Slacker and Steve - Movie Moment 6/12

Tuesday, June 12th


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Staying. At dot about moving moments. Those things if you've been in that involved in a situation. That you went. Player in the milieu like oh my god this is this to me from movie totally. There's a few stories right now. You don't know what I'm about to start choking own nose and a movie you're going to have and then you're gonna come around here Heimlich you. I was gonna has kind of opened her mouth to mouth okay. That's right I'm series a units or drugging her exactly good decision is that part of the yardage no they didn't yell all they did we'll mark kind of rang in Japan affect us that a couple of stories in the news strike us as very movement movie moment masked. On in Santa Monica. There was a vehicle literally hanging out of the parking garage at a four stories up. Precarious little tables song just balancing act that's all the little people are all lit up again I what are the door was opened. The side door was open I couldn't tell it was a woman in there are still. Why did I assume it was a woman and me on folks. It was a silver Honda sedan apparently crashed during date and dangle with the driver's side door open while. Witnesses said a woman was driving been. A bystander from France who was vacation in the area helped rescue the woman. They think she's in her sixties he helped her out of her car. After barreled into the cables. Would that we've pulled leaned over and pulled her out of the car seat to Carson are gonna write you teetering and it's like you know. But he's the anchor legs are just a half on its way did the driver said she accidentally hit the accelerator instead you break them. At sixty she's already doing that to zealots and chairman book and you go through those two down at a table there's a lot of stuff yeah Mike you just don't. Are your Toy Story there's no sick I mean she dressed her as Axel that's one movie moment Yelp. On then there's Utah dude. Was on a bus and the bus started swerving all over the road and started to veer off into left and lame. The driver then started having seizure. And sell back to his share. A guy who's on the bus jumps up screams. Brought not to hold. By the way and drives the bus down the middle and Elaine. And makes all the rest of the sucks yeah. I'm leaving numerous women out there with good. There isn't. It yeah are you gonna do disabled cif states coach. Tom goes on underneath hot shot with the that you guys who do you. He was able to pull the driver slid off the gas to hit the pedal and slow the bus down. And do not to the senate because there's zero CB everybody full long movie moment who was pomp. A little they called this a moving moment Bruce first chair off the wrong. Bruce on a house in Florida is that a moving moment when movies that was that in the truth Star Wars we are generally do so yeah. Also millennium altar. This should we also morals cruiser is the Corley and talk. I think that action might be a cook it's the size of our Washington voodoo tricked out. Countless hours looper got more. But the and she said this woman's your Stanley woke up to the loud banging on the roof being removed Shaun Ellis. But it is channel movie mummy to a governor's accrued just demolishing your stuff didn't wait a minute today HS BP I'm. The owner roofing company said the workers put the wrong address and their GPS who's preached to the moved to the workers decided they would go and repair the damage to the roof it's very go but then when they did it did the homeowners like is not as good as well muscles the subsequent data show everybody what I'm assuming. That's kind of a moving moment. We have talked I don't know we're talking about but we had a woman call us and this is kind of another moving moment. Her CAD NIC she's sent us a video Jesse Williams find him put back on FaceBook or kid had a battle with cancer. Oh that's Friday and had to miss like his whole baseball season or whatever and site links got through it. You know was in remission did the whole thing and they brought him back teams like to lasting in the championship or whatever. And he's up in the bottom of the ninth two votes guessed it down but I'll. Whole the whole motor down by one run nerve what ever know the winning runs on second or whatever he comes out and now you want is parked at zero the kids who lost gods knew this kid Sara and then late. That's. That's movie which. The thing to use no steroids bloom. Obscure and I was under the so then no I didn't notice I'm gonna get tested for. Us like I was. Your rights to half results into this zone as I've part of his cancer treatment. Helped him Jack along with it just brought him here any other coach. For an early you don't formally planning a black. Shark to I. Sunday at his behavior and bad moves to occur I ever heard that they're true to those rules are. It is gone. Oh yeah. Urged. It is all right so you've got a movie moments some think you might wanna Steve asks for every time it's never happened because somebody jumps in a cab goes. It is still time for you sir are drinking somebody's face yeah. Now think a big