Slacker and Steve - The Most Stressful Number of Kids 4/26

Thursday, April 26th


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Steve on the how we story here that's going to cost one of us a bunch of money involved and guess what like nine yields Nazr. Against Oregon and I wouldn't be reading if it was me I thought. Well whenever Steve and I. I'm not 'cause he wouldn't matter to him there because tomorrow monies it where I read to Jack Ryan clean in the jets bombed there is a new study out that says how. How many kids. Is the most stressful number of kids who'll carry any guesses and I think for Steve it's. Wonder exactly I have no children will see those three you have I have to. I'm gonna say governor so go with one has this most of your new era in stoic you don't know what's goma I will say this that was a stressful time Z it was sort of it was pretty hard now when you all cut your teeth on the first one I don't lose I think due to me up. It's not is someone I would say I was more stress 12 I had zero stressed his second kid you're you're a new every saying thank me that's what media is so cold so chill because you guys weren't stress and honor we in Queens drop city. The numbers three. My friend. We'll do you have three kids yet I disagree with that. You can disagree all you want but this is science and your just a dude on the radio and I didn't expose your restaurant you don't stress so you know I think for us it was like number one was crazy act is like you kind of helicopter parry do everything makes you it is safe all the time for us number two was the hardest because it's like now all of a sudden all your attention isn't on one kit. Now you have to divide that attention. And go between G could and maybe it was stressful trust and we had and so close together I mean our tool are only sixteen months apart so yeah but an ad in the third when it didn't change a freely like it was easy for you you Marty divided your intention in house so plagued dividing it by a third didn't matter right in by the third one I mean like what they say is true by the third one you're like well it's this she dinner for dinner. RP dirt for dinner at least you got something in your stomach you just don't care what I. According to this study going from one or two isn't easy breezy east transition from two to three everything was turned upside down who just crossing the street becomes an ordeal because you're no longer playing man to man your planes and our own defense there is a kid that is uncovered at all times yeah especially when you're going out which is one parent only on what will we are just boom go back to cross in the street yes there in response to grab your hand on Danny Martin Nelson. You're Friday you know someone's like the automated change yes and when they don't like each other they don't want a whole handlers aren't besides that's a premiere. Here's where it starts to cost money no. Apparently. It's easier. If you have office for us know on. How does the math three times and I say I think this might be. I think this might have already happened for a little easier because what what they say happens at a fourth kid. Is now your first kid is ready to be helper. There's a blow to physically impossible two sets of twins it's it's like impossible for a kids to be so close in age state your first one is an at least know. Three or four years old I'm Tanya that's fourth went. And then there potty trained they're probably going a little bit a school and you can be liked. You regret your brother shoes taking grab snacks are all he can pour the water. For everybody at the table presents and then it becomes a lot easier I think you're probably there were 30 I had soda might be my oldest my daughter she's so nurturing and so soon is our youngest was born she does want to help out with everything in its yet exactly what you said. Oh we choose to be filled waters can you do this you know play did you people in car seats make sure buckled Donyell everything science what do you think will happen. When and I email this story. To know him. I'll be headed to Mexico. Yeah I had you look this is a very personal question but have you have you now you have a not yet there's still a chance for a forest will be maybe they're still is a chance but it's it's not and gonna tell him.