Slacker and Steve - Makes Men Feel Loved 2/20

Tuesday, February 20th


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Steve. Yeah they were probably in need you in on this because Steve has no downtown and don't. Do you feel loved ideal it's ever blots that's not true when the women who you. No date they love you very big ju oh yes oh give you bet they make you feel clubs need to view. Do you think it's it's OK so we don't listen here that says what makes a man. Feel loved inadequate to post a different name. Mom. Have said what women do for them to make him feel not so I I'd like to go through the list you'll little deer jumped and it. It's the difference between mean you guys is you have your partner with you 24/7 just about. She and I actually direct and I'm the opposite. So the few times that we are like together like in my place so for me something huge is if she just meal cooked something. You let your house yes you guys get that every day day in and did the things that are special to me or no longer special to you guys. It's kind of special note I cook when she doesn't mean she gets really happy which comes on and everything's made and if you're just like your due you're doing some work in the corner and she just comes up behind him gives you a hug you sort of like those are two very much I think that's one of. Although that's debt god surprise hugs just because he's one of the I do I I love that just because hug just say because there's there's a time shortsighted. Going on a trip so now organize we're nice lingering hug. Bigger kiss nominees stacks debt that doesn't happen but that's right so you're doing isn't just a dime a plane crash and I think. You're saying if I leave on bad notice iced. What you can expect. So you do though. They announce a scene stealing them. You linger on purpose winning you just can't keep your hands off to somebody in that's cool too I think that's you I mean do you get that not publicly yeah. In the privacy of the confines of our. I don't esprit de ice comes up behind you puts her her arms are on your lights and and plus all the blinds content types of a dim the lights I think murder. And I need do the same with the the electronics ever make sure there's no bugs in your. It's not that I was too. The good. You are surprised are you content that you are so subtle just to talk yeah and who are. I'm not there's always a surprise for you little dizzy yeah of course there do you get it. I do. Every once in awhile I mean you reciprocate do you were surprised her with a hug right. Here's the deal OK okay if I'm generally gonna be many who went missing little they will either agree with me or not agree but night. You reach a certain point in your marriage weariness I go and try to surprise hug it's nice. Are now. You gotta time it right all the prices are looks like trying to you might. OO okay like I saw it. Now you've got agendas like I actually don't. That makes I never thought it was just this of you can do a surprise so whenever you want. Because you're not together like yeah right in you guys are all the time when a girl gives us a price targets like oh my god that's that's awesome she's doing that because she wants. She might be you know any guys and I am I can think she's she's. She's going pour it into today's my bank. Focus hot at myself for that but like I do it it's like. And there's an agenda and your dinner and supporters can totally just she's not feeling in the moment in Boca are. On this list also she still shows enthusiasm for me after being together for years and that scene but you appreciate her putting forth the effort to speak like she still Jews to be with you. Our system. She shows that I don't do this on the Eric nevermind you gladly go yeah I don't think my wife shows a ton of enthusiasm for me. When is just I Soka. Lights. Or how. And we're doing more at a party or whatever and I'm doing the thing that I when I'm just telling the stories like whenever she's heard my stories a thousand times and she still laughs like it's the first time OK so. And that's that's a cool thing I don't think I don't think it's staying because she's like. The Jimmie Lee likes fallen over crime and sometimes laugh and it's like well. I can still make she's heard I commend my wife after billions of you know is the missing stories that's actually produce. An Arizona you feel that I think for us it's kind of more like. The enthusiasm level kind of drops a little bit and it's not the same like when you first get together it's like. Oh my gosh I'm so happy for that so amazingly enough they're doing that like ten years instantly like okay that that it isn't that amazing spread. Yeah apple when she went you know like something happening should come we shall come a meal like. I'm really happy for that was great that's awesome yeah you know it's not it's not over the top let's. The enthusiasm still there nice because I I think I just blew it today while I was like. I I should begin a bonus my next check I think I got a she said the percentage of her raise. I was like oh. So for the high pitched fairly nice finals saw who. Did you want to. You know when you get like a cost of living race. Oh that yeah 34% the do you really feel it's I don't you look we can go my actual