Slacker and Steve - Misdiagnosed Woman 12/8

Friday, December 8th


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Eight. So this is I don't feel about it I'm all over the map. A lot of layers to this story only you just co chair and hear a tale while they you won't. Believe. There's a woman. On from British British. You wanna tell a story can I but clearly an Internet user BC she's from British Columbia she's 52 year old artist name mighty heads Ryan. She was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Now nobody seemed with a terminal illness is. But she decided that instead of going through slow painful that's what she would take her own life and so she boarded a ferry near Vancouver. Halfway noted tripped. She jumps off into the ocean up just plain English cold right UConn vehicles called always tagged. So her plan was just float around until she lost consciousness and froze to death boom. Mean it's a jacket and was just diagnosed and OK anyway are doing very well in my idea think she was enough with the yeah she threw board in there and put. On the Oregon twice. You know you can cook why I guess so yeah she's Tillerson yes. Which is awful yeah I mean I just I know. Suicide is it like Ben and news we've lost a lot of big artists from two suicide and it's a terrible thing on the would June. It's tasteless Steve thought of having terminal disease some would you let it slowly. EU away or would you do which she was doing you know I think about that I think. The powers that be intent telling me crew to suffer. I think they wanna be too soft or you would but some but I wouldn't do guidelines for your take it as tennis so you would RE IC and I could have to endure that before I died but. Nomo was so I would do are you going to cook out I would go with when Maya do you rise in. Yeah I do it's it's a brain thing that's that someone like some of the people who have liked. Alzheimer's and stuff where that makes. If I could if if I'm gonna slowly physically rot away but I can still talk to my kids and pass knowledge on her just. Be around them I would stick but if I'm gonna like checked out and now beat their mentally. Oh I don't I don't wanna yes I know I doubt that I don't like Coca or public's. If I'm like in a vegetative state. I I've I've I want Mike even though you're right you've just coming to plug man who was a possibility. That yeah yeah okay I don't have done with yeah. If there's zero quality of life and I can't talk to anybody if you're just surviving and not driving that's been Maya Coca tag. So anyway she's got this terminal disease she's Vancouver many military ranks 45 minutes in she jumps in Washington freeze to death will clearly. Somebody saw her jumpin and they called the authorities Coast Guard comes out. For five hours okay look I our search and rescue after five hours there like she's been in the Vancouver wash five hour she's she's dead no Jack died after like forty minutes. Well twenty minutes and then in the hallway the move okay move up anyway so yeah. Yeah give up the pseudo love about our show you know this I don't know but I love about our shows up when you accomplish on the right. This is this is a great story and we are both just don't looting it's are you went right outta here right so. I know this sounds morbid we're gonna get sued to the bright shining sunshine. Hours later they can't play like pulling an all think they did just couldn't drive around the water with a bunch of like a little light strings a little light Saber floating behind there are rescue boats and I'd sure she's got to be dead now this whole life friends and are they pulled. The life rings and I'm one of the votes and she was hanging on one of she was. She said when she realized she caused so much of a ruckus Chekhov. Only now he's also let me tell. Okay our hardest it's. Well at least let him find my bio she holds on to the right there you go. They polar N. Entered the hospital. They got a warmed up and while she's in the hospital and there. Making sure she's not gonna die of hypothermia and a controller organs are right. They run all these tests just normal routine tests and she's perfectly healthy guy turns out the terminal illness that she was. Not at all she's just full night she what are all the best she got this close to die and Josh. Then turns out she's you to be just she -- it's like wow what I mean it's an amazing story although it was me though I would've got to make a second opinion does hold it's I'm gonna die and extract current sooner you have to like put a moral army into the story until we tell them first just sort of nefarious. Something different doctors her.