Slacker and Steve - Millennials Are Bad Tippers 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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Staying on every. Now loud stadium word or say to their bad info would be that one generation that's labeled those who run the small Lynn Nielsen goes you since the early nearly two thirds of millennial Los. Tipped below 20%. One hole out so wall. On. Why old. While my nephew always tries to explain to muted so when he came to of ages of millennial that the economy in America sucks so. We were all born into bad economies. And there's no one's pay his old job used the money so that's why when they want to eat and how money to pay for the food. They don't have any money didn't factor in the likes you that's your supposed to factory and it's if you all of lying you look at this restaurant and it cost the entrees fifteen boxing you know you're gonna have one cocktails can be like four bucks or whatever it is. Understand there's also tax is exactly understand somebody's gonna bring you that meal and you owe them a gratuity of so words guess what they're not just donor restaurants. We're not tip tonight Newburgh list taxi drivers they're not tipping really anywhere. Will no one's gonna wanna pick you up there and that's kind of what's you what's happening. Like so this study the team now what they did and I you've been to places where you can check out on your own now where you don't have to do the math in your head where like Dell saying. You totally is 4492 units I would you like to tamp. Side dollars would you like to tip seven dollars and it shows you what percentages each of those are or custom amount you're right I do I have run there is a place I go that offers that so. This study had the more meals do that and they almost normal meals took. Don't below 40% option what's sad is most of the weight staff are young of the surgeon thirst. Yeah you have an outlook on base in the according to this at the etiquette expert you talked about this study said you're essentially under paying someone and they're not going to want to. Deal with UPS. If they did something wrong they knew need to express your displeasure yes but if they didn't do anything wrong in your sending them the signal that they suck as a server exactly. But they didn't know attract a much as servers at the point now where artists get stiffed by another millennial does that mean I saw that means they saw. Apparently you sat went on a table of millennial scum in your boss does a four toppled a parent I know I don't want him I don't want you say go. You tip make you and I are so over to be. That we actually make up for what kind of balance out the non two things I just to do Cooper driver more than the right once. The kid what's his biggest six dollar arrived at the options they came up I was like two dollars five dollars eight dollars holes like eight in it was a six dollar right. Okay yeah I mean you know Manny was really cute as always. His face you I was like non. Should be retired years I don't. So life I'd like give you a dollar hee-seop driving through disease are gonna get any money from problem millennium day. Just not millennial and you're hearing this and you do tip good for you talk to your friends. And teach them tipping. He's not an option variety it's a requirement boom.