Slacker and Steve - THAT Mom 8/16

Thursday, August 16th


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Staying on day. Say two words set. Am gonna see if because I I don't really understand this number one US kids here's George everybody listening let's not these two words only to a instantly get a picture in your head. Mom and he you know that is I do. If you ever want to refine your receipt of that mom that mom ya go to lake. Under classic got elementary school class Jared junior. The goods the moms that help allow. There is that mom yes a lot of I like you should do that. A little easier when she that we was she that Mo I don't I didn't I hope I yeah it's so he really mean well. There intentions or what but there are those moms they are if it's there if your those mommy it's the moms who are overzealous. Day. A little bit volunteering in the class makes you overzealous well it's as if they have too much time when their hands it gets to get to spend time with their children. So that would make some really overzealous to help him be helpful in. I don't know that my mom was that yeah. I mean muttered that my wife was that mom I see her legs Levys just the buckle down do your. It's because they're way too judgmental. It's yes yeah especially behind your back I think. And very difficult to stay pleasant around CI know these non ice I now that I've read that I know who they are very. You've god was my wife shot momma though probably not and you can buy these bombs anywhere but that's that came to my mind and does those bombs and help in the classrooms. Yet you wanna pick zip code out and make effective at at at to see if it. That you raise that mom grade bomb here is some of the things that you need to watch out for to see if you've got. One of those moms slash. That mom and I'm now on I announced as a test Soto on behalf of my YOK to see. She's huge she would she what she did volunteer and she would. When she was super judge each. I mean you talk about the Kindle 2 that is late but here's the thing eight this is cautioned seeing any of this on the air. You realize. How did you think everybody does this she realized how great your kids are when you're around other kids. There's something about like. Even if even if your kids sock you you signed the redeeming qualities in your kids when you're around other kids 'cause like. She would go to the class and be like she come back and she's she's like you on how we think our kids don't wipe their noses and half as again so it. I shot three kids we snot from there lips to their ears. And no one did anything about it they need to realize it was heiress take time they would laugh and like little crumbles would follow us. She would be like super judgmental she'd come home from volunteering and just be talking. Crap about every kid in the class and do which you do miss a soccer you know what you what I are that bad a paradise the US EC would you dare dare I guess I mean reason she was going to socialist yeah. Highest and that we will ruining it's. Going to discuss what help so that kind of racer a little bit of that bomber incident talk about it. The more I wonder if sort my dad dad just I feel as if I hate to leverage all parents are those parents he just don't think you are there's dude. My kids are cool right okay. I thought it yes everywhere in big search you know great advice come on net. Most kids suck compared to mine right did you you know what would you bring your kids to when you have to bring your kids to work a few times. Dude I don't you remember their hero. I forget that they're here yeah there are so well behaved and in the literal world they're staying out of people's why couldn iPad bro that's why. Handles yeah. Don't just sit at a catatonic as we say this 'cause they're here today and like no one would know until they're still out literally in the other room there you'll what's those ipads of the best invention ever understand that my phone is in the other room now because it's. My wife and this. You know I find your sorry to keep exactly oh my god in their another chicken meat yeah key guys trying to six or iPad. Just got ticked off TS I know Wi-Fi because he's trying to sixers online news and I go visit our opinions on this. I thought you were spying on them in the office. Oh Canada. Meet with a network when you put a charismatic as you know JavaScript I should bring my NASA and everywhere I go to the play dot com Baghdad Jim we might could I here's some signs if you're if you're still listening and you want to know if you are that Guantanamo or you know that mom here's some of the little things. It's the mom who talks about all other moms behind their back yet are right there and you know did you see what she's yes that stuff did you see what Jennifer Connecticut. Are your wife would wait till she got home to do with you she would do with the so that's okay that's just a powerful Sharon to achieve the mom who base homemade cupcakes are child's birthday and criticizes other moms who bring in store buy treats no. Costello you're gonna do you measure we're not making any name right we were hidden the grocery store on the wage has to loss of so we don't. She's the mom who throw shade but pretends she's being nice and pat Smith yes it's a backhanded compliments like long we have that's a great dress only you could pull that off. It's necessary anymore only released. What it only cardinal and because of that when. When equipment critics are yuppies I should never Wear that color by then she's Boston last month were put on her her eyes she's super competitiveness yeah it's just like you said my cute. To do no wrong my kids are better than your kid there's a couple more here and I this is I'm almost done confirming in my wife has now when she's only a couple these things. This is probably the most annoying behavior of any that mom or any human being the last row she does reply all. To. Related to her children. OK because you will have co workers here that will reply all or nothing breaks your head explode more than that so tomorrow. House ago just with her kids Yassin. So it's like it because I see this all the time somebody like a coach. The basketball coach who sent out an email hey pick me up to viewer who were taken some of the kids to the nuggets hit me up if you want to get Apple's gonna. Oh my gods Thomas would love to come and it's a reply outside he says hit me up all. Now so yeah she's yeah reply all it is not everybody's in my hero my god we're going to able we have courtside seat should not. Chances are good at horse like looking for the snack schedule up. I already committed to bringing homemade rice crispy treats sick of mine draft. Pretty and a nice. Yeah he's accused did so I'm not you tell me if clearly on the 24. Don't care star compliant all we don't I don't care musical brags opiates that it's the humble brag how. Yeah it's. Practice to guys. I'm making dreams brought change to make good grass remind crap for Arista teacher aides right. Don't care mr. Mandela. Stop the grocery store kemba and red white and blue cookies because they're super on sales in July 4 was like three months ago. But bring your home made sure youth who and that's about mark and then finally that mom is constantly posting to see spoke about how great her license. All blue right right to humbled. A this is no excuse coincided denied life and I can tell he's enjoying the Ayatollah made nine Crabtree. I've brought an actual document in this stadium in my Louis burns. A woman who. Matthews the cut by the way if I just describe the post you've done so you're now. Hell yeah.