Slacker and Steve - Movie Moment 2/20

Tuesday, February 20th


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Staying on at home real quick. Since when the Minnesota people have nice cars whatever watch it bloody. Shoot even from their island clears your sense it's hard to look. I precursor to bring home was there let me acclaim boulder is my own way and I lost you for you well. Right. This is just South Dakota. North Dakota I'm a group run across river from Minnesota North Dakota already frozen river Sony must. Literally the couple hundred feet I could throw Iraq into a different state and he's there launches a so coolant. Show fans on here who thinks he can throw a rock a couple of owners it a try Limbaugh when he yeah I sure hope the strike Tel records back though. What are you know this is always on our guys I think I'm willing to pay for the plane's engines we go down there and see if you can roll wrong I Jarron. Oh trust how big the river is not delighted so I'll take a van and your slides in note that I am now slime ball hall. So there's there's footage. Where and eventually turn this into we believe movie moment oh nice. This is no one's gonna know this movie little DR little millennial what is what's his face you can mall rent. You do you know he's for you don't you don't you either do you doubt I know the name but I don't know what is about death tax. It's a cannon ball run movie moment it's basically. Brown was a movie whisk play each Ali's daughter list actors like the biggest. Actors of our time sir Laurence Olivier believes home Burke Reynolds center it was Ellsberg rentals in the dom don't easily die my parents loved these movies it's like to watch him yeah. Umpire. And they would get their Lamborghini. And their ferraris. And error. Whatever and load this is self. And they would start when did they start in New York or start an LA originally start a. I forget it was right there would start on one coast. And it's a free thrall it's a race whoever makes it to the other coast first as a matter how high you get there. Tomorrow it has been every hour. All right Sandra try to sabotage eugenics likes driving really fancy car so you sit out like a sore thumb that's true it happened in Minnesota. Who a high speed chase. Involving hopes lamb both Ferrari and another Lambeau and and. Audi what was he doing there. And look now he's just yards and promote. Whose editors and always a temporary scarlet and Linda putts. Video shows a cot pursuing the pact and exotic colors for several miles before he was able to get them to pull over. They were speeding his task is a 110 miles an in Minnesota during the winter. That seems to read it does has received there probably a summer tires and when September Jeanne has really loading Iraq card you get zero traction. Oh sorry but it is sure to ask Gerald. Yeah you wouldn't put this winter tigers are literally every TV and they're like you're there is why it is my whole thing out. But anyway that I did give more tickets all water over both the advice you gave me is you've got a gut is this a Minnesota accent though. Welcome to the embers you want smoking and. And articles certainly better known as a gap beautiful carriers enjoy it and we just write them in the right stacked. Tiers tracks Iran and I know you can random. I know we'll ask you drifts in and I'll read that I don't know guys drift too yeah. Hot stuff I did actually I did and his nice fall or Mona Menard spoke to triple put myself accepted. Oh yeah welcome Lee amber she wants more to learn Mac does his old teen smoking or not you boys there's a track the turns and intimidate. It's not a valid and that is Andreas you have to so they're just regular Ramon tank. Took moon thing. I have kind of actually. I know right marketer of trash around and run our our America the US that's more. In my fiance is driving much. Million dollar sports cars cruising around on this on the highways in Minnesota. What's more a movie extend that others it's a good lord shall you lose. A movie moment if you ask you jumped liver dean you and your friends like. Sorry about ballots that. Nobody actually starting good you listen to ask you to really awesome this this other person arrow where we found these reviews rather some yeah this person said they got a copy. From the coffee shop just jumped on their but I didn't like cup holder on their riker meaning so they started ride the bike across street. And they're pulling coffee and the like squeeze it too hard when like stated. In splashed everywhere and made huge national mission and everything. And I don't you like eight. Red Corvette pulls up a Hong some warnings got too hot chicks and like. It's. Remain. Ray saw and drove off to this house to be with two cornerbacks there. The Q is it a you literally said he was like don't use in the beginning the coming days. And they're establishing just how arbitrary charges and undergo potentially occur like they are losing lives out there and eventually she. It is random and didn't meet the popular kids do you were perfect and the girls in the court that come back to variant Movielink. You're familiar roommate and they just copy a. I think that the act fast so that's a moving moment in golf yeah. Now OK so it is to keep you know a news source decode I'm trying to think of one of the movie moments. If you lived and he just asteroid due to a saw. Went up there and I drilled a hundred feet down and drop to duke north. District and so let Terry Sanford Rihanna could look at what you do. Something else clear on the actually puts it you drop to duke a mute on the high set out here. But you'd be there and singer producer duke key and you combine them into a bit of my duke would split. Let's go to the plane going announcer when you it's awkward knowing familiar no I'm mark could do. Us. There it's just and gotten into this small sound bite your town bunch bikers errors like us. Back Gosling and dropped duke. That's not what I'm doing okay. I kind of really get to sit with the job WiMax. The ice I don't know I had a moment to put both pitchers to yourself broad solution to posts yeah. It can drag would go. This would have got new pressure you know go to a typical I'm new to thirteen. Tons where well you were here who are your guys we got the movie moment it's stupid I got to live the moment where I got tonight's what. It's a lot of moving moments I got him I won best guitarists in Colorado and then. Richie Sambora came in to this radio station it was a different domain and and like we