Slacker and Steve - Man Panel 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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And I. We're probably getting in trouble we are with the brotherhood every time we've ever done this other men get mad and I really you know it's. This is called the manhandled them and we're going to answer any question that you ask metals. If you can jump on its own you can text you can tweak you can FaceBook and I think we should start. Wish I mean let's quick bios here little eat. You've got three kids happily married bill. It in your use where you better not play your word you give would you consider yourself more about. One woman guy when you real. I was always in relationships but I've and I've never had a problem with like confidence in anything you and so are we talking to winners and a there we've all seen the latest yes you can bet that it which is not a good. It's said the New York. It's great trip. To the rest of us charities don't know exactly they doesn't get. I Steve you are are you okay I'm single a perpetually single I've never been married ever have kids huge to write flags red flags for ladies I get them bought. Bomb I have lived with many women better and long term relationship. With 121. It was too little too was the other one of my sister. Choose a verse where yeah you're right. For romantically you're right so is like being married. So let's don't say you're in that red flag otherwise I'm just don't see your Jersey and about Steve he will lie to you in a bar and say he's divorced just so he doesn't look like he's I considering living with Kelly for four years we were talking marriage that's like being divorced and stuff which was like common law marriage now technically yes he's not but I'm I'm perpetually single in the GO. Mean Mary is also a guy who was in a lot of long term relationships a lot of you never been in the short term very much you have to up. You have to I had two more nights total and it is that's the word co dependent. Arm that's not a word I thought you said do you admitted all felt OK I guess entertainment and number that's a good thing my therapist they're cleaning you know did you go with clean not. Eaten yet maybe. Clinging no I just lights I set the hook really fast so you I mean we just end up in a long term relationship with C women love that though. They didn't they do that's what they're looking for years of their own worth our. So here's what we've got here's some of the questions from FaceBook and again we'll take more of them here I think this one was only came up a bunch. And I think we just need to attack which is to softball Oka why are men Lindsay was one of the people who wrote requirements such jerk babies when their sect. Yeah that's a good age old thing I think that's a stereotype I'm not I am not either and I'm not I totally am. You are under watch and so what I mean I just wanna be left alone I'm not a jerk about it you know how to cure yourself I do. The one thing about me it's really weird and I don't know if I've admitted this on the year before you like I crave relations when I'm sick then I think it's because. I run at such a fast pace all the time doing the show and doing the kids and like when I'm sick I'm like I'm I'm laying down and I am just warning all the time come set for its its kind. Real easy coach sorry it's a man and a lot of stuff I'm gonna stop texting you when sick. Sure yeah no I just don't semi fiction girls not an up and stuff in your own. Unlike bar scene or whatever boredom just run down and I'm just laying there in a lanky you know I mean. Know what I know now you're getting the act don't like but it I'd just want it. So anyway why you baby. All right I think it's your reasons its kind of a mix of being between Nike you know it's kind of like what you mom always did grown up so it's what feels comfortable you know how you kinda grew up in Boca almost part of what makes you feel better when you're sick. And then the second part of it for me is not a we have kids. I never get attention you know what I mean like the kids always 00 my except for what I'm sick. Men now on first again follow gift for every us. That those two that makes perfect sense I always wondered too why geysers of what's is when they used to. Yeah its first ten. An attention thing it's like all of a sudden suddenly I'm back to being number one minutes like what I forgot how this felt like let me just wow I don't. I don't feel that off while. And I'm so self sufficient I would buy myself so I just -- -- choice but to cure myself but even if what was living with ladies they would always offer to pamper me and I'm just not doing you don't want you don't want it now delta is due to go do your things away guy who doesn't want anybody come near funeral you don't wanna -- -- had anybody clean up so I guess when you're secure -- now I must really want him back to be in the exactly stay cute for the thought but I'm good I'm. Next up why do you want to things only when you can't have them women in particular Celeste asked that question. Well he's I mean like the word relationship that we see another woman and we want our Nelson where you go after married women are you. I I go and genealogy urges the way the species carry on the lineage of the