Slacker and Steve - Mints Make Your Breath Worse 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Staying on anti Arnold everybody knows this about me you know this about me I'll. I. Other than leave four hours were on the air ball. IE always MPs into our and you constantly Chu in the gulf we knew what I think I remember a guy I eat my there was a friend in my dad's was actually chain smoker that would literally looked like his next cigarette with his previous cigarette yeah. IA when I take out a piece of gum I put it in the rapper jail that hosts then you're putting out the thrashed. In Judea and the rituals and I have what dom are so late. Like when I walked out of the grocery store. I get rid of even if I put the piece of gum in my way end when I get back in my truck I take that piece out. Every every time I left to the grocery store left target or wherever. I put a new piece and that's like a smoker it's it's really weird well it turns out in 88 this story doesn't say specifically gone. But it. Might might breath freshening habits may actually be making my breath less traction this blows me away. According to a new study about one and type people who regularly use Mintz Mintz to freshen their breast. Pomp you're actually making the problem worse and I don't understand how hole apparently. And I mean I guess it's a sugar free man this doesn't count but it says announced bacteria turns sugar that's in Minsk in acid. Which where's your teeth down even more holes and you're and she's detained. A leading causes a bad breaks there it while. Dole. They say rather then. When when you're feeling like you have one of those chronic talent Telesis kind of days W you throw some Tzipi altered is never gonna work for you went through some celery or apples can confirm our own vegetables ever want to know they say that will increase your saliva and wash away this and I know but then you're walking around going by you know right eats a judge this is it. Brian and I just as a smoker real quick I know why have the worst round ever but I love the fact how would you offer me that piece of gum or that that you every now and it might well I you're paranoid though that's that's standardized way of saying Steve you're pretty bad it's not just. Swear the only drama ever a few gun and I know this for a fact is when were traveling yes and it's because yes I'm eight to get it you have your ears popped. The beach. We're sitting so close to each other when I didn't come out. Close to anyone I feel of the lie it's polite so awful gosh I never telling you you're an awful I'm decides. I've opened the singer Cobo mom likes it because every you can you kill everyone out here right now and now you have to take the all means enjoy my tennis cracking down that I would eat in one city is your I think he'd be cooler for friends enough that it's a reprieve you would let me know. I I I would say Q according to study I just read a little farther sugar free gum is actually good they're saying he'd be better than Minsk to you sugar free gum so I smell fresh as a daisy OK okay okay or press. ACS.