jammed on the air and he was right. And your good sign and he took his guitar as back in handed it to me now that is pretty soon as I keep it. You funded. I absolutely sold back to talk yeah I don't start tonight more for breast so much money in Chile and insane amount of money you have. It was signed Richie although I need one massive mistake what he's like I'm gonna sign in all right I easily do you want me zionists. He's like he knew I was guitar players humanist and is simply this whole post I would go to. Yeah it. He signed it and I didn't even realize it commitment. He had a zillion these guitar so it's still have the plastic on the pick guard oh so he signed over the cloud. All old. So I believe the classic. Oh nice enough and one of their flights organs or murmur you had to do for the price Iraq free always Reich and so on it was like oh my god rich Jim Mora did his guitar. That was my movie moment you don't you just to jam with Richie Sambora on the radio this Tom. Somebody else said they were at an airport when they heard some guy running and screaming. Yeah. She tar around the and she's just burst into tears and aids Dolan knew each other's arms there was a hole like he stopped her from getting on the plane. Own should be in NASCAR Mary thanks it would be better phone that's pretty cool Lugar and that's a movie moment that in moving moment so visit did you have warned. We're rolling the dice you're gonna you're gonna tell it to a slight my favorite one that I always like to hope for. Is thrown a drink and guys say I know some simple like that parents don't really talk. That in real life right always in the movie when you guys. So what are the very first time that I ever had relations was on the fourth of July and it was in the back of my truck and so how in the middle of the season and movie moment are we talking about here. It's it's a good one if I was like oh how. Coming of age slate isn't confused type yes you will write in also it was the middle of summer fourth of July in the back of my truck and it was like. The moment that it happened fireworks are done. Moved at all. It was like it could've been time better I mean it was a me did you do it on purpose now. You really didn't know no we had no idea we are trying to sneak away from everybody in asks you to weigh in. And you have to earlier days everything ended at that moment yes. No links started and ended yeah that's what I did OK I feel like we do anything yet as soon as you hear the band were reminded. I think the apparent. All right so if you had a movie moment fireworks sort of drink final act tab tell us what your movie moment plus I'm Julie. Yeah he's the moment. You out of the loop guide them flirting with me at a football game and other walking out to live on what a banana peel and. Or really hot and I've always thought the banana deal thing is stupid because I've literally never seen anyone around her good shows up. Do you ever seen banana peel on the ground no more no option. So our public print what you jamario hurt like liner. I fox that's. If we did it ruin your chances would the boy. No economy I absolutely love all of us and that untrue certainly got you now in Ireland and in the same apartment. Swooped tradition that you saved. Fool you liberal. Many area. Mom oh that's so she puts a dynamic I. How hot I think there's no doubt in my mind you but to the name until it was as soon he was wasn't it. I mean I do love my true. Pretty good movie moment as a great regular golf. Sandy. I movie's momentum. I have changed islet in nineteen arrogant or are keen to curb our readers and it. Are no longer be good spinning Bartlett called. Sure my primary and these guys serenade at it and maybe aren't from top guy that yelled. You because that's my goodness yeah we know or does elsewhere whoa 00. Good do you look for you. We don't know it's go to ma. You know yeah. Who moon. Hey who's that worked particularly of any. Sixteen and that cooked could show. What's her polluter what do you leave you want to. You pop Colorado's soured under that's our group are really important should only when Yeager or fireball. Here. This summer reaper looters you are empty now. To. So that's a movie about liberty and that's our yell at us it would be a movie moment if you took a shot without wincing who. I did so I'm watching you apple would go. The donor and everyone must be so proud. At least the job is moving moment. I don't know how to Himalayan town do you become my little brother was probably about eight years old. Decided to go either body world media and apps there are why we're the good at the medium to spend time with the family my brother. When the kid that was always not feeling well as we went and did something the iCloud and it Hume. So you complain a lot Crimea until while we're like so it's what I am writing by and you just need to care. So my brilliant mother decides to expand the child in the big complain about being called in front of an industrial sites staying out of it really crowded media out. I I'm. He got a different they had projectiles bomb. And and where else I'd. Also bracelet you feed them. Yeah. It's part of oh yeah. Yeah Bob writes yeah. I'm the unity. It hit a good for every one of its yeah. And that's gonna you're older you're. Only see here Jack Johnson gemstones so you know at all. Knew I. Could try doubling down some damage. Our yeah we you know. And he's drawing. A naive rumored. Hey buddy guy's. That's. I'm gonna get blunt Korea on my son was diagnosed with their rare bone disease last year and currently sixteenth. And on the one year anniversary of the diagnosis he had. Had the lockout hit. To win the World Series for instance literally seen this. It's huge. Glorious movie theater all right screen and it ran tests and about it and that is like we'll probably feels problem. Whose life was just so down your all your lives were down. The steps up and I mean they don't play odds heroes and I don't my ears and up everywhere I was a big carry him off the field on their shoulders they better have. And they did my husband's a coach Hugh Grant out there and kids. SpinRite. It's just how huge super cool good for you young accuser because every night and I have huge chills from that now Ashley. You know I movie moment. I get a round I didn't have one and actually does this great years here at L iron. McCartney epic colonel Glenn I came out and about remarkable in her hands. And at that. Incident and moaning I took my Margarita. There in this Space Needle didn't go right. I.