Slacker and Steve - Monkey Mayhem 5/22

Tuesday, May 22nd


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Steve on day. This is going to get no amazingly I don't know are nervous about the war this is going to fail miserably. We want to talk about. Monkeys yeah. Cut short bands in this room who's got a month. Story. Picks Soros foods can you have a also share one netbook and there was another save stories my story so the total playing. Yeah we would induce in you did you swap by the cages and you would do a Mac slacks and stuff and then you want yeah without me for saying the group. I was into the peer pressure because I don't Heathrow proved to me once as you show you that kid know. I was anyway yeah I. You're an improved kid isn't the most wanted user saying like at the aquarium the tiger thing did delight. And her I think it's her. She thinking turnaround in my press. And sprayed all over the world you know it won't stop him from hitting me but I do I like do every elicit that there was to Matthew with their poop date date do you think. Animals wanna send Mary do excrement at me so he's a spider monkeys and our zoo and those who do you would you guys LeBron I would expect. So many others will people who were friends of yours yeah. Anyway so yeah that's my monkey story. I'm sure we are better than that I think they'll be monkey storage no monkey see so it's only one of us really are you. We have told stories we don't really put a moratorium on tour yet because I feel like that's what everyone's exactly don't these are killed Allen told. We had a call a couple weeks ago where a lady called Anne and she was talking about how she stole monkey from a party. One monkey story Goldfein that call and we'll play it over and over a years ago rules eight czar allowed you can call eight or I know you up. Don't need to punch they had sent it. So random insanity senate Monty is I didn't know this until my four year old now five year old was reading me a book. Let up fairly the differences. Monkeys have tails apes don't CS school was a chimpanzee. It's an eight. In the Nintendo announced their loans a guerilla en eight. Do you think you called the grip there but really it does the genus or asylum or whatever is that's what it's called it's got to have better name the NASA always stories with woods hasn't elites did you know it did not have details that's story that cares so we got inspired because we had a few different stories monkey you know these are crazy story. Steve Monti cars except the San Antonio airport. San Antonio international it was a month cock as I say that. I would take silly little card Monty named Dawkins they arrived on an American Airlines flight from Chicago with the primate figured out how to get out of its cage and took off running. Eventually captured in the baggage handling area professor two hours on the run defense fund despite briefly causing some chaos no flights were delayed. On the Monty said to be retired researching animal that was recently released. From brown university at are so in addition to the call we got recently that was about somebody stealing the Monty a London man. Was shocked to find out that he had an uninvited guest in his house a chimpanzee had broken into his home as a multi the world. You guys had a chimpanzee a broken into his home through a window was making up for this also own a MacBook Pro that's a week. Let me ask you this is taught him how to be easy six somebody trained him to go is a lot of respect to looks early apple. I'll put the correct side to be an apple TV's got an I Mac he's got one ass man grabbed a smash and grab. The guy I was afraid of getting hurt by the giant beast I would too. Chimpanzees are. Who make him and besides they can rip your face off camera HM super strong they're like our big way stronger than you are apparently the chimp had robbed several homes before he was caught instigated by the local. Oh he was like that's cookie. OK so then cheers dude who was detained at LaGuardia for traveling traveling with a Pharmasset Monty. He added under his hat always one of those little little exercise a little little tiny he traveled with the monkeys from Lima Peru to Fort Lauderdale. And then on to New York swimming all the way I you know costumes immigration anti on his head and somebody. They say if we knew we had a monkey on M we come home. All of only new rule known monkey on. All the final Monty we have before we get in your riveting months tails cut this is you guys so it's gonna type deal was this will do can. Accident on the you're here it's no you don't hear it until it's there is the cocoa that he did guerrilla apparently had a young. Headlights and ensure. Lola lobby probably don't like to upper money parts of this story stupid those are my. They did the woman the women nor in charge today. She wanted to see there. Their money are so they purposely hired. Well endowed women and it they've refused him when they did who wanted to expose them to the monkey they fired these women. And they do what they should have done is turnaround sued the. Saw it yes I didn't know who you're seeing most of the women weren't suited for not sure it's like even though it's a monkey you don't have to know you make sure you think you saw the zoo keepers Mike sought out well endowed women until May cocoa has been monkeys cocos superb. Cocos a total current are they sued they gorilla foundation