Slacker and Steve - Million Dollar Idea 6/12

Monday, June 12th

We came across a list of 9 ridiculous ideas that made people ridiculously rich. What’s your million dollar idea?


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Steve are there. How about best inventions ever order million dollar idea. Yeah. Oh you know. And if you've never heard us talk about anything like this before Steve's. Likes to glom onto existing things that have been amazing for centuries. And then pretend as though she's the reason they exist exactly. Are pretty tough pathogens kid too. I want now how would you say you invented -- sales and we just have my you invent will be to do with the wind selectors in the winter daily total so they don't stick to your windshield used simply pull a mop you know you stick him straight up into the air I invented that I've been thinking about this one for a little while which one influential went for one yeah. I don't think there may be the manufacture. Them made it possible for them to go up as part of it. No because they would have put in the manual and you can find that information nowhere. Nowhere and so I thought you know what's not in the manual that was their intention was not their intention is Emanuel anywhere Steve where you go at lunchtime. Kick it. Okay and our lunches are as well the crowd. I'm shot. So no one else would never do that that was the first one to invent so they don't stick to your windshield the wintertime I invented food you reminisce a couple of enemies in Italy and the chicken salad exits into net excellency as I was hours when an -- yeah. Payment of that is god these lists come out every time I. I emotions like yeah yeah. And get a certain number one wrong and so we got we're gonna we're gonna give Steve his ranch your first snippets you've come up with a million dollar idea where this is our own little version of shark tank. If you think you've invented some any place. We're stealing these ideas from you well. Given service marks emerged that we took let's be honest which one of us has the motivation to go start a business right now god always jotted down and dislike die. Speaker who bombed so then. To get us started we're talking about this the top ten inventions of all time and it number wine. What I say this I want you all like this secular say the number one mention has. Duck did you ST good I got it I always lose it a czar the number one invention of all time it's not is. The real. It's not the only how. How was not first of all okay just give me give you a minute here first of all. Oh does the shape of round already existed in nature so no one embedded with the right own shuttle is already here like building or on something well rolling you know who -- is just -- you can roll picturing the cave man chiseling away at Iraqi making an all round right we got that's what we gotten our heads I itself when I got my head I I went with what tires designed and Hollywood and -- century Al S troop attack and so shaped or round therefore no one invented the cheaper round they're for the wheels not an invention it's classified as a magnification. And how because the shape of round already existed in nature secondly. You got your wooden wheel it's a round shape is just lying there in the dirt it has no purpose it has no point attacked only when you introduce a true invention known as the salt to the wheels now you can harness the power wheels shrank further Parra we'll tell you now. Don't we hill has a purpose only when you add the axles so do you do you think then maybe they meant Steve the real guys saying. Saw Jack what is all the shape of Doral and so your grad Jay was imagine it was the greatest ever it was it's. Jason you're mad that they're they're really spur. Her meal it's I don't know and should I don't didn't make a list is sliced bread. Ever always sad to say. It's the greatest invention since sliced bread and that's not an invention neither is our bread we knew how to cut stuffs bread existed almost all you did visitor who's cutting to the low so then that's not an invention it's not really. Okay yeah on can I say number two without you lose an inner well there's another which lists number two is the refrigerator on this list I'll give you that preserving food of course you know how much health issues that this eliminated by having the refrigerator. So this ring. You have not aged. Or. Did you quit that box. And shouldn't I don't show H. Earlier this summer is hard to come by ice so yeah that's modern sewage systems does that count as as an invention usually we just dig holes news covered up again and call it good now now we do it takes a far away from us which is offset. Plow. Yes you know what to plow team that original plow all the dirt mud would always stick to their plow and would never like cut through the good the outfield it's only when they hadn't been enveloped the develop a new plow. But the mud automatically goes off of it are you want to can stop and included in the month off her. But it sounds like a modification it was a bit exists he ask you didn't. Penicillin is that an invention molds that govern. More discover there's every don't think you should. The Internet. That's and sanitation no it's not there was nothing there are now it's something military did well was called the had relations with a woman I got if that's the best you can access. It's also. Can I just seat are really hot girl likes. Like you're out to dinner and she's like. And in this connect an innocent and we used it kind of dimension to my stuff has asked me in my car. So shoot. And then used car plastered on the plus knuckle that. She can't you just super cook. I just feel so she's not right I was playing along and I know you can't aisles Lou I'm pretty you can play along and being with armor like bold. Locked in tea bags round out the list you on the other listeners would always appears to a guy invention is fire. Buyers