species but no one sees your biology and science you guys go there. I think I'm a person who wants the latest. If that sounds like I treat women like and a commodity to be bought sold. I want I don't I like the newest of everything my lights new iPhone comes out I want it new car and they each. I Ambon the new car in years and it's killing me yet when it comes to women you want the same one throughout our. Allegedly shot OK no we don't seem like it's it's I think that's why am I think that's why is species I don't think this is a man and only thing. Tend to want what we can't pass. I think that's I agree with it's not a beginning it's in the wanting. You sit on that old saying you know once you get it's like okay now what what's amazing though I want. And really well you're feeling of wanting it. In and we your fulfilled by getting your way so bad and then you're right once again and I'm like it doesn't filming the way I thought it was gonna it's the grass is always greener apple it's an attorney for you and wanting area. While where you are a little I I'm I'm kind of right line was slacker on the island. And I think it's just kind of in our nature to to want to like have the bass are the newest in the flashy as some that may eat yet you don't mean. On Fidel and local ads about Jack says that as men we once you carry on the lineage with every female we see we want you who is Brent RC there ago. So it's not our fault tee. It is Soledad it's easy that is an anthropological. Copped out and a lot of gonna come out use. To deny monogamy. I'm not saying. I do know at least admit when I lust after a woman that's not some Neanderthal in my brain that's neat that's meego one. I want that because I'm I I can admit that and not try to do some 500 year old cop out seat. Monogamy is a choice it goes against our instinct we have to choose to demonize and you have that speech prepared that puts guy still under. Everything else that you do you have these things it's a prayer a second graders biology book only really dealt Al cash okay so we're taking any questions a little. It was a question. Oh that was so let's see you oh where is this the red flags would like consumers what do you as a single dude what do you immediately consider as red flags for the women your interest to them. Let's see if she got home perm. Okay trauma OK the man panel where we're being on all that's true. I do little leery. When you have made me play. Here's a man a lot of husbands my that's just natural I think there's been a lot of husbands Sonoma multiple scenarios was that guy engines of this guys who are to keep track of you don't remember cycle Kate. Meridian into the I was so you ever said her name before but really now we have. I think Gaza movement member Herrmann really new details but looking back there was a sign a huge red flag we met in a bar and she got their first a little bar restaurant. And all the bartenders knew her name. Yeah I even on a shift change all yes I kind of thought that was kind of odd one out there. That was meeting were at the time. It turned out to be not so good for me or you you've got kind of drug into it's nice and yes she drag me into it that was a red that was kind of a red flag so if she's known a lot in a club. Maybe. That's a good dress like yeah and then multiple marriages for user it's like did the older you know when women are thirties and forties that's kind of the expected I guess they'll stay married once you don't have problem twice so here but when we're getting out there now religion or I look at you like you should know when to do is buy allow you should know when to quit you should know. Have some sausages are Mary yes a guy. Our little Vienna earlier question you needed to answer yeah the question that I wanted to answer was why do I have to repeat myself constantly to a guy. That was so easy to well okay why. OK so I think men and women have very different styles of communication. When cute guys are talking together it's here's point ABC. Were done. When women talk winning a knock this thing goes for every one in every woman because there's exceptions to every rule. But women tend to put in what he's too much unnecessary flocks for. Okay let me start out you're using it we yes I I screened every phone call that comes into the show and every person that calls I automatically at the front say. Jimmy did quick 102 version. And multiple times a day I get women necco. I I don't know if I can do. Just try and it's like okay well so me my friend Jackie we went to see you we went to New York City and we've been friends since like fourth grade got a real. I'd stop that's enough I'm just telling you what's New York City Jacki felon amenable toward dot com that's the sport utility yes so as a guy when I sit here and all that flaws and all that stuff that doesn't need to be there. We did in eighty HD generation if it doesn't grab my attention intense second how I'm paying attention somewhere else. The other thing my wife does this constantly and hopefully should not listening Renault may mean she should be easily she stopped doing it well but. Oh wait I will come home we will have fifteen minutes of silence no communication between us nothing will be happening. And then all turn on the game did invested in an oral sit down and