Slacker and Steve - Love at First Sight 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Selector and Steve. Top five does say is Merck. Error and finally scientists are your moment this is my guess is is by big moment neither side will you allow me them. We you'll allow me to use the radio station to retort I know you've got. And snug side it's a bizarre but he Stevens about him to quote some studies that she found sexy it's love at first sight. Doesn't exist never has and it never win or he gets to his. Cruisers. If you know even my the first site and have sucker. Play of the proving that it actually happened you might like in the notebook kind of way. Just reading another there's there was some other story like what was that it was this couple and they met in high school named bull some new. Like right away. Well you know there is guru it's still looks like if they became friends and they eventually had to admit to one another that they knew they loved each other from the moment they saw each other home and it's now been like 75 years and they're both in in a nursing home together. And love at first sight. Absolutely on it. Politically bunk. Worked for that only sorry what was working for them there remember this article about science and they thought among guy Reese police and how many years of our life thinking that we were destined to be together warmer and not. We split I don't I don't like you don't each other so if you believe in Leavitt for site. Call us but I don't do it did you did you lose you do believe in lover first I think I'll say that some. Almost every woman I never bend methyl fell in love with me instead all they did is they they tell you that. I'm just tell you talk to you to get sixty point apps receive I have felt that he and the gift of empathy and insights and I can look at a woman I can look in a woman's eyes and go oh now. Hope we can coach she's little and far more popular fellow now there are over you because you know well I don't have syrup I believe that you believe that right so tell me earlier scientific study says set aside and says you're all a bunch a losers that the only thing it should do your jedi when that first site is lost and that's OK too but what you can't figure out if you love someone just might appear who's this research from other bit the top scientists and ever survived a planet earth. Is he got a pretty of the smartest but. Ron in great groaning green yeah Netherlands see I'd use the primo in university on the planet softer and employee that. I isn't running game and they say. On that someone said they fell in love with someone for settings action they take they disappear super attracted little things. I would say they lost I would say men probably follow among the first night more than women do I see Datsyuk as men do have lost souls were visual. Yes yes. Or women in Toronto overly stereo tiger button women need to know a guy's personality they need to know if you say they need to know if he can provide for a future sale at you kid cellular back. Why don't you kick out you can tell all those things by the enemy hopes six injured provide for they'll let us say if I looked. You're probably look at least save me off actually. On your people out on it closer to the work right your brain can't even get around and I see you FBI top tens. You have closers so you think date. How long do you think it takes a woman to follow momentum in its own or lease your days. At least two full days like I read a few issues there are eight hours a day due to an honorary doctorate from the university of grunting and didn't. I will now. After the release of today's forewoman came usually to ascertain whether he's going to protect her and survived for a sale only and India say it's nice guy you're one of those you believe you're that anthropological. Dudes who thinks. They're women still had pain. Progressed beyond Kane and days where she's like not just one include food home. She got the women women are guilty when they when they have one night stands. So I don't see them seeing a guy that can make it nobody tracked if if you put people are attracted to or not. But that's as far as a mongo was just it never goes to what makes him an odd because women can't have one extends because a deal. And I thought. So you you are now people if you wanna get involves this is where you try to take down the university of with Britain Gordon learned the hard. We're Steve scoured the Internet. To come up with this thing. And I love for sight yes enough. Absolutely. I'm. What I was sixteen I got our first job but I can't encouraged by that now has it. Our immediate stop talking about for years because they have equipment jobs that it didn't contact info. Create aren't faced mark. The article it clearly and I didn't really do anything about it. And that granting the Wal-Mart to go the got engaged a year who got married to excellence ilk will include at first I taught him that I would look at it. When you were sixteen. To. Balata motion for a sixteen year old actor statement sir I think it's valid it's fleeting it's valid it's definitely valid but about your sixty. Other sixteen started beating analysts are here and Tony you don't come together Kirk. Old nineteen they are almost every year tour Apple's been. And I asked all the did he find anyone else in that hold that hold you. I joked yeah. It's there you could really find any book tells us so she sat on her why do you jaded too bothered us. Understood he's been Wal-Mart tell her in the chick and duck 00 look it's neat Jay I believe and I believing you guys and I can't wait to watch the movie entitled whatever it is no books fifteen about UR and oh. Jim saw the truth doesn't you guys had a rail. Real thankfully yes you were twelve when you first shut our eyes suffered. How Obama. You believe it significantly and it's just. I'll allows the K you're right I was way your clothes that were close. We needed to contact the university of grown in contention in the Munson on so what happened you sorry you knew she was once she feel the same way or was it one way columnist for site. It was kind of one way for a while at first. Com but I tractor down and finally got hurt in each when I almost wanna. OK I finally tracked her down I finally got her incapable. She knew he was similar okay that's. Don't exactly know it yet does she was in the back in my mind the entire time. And was the only market she myself who has. And yes on the had a down. But see that was just on site Indy you're I was lost at first and then you finally got to know or what are OK I am a second opinion from jump. From from from physical appearance yet it was clear what is or is it. Ours we were high school sweethearts often gone to high school. Oh you're telling them all Oca. Well I don't want. It to us and we see. Dig concrete evidence vs what some story you pulled off the Internet from the university. In government and Jim and Jim Jim did you graduate college and there. Hope for almost. Yeah. Or get. Hey and way too. Now we know. Well cover that Jesus you can. Ask the real. Yet Israel apps Blu-ray movies. Yet allowed my Hough band when I looked like scheme by your goal that it meets I walked into without a brand where walk down the hallway. Our police stopped we elect in each other blue we can't and the very next day he declared that they are to meet appearance. Poorly suite at. To shelter and we got married gravity pat the way in notepad then I guess. We were had a were killed in love with each other. When this happened at what age children that is one of the mystic I want six K okay. You why I. What should support I receive important to part of it does seem like an affliction well.