movie like we want your movie like moments. He's the moment. OK so I'm my 88 at 840 before I graduate had all. Out of print I ever met by biological parents my mom and reconnect and thirty days. A former education and keep and I actually replicate different people so I don't want her life but I got my pilots are impaired. And all born I graduation actually oil out and eat the right you know the Bert I am I ever met my actual pilot error. So you want processor stage did your diploma and then you meet your actual couple strain is. Yeah I would actually and I went to a family dinner and I partly due in two people in my tour. And done at I would and I urge my. Bear what I mean did you connect was all other so weird you'll meet a lot of yeah. Really lean and nobody actually are we. You know we connected really well everybody got along and yeah it was just really we're outlet. Are they sending you all the presents they didn't complete the eight years of the courtroom and I shouldn't be here so I mean. At five dollars and our best not to thank you regarded. I Haley. Yeah I. Moment. I don't like that in my stepbrother and. Pocket or hungry or mountain camping and we Iraq from the plate and we can't run a corner bit like 800 pound the. And it caddie do look better or about ten seconds earlier and I don't. And that it kind of moved to put a little bit like the drag and we get credit of their birthday and then I don't think I've ever and chat. Why I mean they just what are they do you you just do you come face to fees for the most so this looks like but what do bold doesn't afford charges the matador. Right or did it and I literally we're all speeds Ratner can't do can't marry him my debt to. That ride leader Brad away. More. That's what they are. Mean no call during mating season oh already had a really hallway so it's it's like a mama bear to read and now this de LA and this huge huge rats there I was. Limit treat acute they're probably side ten feet from it. Whoa. Yeah you're in a moving moment if somebody screams of run sits at some fans and every moment that I'm Teresa. Yeah yeah I. Thought she might know our. Happy not to doubt I would have hit an at stoplights from behind it got it going like pretty mild us. This Internet bullying my car but can huh. I went ER after bad acts that day I ate and ate out a large Juan I it's. Can't turn a tumor on my kidney and they wouldn't have found it it. I hadn't gone into the ER. I was Jesus the rear and math. You talk a little guys that's clear then that is concerned admit that I met her eyes a Paramount and you just you're the coach I. Our staff since we how often that happens we kill us or our own. It's it's weird right by where my best friends in high school his dad. Would have died from bone cancer had he not making tin ear practice in ball and he threw it any broke his clavicle had to go a long and they're like Diana bone cancer. Joseph slate just like dat that's that's a great movie moment and that it had a happy ending Teresa. Aaron's. Guy I movie moment. So what they'd blow back in New York I was so horseback riding in one day and current. And all the sudden and those are going to host a religious start kicking in London up to the right about at full speed boat key. I know it's what term my course. Whip in the action and historical only after her support. For the most it's not joking not just didn't you call it public about the horse Garrett. A yup ultra go to reach score though rain didn't miss some. Go for a second term drought and all the respect in turn would turn it back to the line and every day. You lose the whole western turned her into oh my god that's so cool was it a white Steve you. Just hard book a leader of the of the power comes over you like man you would develop a public college or did you teleport so much. My first time actually yeah. You know. I just want you to know I can do this whole entire scenario myself except I'd be helpless girls Kaka. And I think I am I just think I'm. I hate you for the go there and that's a movie liberated me. Yeah I eyes moment. I'm married guy with Arab I don't count nick and some guys are playing darts and they Wear a little bit intoxicated. And mounting around. And from the Internet and think you're one of the arts and some think that hat up and I got my. It lately recently learned that directly in between extinct there in them going late into the temple. Poor water could do. Tax she's. I don't. Much of the disk and then between making it's a million stop and it's. I. Digital more. Wonder Woman that is weird kid is similar call state you for your moment Britney Mary. I moment current I almost let it may be taken. And I was working in Romania. And I about lost one on the bus and no one knew we are within. Any two guys hold out was that technical mind. And they won't need get in the leaping car. And it was beach here a moment of my life in a huge group of drunk people came around the corner. And the guys took cops so I love drug people that they eat. I tell. Just like the movie to me you know they do not you have to do the very specific set of skills that could happen. He went to the academy so maybe you know.