Slacker and Steve - McGold Card 8/9

Thursday, August 9th


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Staying on every McDonald's I do. Dukes I know you get like something cheap at Wendy's. Which you get you get some on the is is that on the dollar menu or something we don't actually have a dollar menu and moaning and had to pick for something as you. I feel like you mcdonalds you. You must be quarter pounder with cheese for varieties sometimes on non dying I missed his. You're not shaking enough CAA show I'm number one medium with a Coetzer number is a big night America. Does specials on it I'll you what. Big big pack extra lettuce and they're kind of filling up the big Mac and almost pull a lot of the lettuce out there is the stuff that's dangling over the side air balls leave the pickles. And a little bit her parents must be so. Testicles were cucumbers and that's good for you at some point or they stripped him of all nutritional. You don't have footed and showed him on the hamburgers and the so I don't look you've heard this oil well do you McDonnell corner. And of course her she's with no unions but I don't I don't need to very often. But mostly what I ate there is they're. Deserve desserts and kids want I was in my days as a lifelong smokers if soft serve saucer this it's. Arm so I don't know your call list there was a huge debacle with monopoly how some dude it's rigged the game for years and respect that guy. Can't ever thrown out every day is ruining my childhood or McDonald's is jump back into the contest gain any kind of win Willy Wonka style. We will wait to just got we know who's gonna trust them this one's different because it's digital sort of immunity can fake contest if you go and and use the McDonald's apt to order food. For the next couple of weeks you'll be interred in Q winning the mic gold card. Like you said just like want golf. Ticket type that they would you deal with Allen the show if you get the main gold card you get free food who. Look for a life kids how it's just like any time you went into lifetime supply. They've decided how much of it you should have a year ago and you only get so let's see you need to free meals a week for fifty years. Two meals a week then. That's no other McDonald's twice a week that's plenty don't you think that's really meals that are there you buy or for anybody I can just there and here we thank you seven dollars per meal. Values about 37000. Dollars which is so I have to order food in their out door relate to alarm us. Not a lot yeah I mean I just says just order any food on their apps so you just. All I would have to do is just ordered the soft serve the reading get them exploring her whenever conjured that and then I'm in the running while you don't get a you can make goals you're your number one will be free twice a week. For the for the rest of my luck the rest of your life fifty years you'd probably night and outlets that are you know you can get a I don't know if it's transferable but. But here's the problem only one person's gonna want it. There's it's not like I'll apologetic which. We are only and should not only a 37 that was yours and I just heard and with all due respect we don't we just said nice things about you I think you're great I mean you do what you do. It is when they put people ranks the best fast food burgers McDonald's is dead last I read this thing said people think it's the worst one. But it makes the most money because there's so damn many stores and restaurant that's why. We'll idol announced does stir the water burgers bass for smash first bad the last five guys. But don't never ever touch McDonnell we can cancel if McDonald's is make him that much money. Why can't do it. You only do more it's 37000 dollar prize and the right should do one in every state may keep it now works at the deal. No winner but no real Madonna you don't get from. I'm not gonna play unless you change your shoe gonna bring me. With these two balls are now compared the Bancroft family you lose your 24 hours.