Slacker and Steve - Meet the Parents 11/15

Tuesday, November 15th

The holiday season is upon us, and for some people that means getting to meet the parents. Some of us have handled this event very well, while others have had a really awkward first meeting. How did meeting the parents go wrong for you? 

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Stay on as we wanted to meet the parents the exact time it makes this is. It's awkward thing to do you weight off. I don't go off on a tangent. Did you wait to meet. Your girlfriend boyfriend's parents for the first time. Only to holiday and it's you're an idiot well because first of all you get a beat on through all of saline there's like eighty people here yet so consumers sixty you've got to meet on. You lose some little yourself onto instead of Bo we get a bit this whole big show but there are some people who choose to do is bark and no it Nagano and limits lets me aunts uncles in cousins narratives. Move on how to parent of him you think you've surprised me a cup girlfriends you've had recently you've. I have that's I admit that I'm we spent yes I met both the mother and father of the last one yeah for real she taught me up so much and our parents earnings from here but they flew in to visit her in the we all got together and that's. Live up to the height so I guess I tried how did you let. But what was she well hold told its share really well yes because you know Bubba my jobs. You know I was sushi tonight that I. I got in and Mike army general and a gentleman Norman night sky in Canada have done so they didn't like season money cut away to pick so what cheered your show. Yeah how he wore. That's type of thing is tough but it's kind of cool because he was English and so I got to talk to about English isn't exactly by the end I was think that was the goes and he was. But it was mocking him because a he's kind of picked up the accident on an overture accents are rednecks are very exact I do there's Alyssa you thought Alyssa six things I do the last two. Okay this is your list of things and what we want from you guys right now is polar if you. There inside saving nice lady of wit swimmingly horribly every go I mean we don't hear oh my god they loved me you. And it was great don't be lame when Achilles for you is when you were kids. Engines error error I get to meet all I do terrified and recover that lets you far away and I saw Tina. My daughter's six all murder here. Sun beaches and easy to be you thirteen fourteen is somewhere in there he's good girls out there to be bringing people home for you to meet. And a yes and go well that's going to be one busy these are notes for future people cut they come in my house number one says be yourself. Yeah I don't put on airs on trying to really you're not just yet just relax chill out. I know it's a good job interview. In your judge you the second you walk away but still the dude needs if you were being chart mean. They may get from safe and that's your that's your right that's your false front that it kind of false face that put on the it's on the number two grooming is a must okay. I know a lot of them. Kids in his generation whatever they don't really care about that anymore I think that's still important girl came over to move them to meet means she was like no his girlfriend. You shave in all I wish I can't play if you've never mind it's beautiful and I. I don't think you'll see in Melbourne he should be well groomed yes I'm from. Number. Three is not on here. Number four is no there interest. I'm from your girlfriend before they may now they're awesome at that I try to be like when I would tell you from log time ago for four years like we were married her dad was a truckers so iconic. Talked a lot trucked in and stuff but I can keep up. So they he comes to you at least if you guys have never been around Steve if she hates to talk about himself not so he'll find out some facts about you if he knows the fact ahead of time on blood. Actually Google so I thought time. Like we've had an airport with somebody inside somebody from like a Children's Hospital whatever you know that they went so like. You don't stop about the horror frauds or something like TV yeah. Sex. Stuff and that I so you could have this conversation does girl do you remember. Or do you do what. What you're hitting your honor I know you just make sure that conversation that I can keep up and I think she was impressed now these are the ones that Steve Dennis. Assure them what does that mean you know just so that I am not doing enough to creepy guy met the crazy guy about every guy that was in her past can't get a separate yourself from every guy that they met I feel like if anybody tries to assure me. You know it's easier not to creepy guy you don't have to assure me that tell all I cannot I would say hey I'm able to. Yeah you're right he's got to say notre murder and oh yeah. I haven't put my. Hey I got probably got that drastic home. So then just make them feel like that is gonna creeping oil sharing is not a the last when you increase your top. Talk about her and praise how good they've raised her do you no good would this alleged war. He couldn't pull the order from our Lipton shorty it's a war. We want now. Well you gotta do is suddenly like all the good she is so Sweden plates. Get it would supplements or hurt our compliments for her parents she got a is that just prayed I feels I don't really use those Syria to stop new I would I would definitely stop doing those slacker I am not based on this I assure you. I've got a