over to our house and we were up on a third story apartment aimed. The stairs or apartment relates to those old school metal like cheese greater stairs oh yeah that's all we had going up to our apartment and so these guys came over and they stole our liquor all of our liquor and I was just hammered enough for I was like. Don't worry guys all go fight a ball and get back to my mind so I was turned into that incredible whole little B and left the apartment and started chasing after him and screaming out why I. Yeah I imagine it's enough to you and all that. And I hit a step but the cheese greater San. All the way down my. Oh yeah cut and I had to give up and I was bloodied and bruised and I mean like bleeding from places I didn't even know you could leave the front of a and I had to get up and walk back up the stairs we zero dignity. Sorry I didn't get it back. I don't know Iraq's that is going to luster did you know absolutely. I I sought a more more and I don't know if I wanna say it or not because it's really about which loads. There is on this was this is really fresh. There's some. There's a pizza place in our neighborhood I wonder if you think you might have plenty of what was your idea on and we do I had one before you did you did yeah so that's it's like only restaurant we have a new we have like fancy restaurants when Indians like the first. Real and they make it but I green Chile pizza has like Frederick its sole reason it's so good. On the I gotta make sure my wife's blessing and a she we ordering chili Peta and my wife. She doesn't like leftovers pass like one day Oca so. I a couple days ago we had Dion and my wife had thrown away the green Chile pizza night because the what the left or she. Put it in the trash. And I got out she leaves for work just bright about the same time so she threw away that morning it hadn't. What I'm saying is it hadn't been in the trash for more than fifteen minutes still in the trash though. And I was making the kids breakfast and I was thrown away their paper plates and as soon as I opened the trashed and it was it was. On top. And there was other teams up underneath it OK what wasn't touching and I he wasn't touching the Davis forced trash them it was touching. It was touch fresh track it was. It's all there pizza and it was still called to the touch. To avoid. I love her so I bit. I I pulled the U went ahead MMM. Couldn't be happier with their because if you put a baggage is illegal I through this a what do you write I didn't I didn't erect and I put my reference an excellent. Yep and an amended that. Some moment when you realize. You're lovable green show team has caused you to give up when you're dignity. Luckily neither my children darting excuse themselves from the table so they do much I hope he does listen she's not right now sleeping but I don't think I'd done pretty subs are here that's just nasty I ate pizza out of notre what do you do want. It's like no it's good view us. So if you've lost your dignity in a really bizarre way we would love to hear the story Abbie. Yeah I have windows indignities. Well they used to be tradition every year for my birthday you've got to get it hanging it up by eight. I could love it was spoke of how cool about it of course iPad they. We're not where we are pestering my elder brother you know hang on I'm not a darn. And then he like belt. And I you know I thought where are. Right. Our. Wolf I heard I don't know how vulnerable is the hole right. Never went asks is how cool of you in a poke poke my house and then I thought iMac QB expenses. And one Ford is totally different employees is going to be different consular institute you can go back to the bureau shot what do they remember because there will be. Hold the third. He only has cold my boyfriend. Everyone I don't know why. You that's not that's yeah that's dignity Renault teammate there they are you at least a half strength. Yes I yeah I value when did you lose your dignity. I lost my dignity you and I would add a wedding and I got blacked out drowned in ended up. You know waking up to comment on hospital after they cut off all my clothes and had the police told my gallon Judd at added you don't lock it seemed at Yale. All I. Hunt you lost your dignity that he liked you even know how many times you lost it up before the hospital but the idea you have to pick what. You don't have friends nobody could help you stop before you got to Haas. Oh. Well I got black out drunk and they actually in a car. And I woke up in the car I do remember that but I don't remember much eating out there and I and I looked up greeted later in a coma after getting. I'm my head moniker. Yeah he's yes frank that's some sort of you're if you're your your program now or something and you. None I don't know I am I drank valid slipped seventeen years ago. Oh how do for you you you back you really did it all the way about a fifth of the opposition to call me and Georgia. Are you guys when you lose your dignity. Oh I was at a truck stop app Garrett Greg and I wrote chip but my boyfriend. And it really had to be in the middle and so instead of blocking all related to gas station territory it gets out of the parking lot. I decided to do it can't account. In the let people. Human and that we're tells you to know. You already loss your dignity but I feel like there's more tenacity if it. The top shallow prayer. All I ended up being covered in. All mind you want to. I had ninety jumped all over before you had your keypad. Although I let him play more you do with your telling me. As guys who try to used to drive from Colorado did this code is raise you their. ID tablets this year how. There was zoos. Thank you for your peace or either or just spending your dignity Stacy. And I when you lose your dignity. I'm hopeful that dilutes it Qaeda hunt scored had a crush on the popular guy here or bit me he invited me don't Artie has brought thirst. I'm beta site that they wanted to find when wacky setback if brother in naming me by half a party trying to find it to name helpless arms. I was playing and I am the cool kid I'd gotten at all. Turks Kathleen my parent all right Lou into it and though sucking on it and Roland. The whole thing. For everybody though what does that do to Zia would you blow that touches all this yeah. A fire. Everybody's always over back. I'm just not just.