Slacker and Steve - Most Colorado Thing Ever 4/30

Monday, April 30th


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Steve on and has since the end of the loom guys you know we talk about Colorado and she talked about all Brad. Well I he would receive real and who. I don't really add new nobody says says a friend blues like Henry Paulson. Californians the move into. Lose another rule and that's okay so what we want to do is don't talk about things it makes I don't. Make our state grade like let's talk about but stubborn things and make our cigarette a guy. The hokey way it went to cool. Thing is we will know. It doesn't mean that. That's an institution just crap hole but it's it's an institution the host. Could Gordon Ramsay come in there and make the food just like one person but if the food is so. I'm sorry yeah good. Mexican food defines this state with some of the best Mexican restaurants on the planet I go to. I'd go to New Mexico and I drew don't like. This Sox and Colorado food is way better. But all but possibly need to hole. Put the floor show and that's why you go you go for the soap appears to watch somebody like that Trinidad he's not you. Yeah I won't expect. It's. Sort of. Can I. Yeah yeah. So why U goes you say it's to take people for the first time minute yes money are you hungry no idea I like to get oriented talk about then once you're not hungry anymore we're gonna go to a restaurant Katrina it's okay. Just cut and look what happens it's an institution although I heard a body mind asked are you were generated during high school he said managers make bank it can possibly need they do you you knew pretty good ha you know. A lot of restaurant meant I'd done so glad that you're just gonna ask you tell us search NASA how do you sit. Concept concept. That's what I say casts a different we are important task of the Mexican by the news gossip and you guys don't write or tacitly need all the time may yet tacit or Costa Carson's house Benito how so. It's Bonita is beautiful and done so Kosovo need as beautiful up there Ringo. And get it some column he knows that case a boat meet up with the with the tournament and if so how. You really got started even thinking about doing a whole segment is Dicey segment but what I just. Full disclosure I'm one enough medication put down a large farm animal so I'm not sure what what's gonna come and are pretty hot I am definitely anxious AT and weird. Cannot. You knew little. I did it was one of those nights are one of those days last week where it was like seventy degrees absolutely beautiful outside where where in short any kids are playing in the backyards on and so forth like got home. And we haven't turned our AC are yet to it's not quite there you know and so when you turn off. Look I mean you know what I'm saying hey I cover it up and then it's not over DC yeah people who put and hood that will sleep good speaker would. Number being serious though you're spot on the cover I don't do. Any of bucks you turn it off cleaning turn it off well I mean I just don't flip it to it over and EC I don't ever does she went over to AC I have nest thermostats and it just changes the but I don't cover up yet to Colorado for him. Mean were all do Democrats and its predecessor I. I'm sorry and literature showing what you saw because you're one who got neither Singapore over my sprinkler bonnet which died when a term as rivers on as we didn't blow did you com. So it's like that. What are your I don't like parts of yeah it's a has continued to slip it over the outdoor unit in the mine came with like a nice contrast soon as I got like tie down things you know little tied down that way during the wintertime when it snows you know you'll it's no we build up down there and exit the freeing up. I'm on three houses and he. Why else I'd never done that if you're supposed to call around and this process to air conditioners and who doubles court and you're not doing either I don't do neither rhyme come in and the one I can't learn we come over and over millions aren't so we haven't turns air conditioners on they're still tarts dot. Yeah and and so it was we had I got home anyways super hot in the house and it just breaks all day in so I was like let's open up the upstairs let's get a cool down in here and so it was one of those nights where went from like. Seventy degrees he took snow with a Mexican and only you can still don't we open up the house and slapped with all the windows open. And I woke up the next morning. And there was literally a snow drift in my bags packed house I don't know why it's such a good draw that's Colorado. So let Steve who has lived everywhere you move from town to town you. Where is home for you do you think if you if you just say. I'm going home would that be one of the Dakotas and Kodak's Kodak probably because they still have failed leave their book otherwise known as Colorado. How. Much of Colorado seat India I mean are you are you one of us yet do you like little. Another coloradans thing is I could literally stand on the side of rights 450 boy spit on I 25 I watched all you registered Colorado driver. Morons to lock up your brakes thinking it's black ice yeah. He Kuwait every. Laura my precipitation. To black ice it's raining and everyone's doing spy for no reason actually California and that's the color does don't do you do I do not. I don't do that how about this one. Coloradans. Not only do they love to drive and that passively and not pass people but they would get passed up by all the other people and all the other way Jose California sued a point where they had to make this state law that says you're driving in this lane that's labeled passing lanes that he got his life is basically sells its. There and yeah that's me that's a Colorado so you think we're bad drivers the worse is the largest gathering of morons all in one place. Are registered Colorado in the I looks how this is long before the marijuana showed up that just made me. It was a war I'm telling you I don't think it's a Colorado driver's nucleus of Texans and I California I've gone skiing a zillion times and we are trying to get down from the mountains. It's all the huge. In the in this rental cars she'd enterprise on the back don't know how to get down to a certain us know in their right. Yeah they just don't get it every three wood and a few positions are weeping openly zero with a dual and speaking on skiing. This is this is Colorado to me and I don't know people do anymore because I don't do it. As often as I used to you ghostly and leaves you leave sooner if everybody wants us to eat some light to the