Slacker and Steve - #MakeGabbyFamous 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th


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Staying on the ladies and gentlemen from. Yeah. I am so sorry that we were not able to control the crowds when you've got here are you okay. I'm asking you. Did you sir regularly LA and we can you don't need any more introduction and your here representing make a wish you can you can tell us how awesome those guys aren't we appreciate you coming and talking about them but. How many autographs did you sign up there at. And there's a lot braves. And Alison yeah like 2000. I'm and I know we got you thumb we endured the Grammy people being being heard you couldn't come to the grammys this year so what did you get just now in your Grammy back. And time. See I told you there's going to be task and a and he had a couple of lifestyle he saw I saw Candy Land in there on. You do. Tomorrow so genuine and there. All shot and LA and nail polish and even congress and analyze. And. Oh I spent a lot of cool stuff that aren't soaring even practice and stuff what's the first thing you wanted to say to us. Aaron. Dale sick jokes. You have actual jokes mama daddy is is are these jokes can be appropriate or we real world we absolutely approved some of you didn't. OK we took note because there. We're ready fabulous it was here's some jokes LA San. Here's your last time you come at all not feel young. A parent. A bit now with no beyond what is. What is it. Policies soccer every now which she did there with this thing. She took DAR. Yeah I think I see that coming up does give me a death bear John Cook. I guess bear drafted since grammar Joker as spelling joke but the fact she's hearing all this is your checking in England. I. Eighteen how we need and no Bible and don't. Have no body. My seed you're really good inside your own jokes you know. No I don't know what you when you can't. They used. OC woods yeah. A nice damage to the call now that's okay this is this is not a joke. And planning is done. Warnings on one OK I'm like in my lap. We're okay yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I have to laugh a gamble that if they keep I don't understand also that guy. I I still reeling from Oakland into real simple. Well at least green room. So real laughs but yeah. Are not glass that's an awesome job of playing an OK I want to ask you a couple questions about we've been doing lately. Because I know your super famous and was arguing here so what kind of stuff have you been doing lately as a famous person. And any link to this summer. And eight game my hair my knee out. In my. Not me in in the act sweet evening how did you get here today where you know Lamar. Right now. And he didn't they might not learn until I won't let down. Are linked Koppel she's all sunset limousines are way. When he hearing it is. It. Listen here she. It was OK so you're always has bus in his own and is being stereotyped. I want. Hello mom and dad what's most cool thing you've got to do you have come and famous are. I. Eating cheese dressing need help you want Jerry to meet that and a person that Annie and painting them. He gets you through Kentucky. You don't like you guys made a connection then when you guys are hanging out. You know he's like oracle. I didn't I you and me to make any assumptions that are do you think. So what else is doing is is this the end of your tour for today against him go home what's your plan new moon no Easter no. No no room. Shared this week. Anger and then down to hire out cat thing he can in the pan. Mean you can't tear her towel tank and and Aaron. It's been going share. Yang and shiny gold and I have an old ample cash York. It's not gag me apple. If if if if that's. I'm I I don't want this to be opera between us. But I haven't gotten an invitation to the party yet have you seaside IE by Mike I don't have any. So. There really like to. And I did yeah I mean what are we have to do to be shiny they mean. Why. All. This. I don't. You and I hate to school board. And it. So so we're on the decent against you when your hard rock are you are you given some of your wardrobe so we hang up and hard rock. Yeah and you can't get any return. Marines and hope. This hyping. Here. Yes sun lenient and rural home all pregnant leaning down. And one act. Rule. You did a whole lot else so and so you're it's gonna be hard rock. In hard red dimmer downlink and millions or whatever we can go out their rock star's clothing is OK. So we know some people doesn't woman who will hang of that at the hard rock what you're doing your bash wherever you're doing that. There were not invited to. Crash issue. So we have one more thing into a couple more things