start reading an article something on my phone. And after I'm ten minutes into it that's when she decides to do that. So anyway what Malloy and Mike if you are not. Not I'm not pay attention to you right now I'm sorry am I started something else I've I've Marty on to something different I kind of feel I think your nail and hit a little bit. I got big guys so much easier to just go. Jude speeded up and I think what what we do drank a singular your chops to me the bullet point. Wouldn't this be done yeah and with women that they always have to convey how it felt for them at the time and stuff with that I just yeah you're right get to actually we got an email it was the opposite they hate the fact there were always may have splinters. That we can't tell which detail ourselves as guys as well mainstreaming is more likes explaining back to them what they already know. And it site and now there's there's a new version that costs repeating. Which is. I'd never heard that it's a project where a woman will be a shock that's dinner and I easily nobody listens like hey you know what we should not scare. And then I think you just keep feeding me identify and actually know. Mandy I don't doubt that I'm so another one in here you guys really PRC we shower together. That's when done quick yeah yeah. I don't think I have I've never done I've never been Michelle with my life in the shower not. No not once she got to do you I hope not but some tough. I'll why do women love lingerie but men say it's not needed dose is a good month. You guys think you need you guys don't get it. We want you naked in the realtor but the pretty packaging knows what we want what's under he would want to. Yup right inside here I go again comparing women to material objects. But. And I know Steve Jobs was a genius about packaging and how long it should take to unfurl the new iPhone or whatever but it's like. To me is some the most frustrating moments of my life I like tuchman is a technical glitch. On dressing room woman while sickness linked sexy and fun and whenever it's just not. Yeah it's it's it's your doing it. To get me riled up don't worry about it well OK so I have some and add to that because I think. If you're gonna be sending your guy like I texts horror you know a picture message something like that. Totally do laundry that you know it's great building the anticipation. When birdied air and were in the moment to think I don't media anticipation let's just hit it right let's get work you need death yeah. But that makes it sound like we're in a hurry for the end to guys this bruise on cell solution to our polish sausage lovers you know why do you like launcher and well. Women do it to make themselves feel sexy which makes him and they feel sexy makes us feel sexier to that's what we didn't ask what women would women's Intel are so I don't know how. I'm your analysis piece even the guy who blows through this faster. I didn't know any sense and I'm. Women are told to wipe front to back to her and infections sorry guys it's from Serena. It's it's true for two of the three people on the show OK he's just oh you are you know we're just saucer. The do you ever say sorry. Yeah I think I. Is Terry more than most meant yeah I think so as it too much. Universities are. I do when what why you're guessing it's human use our. Are you sincere that'd be that means your not being sincere piercings are read and do whatever is going on as we move on sometimes yeah if it requires it it's clear it's not gonna just. Go away on its own just okay czar. Only I'm really sorry about everything that happened I'm like no wasn't me I'm sorry but I say I learned over the years to put that last part just in my breakfast. Who could help congressionally. Your tone you sounded sincere pleasure you'll OK sorry you know and and did you did you not oh my god not yet nobody takes and say you're sincere stories like many guys they're like Mary gates. Do you really like near you just wanna get in my pennies that's obvious why you out. I think at least that's one is I do men really honestly love it when you do when you like to do the things that they do like go out and play golfers shoot guns or do something like that you know like I do. I do TO. I really DO I think that's awesome I think so too this is a there's nothing that I like are fine sexier and a woman then Michael when you sit down to watch a football game and she's just an end is invested in need as you are I find that I agree as typical I don't think you're a step further than she can go back to beat and they should also be super feminine word the latest styles also always looked good I like that's who psyche can be. Yeah yeah I I think there are other the opposite side to that is so is when you pretend to be into that stuff and you really not. Not turn off putting them that yeah so I'm missing we know we can tell it's like all of that one dude at number seventeen things you do if you don't know he's running backs such amounts. I know seventies not a running back number so Gossip Girl yeah. All right so I think we got we got and this is the land can all I am all palm will find a way I don't think we have time to do now but we'll find a way to answer all your filthy questions we'll do a FaceBook like. Short all abreast of the questions.