last 330 run you don't do that. You leave sliced forty minutes before the list close seed get ahead of all the idiots who don't know how to drive Coca ending eSATA and Idaho Springs. You need to stop the Tommy dockers and get some Beers or you suck start a Buddhist pizza. Ducks Colorado that's what I mean soccer star Tommy Chris is up to that we should try to determine Oscars on Sunday just couldn't get beer anywhere else. And you go buy a big goal of the pony pig or whatever or the growers. Like Tommy not a maple or not. Or tundra Berry so that's when you have to return for skip and they did a boat Joe's pizza as good people just pieces ridiculous pizza that was only one in cholera seal all come October. There was one in boulder and stuff we just both just pizza when your late each would you he couldn't think of nothing is more Colorado then your legs being on fire from skiing all day going. I had a shot so much pizza in my head while soon as it exits you've forty because that's were all the amount although ski areas you all come down I don't I don't know yeah. What I'll stay long at the beau Jones all the idiots are you pass. Hippocrates you sit there and once I Sammy it's moving again and you can you can give back with your life that's a cholera and that's. And well you just remain there is some else that I think is totally color and detail what I'll have to do is single line. You take two if I. Oh. Yeah and I. I. Our. That's a good one too. They're not a slam to somebody from there is no you did ask. You don't own it anymore it was church so dot there was a church Campbell I wish I didn't run and it's been in the past she was the daughter of your mood and your brother was also in Nolte it's not kind. Todd Russell mouse played okay. Street bar cheers. To California. Tell us something about can't tell us what color means you name red rocks pretty obvious finalist he still hasn't seen a concert at red rock I actually physically bad Mary's haven't stayed for a concert right everybody was mayor rob Thomas and we looked around like where's Steve. And Saudi SI drive though my mama had known to Colorado changes were to leave. To show starts right off smooth going deep shrouded. In. Yeah so red rocks is an obvious color I think if you've got some thin on your brain. You wanna like how about Colorado something stupid about Colorado can see things were a bad drivers all the worst what is so what is the most Colorado saying you can think us maybe the. I he had a guy you would soon come around. And head at the down. In Boulder, Colorado heading up 93 picking up hitch hikers that you. But there's no or out. In and on our way back down and hitting others aren't all back in boulder. Which is judge's key beer drinking glee is back and older afterward Dinah beatable friends with a checkered except. All right come up to the top of the hill and let him board backed down. I would drive them from boulder all aware of at all. And they airport without and it becomes trendy and cool that we all hit the others that will lead him back in the. Oh that's cool I UN lived in boulder and I never I never never really into that place oh and I definitely wouldn't pick up tankers along now. 93 June 15. Yes the other side is the it'd make earache error at the main thing they had to create IDA all of us. FYI CA or the script flirt with the eighth inning. You got to alone and you're pretty let it. Yes are talking about a because I might have to leave here and had a terrible yeah thank you know Garcia. I mean you'll 93 means to me. Thank you three is a road where if you're ever gonna see a semi bone over it's their. Ole is that road they used to go to days between bowl during golden and it's gold rocky flats was out there oh the there's a career high winds like all we terrible aren't robots it's 93 it's nice always dizzy just yet yeah I would just drive out there wants a semi blown out. About Jerry. Hey the good news is still. It toppled this is still via the floor you know yeah I had silt Colorado. I'm well whenever he toured an amended count you know it's telling them when they need directions somewhere you always stay away from the now. Or toward yeah. They don't understand he's in western aid make west just so obvious to us just look around when you see amount you're going lesson and you don't. If the mounds are on your right. Then you're going south that's funny because when I lived on Cape Cod the big thing most locals as if I was a terrorist ago Harry W directions to get this of the local go go that way and zero did a lot or you wait too. Yeah. Patch job. Yeah you're right we definitely do that then you zoom. Silver. Yeah I can naive that's so Colorado he got. Most are paying our mode alone and I shall know the same day I have absolutely. No matter. It's our traditional and luckily he didn't look like he's always go in the backyard it's. A it's always so we're has totally happen to me that crazy if you go oh my god that's ago I was never really avenue recently even McCarthy thank you call and. All Jenn. Yeah ask. I guy that's so Colorado. I. I have to put them there a favorite of mine and how excited I get. When I heard the original religious song at the beginning of summer every year it just filled me cool joy losing you. Booz Allen. Don't fund keeps coming your way both both they'll bow up if you eat gon coming your way come out and play. And good day come to images just for a fun. And the natives in I don't remember the songs and I remember when they hijacked that. Brand give him some good permanent the. And that. Oh and did. So what is what is nor so what's so lakeside where that would severely damaging their best guys. A good player Jeff Clark yeah. I'm just you know lovely side there's so much namely uniform that's all that's what you earlier we. I went and people all your own I mean who's selling. Chiropractic cerberus doctor you it's. Absolutely there's no they're roller coasters are made out of wood. Well it was made him last said he army there to. No but don't like made out of wood really good reclaimed barn where they picked up on their way back down from April but why didn't we didn't extension on this line with pat and and that's the Colorado that's the goal I don't think right there Lindsay. Yeah I did not the not so Colorado with. I know I worked at local people that. On a regular basis ogle her eyebrow I break before work and and portrayed hours. Are you know so Galarraga is still. I'm glad OB DOC people in older and I can't do that. And how this case Steve's face now Dhabi next. I'm miles in my life Sakura move forward or whatever I you know things.