to you hang out with this is we're we're gonna talk to other people. Who have their claim to fame and we got people calling all day asking if they can at least. Talk to you what we're doing the rest of the shelves so like you hang out for a little bit yeah. Okay the other thing is sitting in front of you you have like an award. And there's an envelope underneath it and we nineteen Oprah mambo. All I'll hope to cool words as Gabby on its big star. No right now let's put it. It's too if you thought you call people allowed on any. You know just trust me man don't do. It's me and them. Oh by the way we glued together at a CEO William Weld looks like it's a dean at the grammys. And is there. Yeah sorry. Who knows she uses some grim news what did you handle player. I put a little something near it for right now have horror still just. And that'll work here ago. Hey yeah. I'll go to help a bomb on him. Yeah I still think and it's hard argument OK you have to be very careful. Miller and Sharon angle so madness don't Harris handle being president can't. On this we've I didn't watch it but somebody's already spoil the form I didn't. And by the way. I want my crock pot to always work that. What did you okay what's in there yeah huge. It seems this is a ticket to Justin Timberlake. On January 29 of next year. That the season. There's nick he swore that's that's. Our promotion person who was walking her into Justin Timberlake yeah I don't get out but at the moment we Timberlake. You can only go to that concert if you invite Stephen tied to the ethic that should. And us all and welcome jamming out so before we get to claim to fame calls here we wanna know why you wanted to be famous. Really I don't that have a routine you'd use and I see hide I teach in Africa or any. Tiny pool is not sure I guess repentance and restoring old EU and hang in the air I can you may change brand like any game and not listen and act. They even get him hi all we really won't help. So you want to use one help other people who have gone through you've gone through an awesome it's super super cool I'm we got a couple people wanna say hi do you before we get started doing shall. So you're kind of interrupting our show Kozyrev famous old will assist the Concord north. Amy. I like okay. You know you're a big shot at match penetrator I didn't mining can say European. Yeah. OK. A TL super cool when your team this is people who wanted to do you just it's kind of one of those things you any little. And he means it I'm not time. On wall Amy thank you very call you don't get it you have to do it all the all the time ever. Hang in and game. Jamie. Yeah I. Hi patty didn't see me I can't what did you how you've got irony or. Here I'm creature that church a couple of my pick out and you shall anti Iranian oil are relentless selling at Yale and I just. Feel so paper that I was able to see you and I. Il and big client. Each and pat can back me. Everything you know her. Eight added it was not a guy. I know that I watched that Eric got and I am really happy we're here that you are that we did well about. Yeah like on not selling I gave me. You did are every. If you are thinking and it's awesome I'm helping a down period I ain't fancy Jamie. Murray's. Tiny. Like you are really. Just. I'm not gonna elite ear and I hit. You're gonna ma'am this high school yeah yeah I got a out of it that I am not wired. It's cool. You know there'd be you know it's part of your tour. And US I did yeah. I didn't feel I need. A you know. And Marley in Marley you you be sure I don't know daddy super famous and that there might be like security around her and somebody you don't know up sent out. I have no. Idea I don't you send me. He now miss checks can't thank you learn not only how. To act soon. Can you tell the time yeah okay. You need. For the call Murray. On. 280. Yeah. I. Should have really thought like eat out from under it or I'd be already wary. How great it was cool deserted what do you what are you doing that wouldn't try to you do not ten Christina. And I'm happy it didn't seem that I noted he did and be really payments into you might bring in about your boyfriend. It's. The ethnic access. And no matter that I don't forget about it and I don't like you got a ways and Aaron yeah. On each I rolling and number. Thanks Cristina. Oh. I'm. Oh my god you are. Oh cool ad I am going to be going at it. Gosh. I'm so I bet you are in India. In my room for a plus one does seem and I still really don't really. I don't Jon and empire brought might be close my own home to learn more. For these people. Yeah. Why do you much you are and aren't. Didn't you. Yeah. And. I can't wait your article you know. We are lucky to live in a great earth it. 