you don't get to DC for any of my children will go and eat well guidance this exhibit how would. That's something else okay are we also sounds and stories and read it and just don't like paraphrase a couple of them. Up one person when they went over and I've been in this situation. They were meeting the rents for the first time they made steak with all the sections like they put p.'s stake in their mouth. Realize it went down sideways you know like. You can't. Q I. We are on your first meaning east yet so they were like oh my god. Let me just start drinking was the travelers know what's the last thing you should just tell you now you're choking and drafting guys so that's happening after about. Fifteen seconds there did you start winning it's a throwaway moment of crackle crackle crap. Mom gets up gives the Heimlich while on barks. Own all the balls were hung and in all the dog. In the house she's gone this thing in their whole lap and that's peaks don't cash crop could see this is that I. Didn't meet the parents were epic dance floor looking more guys did you are you have dogs eating your first meeting another one was night. This gives a white girl in and I Hispanic male mean in she was brought over to meet his mom. The mom just talked about her in Spanish short time like all the birthing hips on her whole she's pregnant yet I've always wanted to little going grand baby embattled watch. On downside is white girl. She's Fluor is she's all what she'll do less spacious let go now. All that's on momentum like meat no rants was all about her birth and kept some that's epic that's exactly that's what we need real one. We don't want your stories of you assured the yeah. Exactly but if you're right. Yeah whose meal whenever an article is just serial killers like. Well are do you. That's probably not. Good well that's not that's assuring. He could not really sure I need to stop yes if you met the parents and it went to. Horrifying we bad we would love to hear your story Jenny. You guys meet in the parents gone bad. So I guess. He didn't callous hey is that we're Kyra to meet them demo we lost didn't they weren't doing things on the couch. They were doing things like macro male or they were doing things like. It wasn't quite. Sexual relations but they were working their way up. YOU economy in Mike's just for a place since yeah. He's Ginny. Yeah. In this day and just seem like. Just go to your bedroom and income back down a little bail at all. Oh should I do it hadn't got to respect that you know yeah. How does the guys who wants to cut did you stay with that it's that. I'm I'm thinking my god made DEA yeah. Yeah. It's. I mean. We don't know grassy. Puke what I'll do graphics how lagoon did you see junk on either you don't think he. I know she would bring it okay here percent of next college I would really poll released I was out of town. Country you can if you could bring in my don't tell me that township with that at the you have outside stinks right out of the box and released Sandra and says hi nice to meet you all should your and later. If you Jennings with a that's disgusting. Yeah. You meet the rents what happened. Well the first thing ancient now as I am a bit husky girl kind of first time I met my boyfriend and we're both teenagers. And before we could even say can you be looking at me and it directly look at it and made it begging you got her pregnant. This morning yeah to a high 8 PM no. But yeah that's pretty much the first it's. Like I. Don't know that we set. No. With how do you bounce back from that this. Are you it would really awkward by I has actually lost weight since that incident. I didn't know I'd be kind of an upgrade Torino and wants to talk about. So you're still with a guy whose parents accuse you being pregnant. Sorted it out I'll watch coach you bring me adults should look at now because probably for the masses. This. That is not a great beginning no thank you for the call Jessica's harsh. The Lin's. Yeah it's. Meets parents. Weekends ago Iowa you know we're still learning different counts and I'm Mexicana and seen white UK garment. All the hundred people around them they gave me great proper credit trying to be nice everybody pitched in grammar goes that's been cool and got my parent kidnapped. Question you asked me are you we are. Are you argue. Eagle argue we in this country legal that's for far are you serious. What. I'm Marcia and I wanted to and that care about I I mean are. I can tell people think or exile accord are legal and very legal status. I'm OO OK so that's not going well grandma. I a year old old school next generation up this kind specifically just the racism in ninety increases as you go up how did you call. Are you know full well. And I don't think there's unemployment out kids. God that I'm gold grab my hand if you let your brother and they touched anything let alone to create new domain has taken all right here. I realize it or Ringo that is extremely awkward thank you for that saw Dana. Now you need to rents. I have a Skull Island and that angry boyfriend her under a week we had gone out for a bar than any before. I can tell you know draft that he all Eugene cute top. And even has helped him the next morning. I am here and the employee but I don't know me and play and then back. And he told me actually got to keep coming in Alberta help me he may Linear Alex. So I have to go down the area interact and that all of I'll help you. You don't want to see him yeah dad yeah. I want government scared and I can't dynasty and in there actually and the first thing