and invented fire was in nature already we didn't invent it how to start a fire isn't invention but fire itself is not. So then what would you like to see their instead Steve a lighter big Alfredo sauce and central air conditioner do. Suh isn't legends of Malta on my god I so we wanted to we wanna hear your million dollar ideas now to give you an idea of some of the stuff we're talking about. Here's won the technology. Yeah it is yeah a blank hit you down don't supply due holes in the basement that you know you don't become actually us. It's a robe that you put on backwards through all 100%. All they did. Obama and slowed on backcourt do it's really put your arms through this way instead of size issue they simply relates. They may get millions billions they don't read speech he wrote stories in the news what suits. No wet suits and access the inside liners like what are robe is it's a terrible cost sweat suits but why. If you bite that's somebody's million dollar idea I think you've got kick start your morning. It's. Dude only suggests if you feel like you need to have a robot and you all the time. You can eat seals which you've already given up right now in in the night sweats and an and then you're like I don't look uncool solemnly Wear robes all Wear slacks instead of Selig wrote on the inside. He's still urgent now Anderson could just eat it if I am completely given out. He's demy million dollar idea when it suits with robot inside and then you then you look sharp but. But you're still where and I would like our highlights. Truce falls it was a million dollar idea it was just a thing or those ones you like squeeze and tonight. Billy didn't dig in Nam like screwed mix fights those loans of spice yes the singing fish things I don't know what was not almighty dollar and okay yes you are widger over your friend your real parents had the one that sang don't worry be happy I'm not you have in your living her I. Did give a bigger one I have filed a female in my life. That wouldn't be allowed you could add to your house any game before me. Resides in Yemen article bathroom tools. And act now are so really your million dollar idea if you what did you think if you take credit for zoning and RD existence and you actually invented it first. Or if you just wanna pitch your boo on us we're taught to million dollar ideas. Joey. Yeah now I would you what's yours. So I have a double screen monitor computer monitor where you're sin not the table at Starbucks you can click a button. Ers on the other side of the table and see what you're seeing on your screen. Pool was always so I'm like it's like back to back monitors. Back to back guests are on tap them stood on the same side of the table as yet. We know why doesn't really kind of a good idea its site a little mini. Projector. What you just pulled out across its sites. That's a good idea dude. I've looked Spartan look Barton I can't find anybody that may. How it is a jury you go to Starbucks for like a little business meeting or whatever and it's I don't wanna go quick proposals for you and there's like crazy. Slide on my side of the booze now we look like for a couple that is over PDA. Where where we can just sit across from each other and I'm projecting on the back of my screen. Will you see at the same time. I'd like to fuel gradually because slackers contacting apple as we speak to go ahead and I thought Matty Indonesian. And loving guy call in because of that. No it's I think that's a sand task that guy did a slacker jocks it now realize that I. I sent it to my friend Steve Jobs. Arizona attacked and a lot yeah current and I don't why did you Joey. While decent guys simply brilliant 'cause it's it's awkward sometimes recite a on the need there over your shoulder and is acknowledged would you just an easy yeah. The schools hi amber. Yeah I was your million dollar idea I don't know I don't know it is very. Where I had come up with great ideas and hey at least even then that is. The slow. So you know that it was up Itar widget where. You make your. Capital they think of it. Hopping back and eat by strict Andrea went into. That's really good idea on the go what was what was in the salt lake's. It's it's almost like an overlay. Although pizza within already. Thanks in slices so you could make a pizza and all just this one slight tow are no Morrone mushrooms of black on the next slice over could have the Hawaii and stuff through the through your family needs always happy to get everything we have to do six different pizzas every time you every time but it. Win you win big story you almost need. Lights dimmed fighters on this happy because. That they had it not like. DB that might bet a ticket already. Didn't do it on top of the key battle at a cricket belch. Medal at that big point that out pretty. Just if you did that didn't just what happens is we even when you do have to have pizza some of the sausage oh like Pro Bowl over whatever and it's inevitably a mushroom assuming I don't want on my side is always on the end pieces. But if you had a saying wow how you smoke some good week. You've gone and rumor I don't know a lot. That is who I Jason and the. Yeah yeah yeah I yeah I was your million dollar idea. I had so much situation where you earn a picture and you're right things they and he turned you're not signal on to indicate your making a right charted the next street there's a but different. Pattern triggered a pointer to indicate you're looking for a parking station in the south spoke for a remote street. Own wounds run he's passing the it's like I don't wanna turn I wanna park plus parallel park. I devise a what is it. Oh yes or finalists try to back up in park now I got a lot of cars don't know that was my intention and I yes yes. Are there needs to be different with LED lights she would take its its yellow if you're turning and you could make some sort of other color we just need all this decided that a