order under the Smartphone with. Plus then either your for you're you know you're kind of similar in your gas. It's true. She makes cop before me every morning and nose so I like it. That's that's almost less than ten but see to me it sounds like you're expecting her to be in the she's doing this because she's not doing it because she wants to be jazz do. Yeah I don't like that title like W. Doron I don't talk I did well here's and we don't we used to have an espresso machine in our house live and just got to be. Now they're selling it everywhere and it's easier to get the little capsules the brunt capsules and it's like that. Two days shipping process to get in my. Good Cassel started fifty cents in the name to 51 in the went up 520 I don't know and we need new equipment at that was a big jump. So now we do Starbucks or whatever. And so there'll be days where she'll just go get Starbucks and bring him back in that's awesome she has if you song for her she has to do one for you sort of gets along but then there's daylight. There are days where. She's got Aronson runner whatever social go first or American runner and I'm like oh. Oh you're you're hanging at Penn theater mode good company auto whatever Ricci good karma marquee out of that school or shots actually karma drizzle nonfat. If it is you start let's drop one us three shots on days like its own name when your company's she laughs yeah. It's. Early morning tunnels. And I'm defending when we notice time and your kids screaming you know Dick kids can exchange that you I get a moment time. The trump who blocked from some on the dozen other kids with the help. All I didn't look at SEC makes me feel confident in my own skin. F. She makes you look good I like eloquently date Simonyi and she sold like hot and keeps are so hot that when brown public. Guys eat their hearts out makes me look good I like that so you can you like your sort out she works out for both of a truck because I don't. Look enemy. I can be just a big huge job hunt slots there. I understand that but it gives you confidence you debt. Are being supported. Yeah oh wait I don't want to means. Then I mean I you know hard it is to be supporting somebody does this for a living I I could not I could not be married to me. We did this likes. You have to be supported recite honey CNET go to Vegas when Roger listeners get drug take him out all of right. He's all right that was old immaculate and played four days and then you come back in your in I don't medically induced coma because you're like. My liberal reported that that is it's hard to be supportive of this idea. My life my life is on that same level because I get that all the time like yes Obama got we're still voted anyway it's on the best like jokes average is like grit my patient died. Oh hole. That sucks because once you go first with your story right. OK okay. Larry. Couple more here random sweep emails and texts. I don't know chosen in my interview ever sent I don't see you guys soon and those are ever. You are occasionally send out the message like what's are all just like MI SS in the letter you. No I tackle thing out there who cannot French took a critical look at the team. I'm also not twelve. I type yes but then you know what happens I mean so immature OO. My house I'll do the random things where I didn't miss you and you. Everybody here knows this he in this room so if I don't get anything back SaaS and how to use them. It makes me mad so then my next sexual beings and sorry I meant to send that to someone else. And suddenly and then additionally. The colts and they respond when Mike Barack the center is this person knows and implement and has been that our random backstretch just never into. That is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world that makes you feel must absolutely yeah we just doing your mind your own business and ensure his comeuppance are all that's so cool that it that isn't numero uno in my book oh no idea artifacts I do everyone's from not nearly as much as I probably should but like so we will we run a play in this weekend and knew I'd hate flying and there's one point where. Few streets over and asserted scratching my Bakalar minerals like. Guys never do you have from new owner on a plane. If there's a lot of reasons for. Finally she tells me she's thankful for anything so do you trust him. I get data consortium that's cool would you reciprocate that though because she's doing a lot to know let them do most of Coca. I am you know I mean that's the other things others don't get therapy session yeah I. The least thankful person have. Meaning you'll say thanks I don't I don't like it's terrible killing the little. I was and so my wife of course she does all this stuff and make. I just assume I'm doing. I am doing everything as awesome as I do and so everyone else should and you you don't need a trophy for that just do it you know and that makes me just to prove Telerate. The feels good to me again how. Well I still married well it's right. Just want ads and listen it's not on here can reroute we're out of time with so what's a sex. Well for a guy that's probably should be a legitimate claim Bianca who are talking like eight minutes ago. I want to feel loves that is just an agent and were gosh.