Slacker and Steve - Mom Confessions 5/11

Friday, May 11th


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Staying on Ed does is Mother's Day weekends ma am. It's like that the way it's assuming say prompt it to her and Mara we'll where you're gonna celebrate your mom. Oh all weekend you're gonna do great things you if you're you're gonna celebrate your mom if you are mom you're gonna get celebrated. It's gonna be it's it's time to do nice things for your mom to some Tuesday no that's sick. Yeah but so that's Sunday so this isn't since it's not Sunday or are good United's earlier or do the opposite. And we want mom concession area we want. If your mom and you've done something in. They're not super proud rose. This is where you tell us the bigger the better the war sure that we're reserves off or your mom did things that. We're not great how the mom and Jordan Georgia. Who I'm she's been arrested she threw a wild party which included booze and pot. Her daughter that's been a friend probably more than a mama heard it was turning sixteen you have perfect. We can memories making memories for your children and that's job 10 mom you're right Steve whom she makes commemoration instead let's. Shock. Look what I'm looking straight to camera. We did you are restitution to gather. Hey I she rented a room in hotel in Atlanta for the party and left at 11 PM there you know cops were called the hotel about 230. As they heard reports of teenagers running in the hallways some in the hotel room. 27 teams. Ten grams of marijuana is a lot yeah. It's not Lou over corner routes we but for those in each device of hitter you probably already done a bunch probably. Rim seems like a lot why don't wanna write your debts allies know seven grams is a quarter ounce. Between half. A cup but a why yeah I'm sure they all died must fight side note I want everybody to take a moment. And think if I ask Steve to convert metric hook you. What's what's ours called Martin. If I listen to convert anything else likes kilometers to miles anybody on. But when it comes to grams to ounces he's. Got to the Fed to Q those and a few yeah. It's awesome while starting every day. He probably chorus we knew what my mom taught me on. Shoot us but I am not a turtle on the money machine. Stay just call some more. Boot guy you know. And I'll tell you. Armed to the Big Ten grams of pot alcohol beverage containers air mattresses to attack and the walls were all secure helpful but there will be departing the woman and her not so she set it up for liked. At college. Stinks. Either you're that mom who thinks I'll get a hotel room for my kids. Lets you know you're gonna give us to do 127 kids into one room yeah bond yeah her inner sixteen year old daughter both arrested. Only daughter to over. Well I think she was part of the miners include some dental miners and yes. Trying to think what my mom did your mom doing things screwed out. That mill really smooth really story can or whatever she she was really calm and she you could let him build up she would snap off from them she wanted to. Spank me she was grabbed what ever was at the where I don't care what squad is it was a really reach. I thank kitchen objects all that hot wheels tracks. You remember. Those giant wooden spoon in full work that you put all your people on the ballot crisscross like we shall see grab for once. Does she want you to finally just grab what ever in swan gets the I'm Simone didn't do anything because I was the last one. Oh I never liked what I ever do what I yeah I'd like I guess it was so I mean all these though she did poison me with. Sour milk straight which altered your life forever be changed everything you know Joyce or to murmur my mom she doing bad. I was a shoes running in the passenger C were on a road trip don't sit behind urged fell asleep leaning against the door to Tora opened up when I. I don't know if so please stop her from dying my general I was about to reach my dad reached over while still drive it I could strain reaching why. Is there was. Wouldn't you say I was seeing excellent I. You were sent to your liking. It's like it's like ended a mule and nobody's got alligator arms in cities like factor. Mommy. Are you only my arms are longer are you and the couple dead rescuers the very last night. I love so there is another mom who brutally attacked a school bus driver because she left about her daughter. So we watch I don't blow all these stories and might not eaten. Basically what we want is your mom but you have a drug fueled party like dispersant use your mama. It is always in do you like my mom did your mom almost died flight out of the car or your mom really. The woman who liked senator chip down which it would be all quiet steamroller cores and what's going on indicated climbed behind the couch. I had some Fuzzy stole it's now via there was like a mouse trap. As days till the mouse clearly decades earlier and the kid ate the remnants of an hour. We're looking for cost your your confessions of a mom Jim fassel what are your mom did wrong confess what you've done wrong as a mom. Com we it's. Instead of building your mom up for the Obama looks. So we feel so much better when Mother's Day actually comes around ninety's he. Yeah I mom confessions. Actually when I went into. And my mother and I have tired and I callously and the sun and they ended up split second and ten degree sand grains. While your mom's cool. It's out you can look at the so it starts with zero son's dream how do you like to. Now I just worry here so. So you can even draw his eight year doesn't like keep it clean. Here I'd like a I mean she's passed out yet wrapped around the skull belonged to. The public the armed with the gitmo turn life around is some good weeks. Come sheen's. Supposedly cleaned out my grandmother and that taking me and after that the state luckily chipped mile. All the subways and buries one Lowrie got a really really really seriously are now allowed to Vicky that's. Wow sorry I mean I eats you got yeah he had to go through the burned my tail now we all know Steve. OK okay you've heard the call Mickey. While the club. Ma. You are disguised by the way. Or you're more mall are overall pretty good photo to go through more warm. You're outta Blair knew you were Bono film. The future she won. Why do you do that. Little action hero she wore she's good word smoker. And she told my coach no wound. Or rebel machine stop smoking. House. There are no one do you warm ocean per hour or more in order to grow. She okay. And. She double world own bull market merit are sort of horror Gruber and Quinn were untrue. All boulevard Arch Coal. Are shorter guard would interpret or our daughter Morgan what do you up so start the Q gold told people the culture more computer. Moon. Dude so she. Did you invite trouble with the law did your father believed her lawyer happens. Order order. You know productive still could go to Brooklyn growth growth. Picture group owner who more and more and more. Loot their blue moon would have booed me. Order you really did lose our desire. RD and Porter are even or even vote foam broke. Out according to a group member and a girl what laundromat or. She sucked cash although. She did was she had to do it should do it she's in adults are shooting got penalized ten times worse so why not shown on my well I didn't say which one of the fair. So we can she's good moment Steve is that how we justify your little. She's framed her kids he basically a crime that she committed you are saying no bull magazine accidental but would still own. Carl that's our that's awful a man Christos. Yeah I. Now I'm. Since it's so different years ago. Oh I had a teenager my mom and I were standing Contra. From each other come on account turned her in Norris standing at the counter or chopping broccoli for dinner and she has a huge butcher night. And that's why flew by and I applauded at a Whitman and and led to deploy about it with a big butcher nights. You could mean this is my NY open war. Hook up a couple. I think that's why you're headed somewhere else that is the might hit later that it ended that but but the the GO shot gun out who wants a copy or use. But what does she say I mean she realized like that we should be horrified as she realized she was swinging in ninth and her daughter. Oh my gosh she felt so bad coming into blood pouring everywhere and I would laughing about it out of what's so funny the pain and barely registered yet and ancillary but she felt terrible she's still. The bad and I haven't. You are and a. Europe slice water. Okay okay okay do some resides with the ladies and how did you that is bunkers. On the shelves. Yeah I thought ma am we could add the fifth at. Oh and nice guy who turned sixteen years old I had a bunch and it's kind of referred sixteenth birthday party including grandparents. Again and then you but I hired at 300 pounds are important for his birthday. I think he knows their own battles with OK everything is strongly that we could put the. Mark I'd eagle and early age your love but his grandfather status of the striking thing in the world. They're married now yeah. Surges adhesion zillion yards on demand in I don't know things and I was gonna say rookie isn't. I am a good mom Asian horror. Sure did her whole routine for the barking commands to. Oh yeah that's actually make your. Worries acknowledged is supposed to do according to see.