parking now is the there's a color didn't in indications red means am stopping naturally reclaim what it is your fuse your he'll back up mount but then. We just needed to we need to decide on a color that sends parking signal yes book Hillary to be totally adjacent rethinking what color you want. I know. Lou Lou OK let's go Luc. The senate to Koppel and I eerie thing or my deal cup ladies is your braking and that's going we Redman to stay away from red blue and yellow book I want. I think is Barney purple with a thank you for the holidays and all. Hey you know you don't what your million already asked. Obama took control box art that walks you can't. Did your insurer so it would. It would be like your prescription pill bottle they are you real object over those pictures we wanted to to interpret some you'll be able to want to come up per day. It be like a law alarm clock looking box. And best picture kit what is are your girls we wanted to see elected and you'll be able to because of the actual consumer peace will be locked up. According to you that it would dispense occurred in like he wanted to wanted to they were going to just wanted to say. So the only way to kill yourself would be to actually hold on not take him every day. It's early morning and says and then doing but I mean it would definitely slow down accidental overdoses and one actors like. You don't like oh my god they take my Zoloft today and it's like well yeah. Yet as a move to another and I must have taken it. Why I ordered a bit of origin or certain. I got hit my dog walk you ordered a box and if there was very using Adobe did it take you don't yet that the deal worked there yes you did you Murray you know you're right. Don't cut out which just took it largely due to the parent skills. Yeah they couldn't get it. Mr. Joseph you do the five of fifty every ally. I now are really good and real strong game for you did yes. I try to. Number they want to much money don't sort superstar. How much they want to the point you will kick in. An odd that you don't we just turned Sharpton there we could see if it. What's the target and asked the Boston. Yeah our you million dollar idea what are you guys. Eating girls. Eating real rules mean. They're grown her motive cheers cheers and when you eat but no cheap she appeared create scoring. So instead of like grilled us all like diamond encrusted in one night you're talking about my age. It's like putting abroad on your car you couldn't love putting your village of cover on your teeth so that when you eat this food doesn't penetrate them. Yeah yeah and it's perfectly molds on and then when you Don who just thrown away you can do disposable Longoria and Pedro like one now stay forever. I like things you want to rush anymore you don't also lost city morial ordinance unit is taking a lot of time out your days Steve exists in every Jay for every month lies you'd rather have. Saying over your teeth for the rest of your lives your car recovered since it's a thank you for your own hours airline. I didn't mean to assume we were arming kiss and make our own stuff for. Do you want. I think that's when I would want my girl on. A little tree and I night. I don't wanna catch anything from you on on TNT contacted. Her and that's the kind of you don't and that's. That dude smokes we desires. Most of these ideas are lines for the rich. Eight non what's your million dollar idea. Dude I was a freshman and hacking at in high school I broke my nose playing hockey. I encrypted the first changed how are the lucky novel with a K China no home. And and and I gave it to my goalie after my knows she'll go up and it seems that we were three times state champion so everybody photographed as the newest. Two years later in college. NCAA come jobs as you are now going to be required to Wear staged cash or cage hockey face masks. Exchange CM stole my idea I didn't make a penny. Followed CC Amazon mom. I'm seared tuna so I stereo. There's. I had one other one. Soft Borger and our school. My geometry teacher comes out says if anybody can come up with a one of these nuclear arms for geometry like side by side. As such it's such a I'll give you an eighth because they've all been solved. Well I came up construction hero or they base rental shops leash triangle. Oh yeah and Sean. Hey Chris you got to nerdy honest like you how does that change your clocks without Lawson the commentaries. Yeah me RA LAL guy who was your idea. That's demanding is for persons for women to light up when you open them so they're not searching around her everything her hours. Actually in the darkness he see you on your car whatever that's. It just the stupidest easiest idea that is amazing. I knew everything about ten consecutive opens at nine you can good news is everything it's casino you know. I buy it he was one of those million dollar ideas called the coolest little chick starter about a cooler that like. Who has just literally stop has Bluetooth speaker one of the sings it has is when you open the lives of the cooler you don't notice in the day but when you open woods they have LED lights that shine down he knows you that's it's just one extra little feature and that data on a purse. Why would you put her on anything you need Oprah and these men. And then he had absolutely. LED like she's required too much power for it to be but now it's like a watch battery a light up your purse forever forever. Dishonest colors are optic. Thank you yeah only asked us if you run into deep space eater anybody on my core is still one of those. You know it's been something that's sitting on for like thirty years of the ridiculous. Dare we Romo despair. They human solidarity while. Eyes are awesome to me this is our last say on the show Steve and I are starting our business says the U supplied if you when he was more ideas for businesses. Your million dollar ideas over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page just.