8 PM. I seem. And I saw I turned ten and why you fly. Eight units and we did his job every eight people talk on the phone there was a general time and we don't ever weird to think Doug. We don't we don't ever call now Ryan and stainless on your I wanna see this thing I want to see our I think. Especially Joey to be a Gabby Vista high school. Didn't get a copy of the here's the deal guys know we we don't have a lot of time to set this up we you've heard is due this affords me wanna know we claimed a famous there's some dude in the news just chopped 49 watermelons on his stomach on his stomach. I mean. And I just I don't know why Clinton would you get into it but some 69 year old woman became the world's most tattooed person on the planet okay can you yeah. And then there's a really sad one that they went for a claim to fame banger Maine just so close to try and all open cans lately with a can opener at the same time so it was like 321 like everybody in town center opened can't seem time may have the Guinness book of world records. But they were 28 cans short haul to our eight. Don't sit so well straight ahead as this is stacked. Why you can give us big soft enough people who do like Tony people wouldn't do it I didn't get the record now they are they're like second but. Second doesn't count moon we want people to call who are. Almost. As famous as you if that's what we're looking for is some lady say they ask well. I see you don't look. Down on all these people unless a close to do. It's it's a new. And the like. I'm so much things. Which oh my god your awesome fit. If you ever claim to fame this is a chance to tell a story. And debt to talk to Gabby 303222. 5423. Sore back and we're Dabney and arm I lucked out of the room for a second American Meghann and we're talking about Toto we beat the. Meanwhile when he's our return on what happened and it do you like when you. Africa. And teasing aluminum and now ninety. Which he began some of that yeah. How did that song become a song that you like saying you know there and I assured. Me my whole life in the car and then. We were behind me and cat and I panicked while my aunt married. Couple weeks after. At play and you're lecture me and like Lou. Yeah and. So it's clear the songs you like New York Justin Timberlake I. Actually I hope and can. Anchor hello. All. He needs. Okay is that you got Africa from anywhere okay got apple on. Going to. So we a couple of people that wanna say hi to you if that's all right. Is what happens right they don't get access to you like on the streets so its economy is station and say hi ya Sophia. He could simply be wrong. Since there. Move. Your sister. I happily yeah mini and the greens. Are. Yeah hi Garrett thank you probably aren't you and they you know. It's us you know Lucas that's all I'm. Naomi huge hill. So if you whenever you finish we need closure on this are nice to unleash. I had to like you we had delayed so. She throws up so early and I felt like. Yankee. Mainly I know what I read them good data right you're. Okay and it happens yeah that's all right well hey Cynthia how do you think she's doing on the radio she doing good. Oh great I'm really surprised he could. Yeah. Wonder where she would not. Had any name Manuel old rules it sells. Alone and they took also feel appreciated. Natalie. And I. And I know on this does not ideal it's happening at a breakfast with the none at all. Ultimately it could mean and I want it no earlier street inning hit me I got a story on whether it can respond. Incredible very. It can't account. Have this attempted claim to fame so. A that is very cool this is. They even Natalie we appreciate it now here's the deal we are we got to run. We added. Jews this TV thing in a minute. So old. This will be your sign off on the radio. There's a couple things that I wanna get Tim. Mean one I wanna give your address in case you decide to it to like him I used to the party has no point. And to do you think. I've been told. And were probably get in trouble from these guys but I've been told there's a go fun to be paid shock. That people who are people are asking about it in his you guys don't mind. Sharing that we loved we love to do that. At me at and T and playing it all of the post on that with cash had hoped for get out. And most people I know that with the Kimi it's two and a half years and can have their peace so. She and she takes you know every single day and she will until November 29. And she's on the. Yeah. So we can find just like you how do we finally know. Let's get hopes for dads and hopefully have a son that comes that got you yet hope for dads so that's a go go funny. What do you wanna say is your sign off on the radio tonight. And if the.