this he said they won the case but they won't release the details of the settlement. Advances weird the mom guess would reach far but he Dryden and wants us down and do all that yeah center employees and that's that you learn had to deal with snaps. So we've given you a few examples of Monty stories. Is there anyone listening at The Who has a monkey man I mean right so do you do you may hello. Which you know it's Monday may have to. There's about Matt without help people who called third as well pronouncements that operators are standing behind. The yeah. How much would you marry. Arms so warned China I'd still Monty in school. This is our right. We're we're we're we're don't match. Murder and Hillary and her parents are there weren't even just just monkeys know to really go to don't keep it priming and general. There's your wore blue and can you ask for a man who he was very ape like this with the and it's all right please help our show not feel we want to hear your monkey mayhem stories any. I mean why are you still listening to cook cook call the. I think that monkey so I lived in Africa and he would take care he carries the power and you lay it. Break into people's houses remote steel pots of boot up their stove home we we let next to a school and you'd go into the windows and Jim Gary at reward chased people and take it you. Still I don't dumb them and he would sit there with them and eat and and throw out the trash on the floor. It simply she wasn't trained to steal like did the story we talked about earlier were the chimpanzee when install the apple products. It's just like he did do monkey it's ingrained in an instant just deal. Even kill everything you know you want it too opaque it from you no doubt in your cell phone. Yeah I don't shut it down around. Tell that it's something valued because of the way you cut and that's Rick yeah. Yeah and they're also carnivore you ask. ERE. Eight they each get Janice in the general all yeah. People exceeds our eyes. I think if he wasn't popular with everyone in our neighbor I had it had to pay a lot of money people urging your G. Things your Monty had done everything is so cute adorable no ma'am no rip your face so they are aggressive and do Michael Jackson's monkey hurt somebody I don't if somebody's face off and so violence is how Michael that's why you know he'd known that if he ripped his own face off. They hear anything that's turnout as unconfirmed knowledge strategy by soccer the million man my aunt uncle with the yellow I was we've heard Tony is rumors of movies like. I I must geez I I. I'd write her I'm my brother used to work for very little to do community luck Greg thank you had one of the guards. And he had to chase down a woman. Small monkeys have blue chip back Abuja monkey that monkey like to sit down one time who would eat it that the monkey or loud what ten. She's good start trying to urge the party can capped or read stories that I can be burned to complain it was screaming. It's eking this flight. War on this will all those candidates it's my man and among total should pay events on camera console later okay yeah I don't. Wanna know they consummated to now enjoy Laura what do you do tomorrow. I don't know who is what is like to be a woman you're like primes it's a football I'm not so much thank you for that back to each. You know I eat monkeys suspect that. Yes I would I would have a little I got oh I would that you can't after screw you don't you're you're out touched. And one outlet but at Gibraltar. And Matt I layups. There monkey every where not. Laughter rightly talking about air. Your input are up argue I just can't they just call on that grip everything went uncalled and eighty next. X. And one of the classmate strike a monkey doesn't really go. This was a monkey's brain also bring her when you're among GM I don't Monty he did. No details as to. And that the doctor and everything like that but I. Outage rolled out health. Let me tell you how. Guess that's a nice clinic right there it's almost just like just like to play on his own right NN crew could chimps are like the doctors and it's awful did you get rabies shot him I mean if they rapid you know. I don't think don't you they're they're around how many people had written that Intel. But she definitely. Doing very well and they ask you wrap. And it's you know those nasty rash is the name in my third album to cook it. As we sent many if you look at the the call that you have I can't believe we've gotten as many moon I don't goes no sort of blown away by you people I'm Neal. Yeah iron or nine months he's been you know. Yes and I exactly what you're looking for it on paperwork already mine only a small cheap and we bamboo monkeys. News alert to all over the country. It's. Well that's the deal boat Harlem. Making sure everybody backstage passes and all that to a little bit. The guy did everything our opponent he never actually introduced himself he got drunk during the show and so it bark stage and a couple of us Harlem. Wouldn't let him back there as we had no idea who blow then there you know get my pick drunken brawl what post. Got a wrong with the monkey handler so to speak with they MO NKE handler that that's. Obama tell the manager and I feel like she could see I feel like yours has to be the last call we take because now we've come full circle low yet how to primate center in Iraq and thank you for your brawl Neil.