different demeanor. I need you can't pay and no clothes don't need to meet any of the matter cola. All war and given me. Any like now sealed under her shirt sure there are stapled together. And then a pair of nasty tendency of running have to come back down scared. Leaves office. Yeah it's 60 yeah and I'll tell me at ten other brother Erick and have a brother is a news. They're a good afternoon my bag. Know what they would have been worth it look at how this one rate stance thousand acres yeah. Guess I don't need this notice is short one and done and we'll go to these people don't see if they give the golf Daniel. Yeah I meet the rents. So I was a little girl we are living together and I come home from work one day and I find her. And laying in bed under her bed and ship put her wrists and you're relying Glover on. But there is standard you're helping get outta the hospital but I grab yourself around so I met their rent on a phone call. Telling them that we are not settled their daughter tried to commit suicide at least. Harry awkward conversations. Place. He is a mom and how did that did then they came to the hospital and you WikiLeaks web com. Yeah I agree MO hospital in that we know each other so they can't overcome I was sitting there I says I am Danielle. And they were regular AM bridges are so glacier it's clear that damn. And they went did the other side. What holds up. So when you're gonna you're thinking she did it because of the appearance of the parents of the museums and there's DO Hillary are like yeah. He's he's so truly holy crap how did you keep hearing. I know we didn't care for awhile this year the second time and then we I realized that. I wouldn't it could currently speak with Wheatley slip away. While OJ and Nicole yeah no that's stats probably oh I'd be a little afraid of breaking her brother. Some mom and of course where you spend over. I'll sleep now I can see how that would be problematic to cry did you Daniels. Tracy's. Yes yes sneak Daryn nice thank you could I. Well we went out. You're Mexican food restaurant. I thought that's huge big Marguerite is really just ten minutes. These know when I get to drink and I get so laughing and doing and I am laying in the birth on my. Oakland collapsed while he might have been now. Snorting and laughing gun control. I did well do you that's usually not so it's not and it's his list of things and I'm sure then if you didn't rip roaring drunk is not. This is a. I can't hold up a little bit about me I had cute kid from a previous marriage and they did not approve so I was pretty nervous. Who'll who has that they approve this little since looks like we see how he gets pregnant in this thing is still to drugs in his didn't DD. And the general married and so you wind that and that is that is true thank you Tracy is currently. Yeah I can't meet the parents. I've though this weren't quite a while go back. My boy for not it kindly you're going to do it and thought I got a little bit late. And we know locked in their the fund now outside is so he went out. Back to go kind of caught up and deep and stuff like that. While walking in front door and standing there is that his mom and dad and being eight is. Many know living room wearing just cowboys did think cowboy hat. Sudan's ruling. That I'm not kidding dancing with a cardboard cut out of Kenny Chesney and I think you're Kenny Chesney and backer. Me wow that's blocs who tape did and this is literally this person you've never seen them. And yet done so it's not awkward for access any New York Cummings. Well we got in late. And it puts a start I think biggest thought we were gonna counting a morning. Will work here. Was it my turn these its certificate. Of good. That is awkward thank you Charlie tactics. Yeah yeah our icon meet the parents whatever youth. Mom I met a guy. I really started eating while his parents. It several months extended vacation. Time and after a truck on night of partying everybody else got up and left for work and they left me at how I myself might look naked in his bed it's. It's a bong on the night stand that separate people eat and I. I woke up to mom and dad home early and I was the only one and how it's. Yeah. One here. Xerox I do what it's. According to. Vietnam and is awkwardness. But the big fat bong hits him. Up. With the what do you say when you I have to. I don't even know what to say I'm just trying to cover myself up and like drugs cloak London as she has mother brood the bond me out by the running up front door. All you really don't run away were you naked running where you got your chance. No I managed to scramble some clothes on but it was a really really awkward spite your relationship afterward because his parents never got a Brit. Into the rug she admits it's a lined up on avoiding brunt of shame for the parent and all of that exists and it does now while they use the contact with my. I don't know did stay with somebody sounds LA whole relationship started. Easy. Yeah yeah I need to rents. Well Iowa and bad. Angle on me my eight X after China's parent. Act now are Aaron Barry. And moms breed can I ask. Him and grab my mommy part and asked me if they are real. If it's been seen in the speech to win 00 yeah. You can. Yeah. She's. The very first energy now you know. Yeah wind might say. Green and aren't. How apple sold out oh well I guess we all have to know are they really their rounds yet as to exactly aren't yeah. Well I think Thanksgiving time he can do. No don't tell your need to read stories left to find the slacker in Steve sees the nutrients.