Slacker and Steve - Naked 7/26

Wednesday, July 26th

A Florida man claims that he gets nude when he’s really happy or really sad and he was recently charged with indecent exposure and obstruction for getting naked outside a motel. Whether you saw someone naked or you were the naked one, what’s your naked story?

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Staying on the 2. O'clock or six he says the cuts that lecture us on sides it's the intact she could I. I'm new here is how stupid because the they can pay. A meeting where any more calls is it that early new. I'm. Overwhelming number of stories in the news it's a time people just. Naked doing stop us and down we want to know what you learning to deal with yet and if you Justin calls it as NATO had relations that's not good enough enough yet to be naked in place he probably Nass boasting and doing something usually don't do when you're naked Torre did just get arrested for being naked outside a motel okay. How often do. If we ordered cheeky little tick marks for how many times naked people out SATA mum mum motel nurses. Hotel they're called. I'm going most of the trademarks are going to be on the mama used to work as a mum on you so is going on August competent. Or does it live longer and a local already. In a motel you are I saw a lot and I think America ethnic and won't say somebody else didn't say a single make a person and I want to see my eye I go. Never have emerged so those people. Madonna's ex supermodel Christie to begin. Or how does all know. I am number it's the before pictures printed media and before surgery the so Florida new debt. RS does motel. Anti abortion message their rooms to get shorts expose his junk. Officers arrived he said I didn't make you more I'm really happy. 0:1 am really sessions. To perform at a remote fell and never told us yours which one you woes that particular day. He's been he's been charged with indecent exposure and obstruction which you know once he said men if you're sitting in a motel each is kind of like give believe we say yeah. Yeah there's still very light. You're in Vegas you're in Paris you expect to see Cirque du so I right right you too. Motel they keep slipped this horse show. Obama mom motels sir dues all good. The bulls broke. I'm Lindsay naked people start the pools always always rooted to the pioneers China's student loans data there yet another murder last night. Just one day to zero modes at all months and that's it million. So don't say anything else restaurant go. Move. Del dobbs. There was I naked possibly inebriated man chases Siegel's on a beach okay. Sergio he's in northern Michigan and people seem run along the beach late. Macon Siegel's runaway and then eventually. He dives. Into the water except he wasn't in the water she was in the parking lot yeah. It's good both at closes guys you're gonna be shocked to hear that has been a naked boys hello OST this is O Vera. That's my naked no ST maybe we do motel we just you LSD is the subplot to like it if Jeff Ellis theater Motown UN. Fun here's another one this Wisconsin Zeller. Apparently. Armed. He went to these dudes house. Drank his whiskey and aid is most sense so euphemism I want to be focused this. The homeowner came home found a stranger broken in mislead the naked in the bed was like. Global goldilocks saying he's like Greg Moore speaks eight months since. This guy was unmasked the focal well hey. Two things in common theme and then the British police have been busted for their sight of naked as they have been using their helicopters. To catch people make it. Jet out law enforcement. I am high power got to respect that you there's little doubt this. October and over beaches where they do decent naked makeup people have relations in doing neon. We don't we how do you two. Is this she's an answer Graham model. She she was naked she was freaked out and blank sheet at a motel where she had been orders in room. Who's seen the hotel. He's in a hole she's an allowance and mouth. Our she's 75000. Followers online. Instrument breast that was what urinated so what a nice police officer showed up and there are towel and then she didn't like. Dale lynch. She took cover her up she doesn't like. Do you learn a guide to what she was dated and she whipped a police officer with beyond. Sounds. Even make it anywhere I don't even detonated when I am in the shower I always thought ever occur to spyware my swimwear you do know I know I mean but even caught naked. Well it was either tell the same story is back in high school I was at the we're just hang out with some place and only seniors that didn't like me didn't want to cut in my gym. I came right after be so I took office on main street and Sony Europe inside Balkan is that while it's enthusiasts and he was faster than me build my urine. I gotta run down by rotavirus eight serial comma so he resells words slats in shorts and you reached out and trying grabbed me it was the back go to waste generally sweats and just. Where you you invented the terribly stripper guy. They are must have zero minutes a perfect storm of the busiest intersections alarms in America so we have a top bottom trying to cover men took out all your top seems to be in. The they now have. The I don't always I was I thought our residents either way I was making their vote in the streets a block dialogues and you guys are like his statue mainstream now a decent songs about now just as you say did they erect a statue formula is quite horrendous. All right good good good good to in the penal okay. I don't know if oh man you have got the balls are really out there yeah. You think you can make this is there wasn't Meebo though when I when I first graduated has. I moved out a statement win all by myself and when I came back home. I did I didn't have enough money to rent a trailer and bring all my stuff so I had to get a storage unit there and when I went back to go get it. My whole family went with me and they had never seen my house when I lived out there. I had moved out like seven months prior to taking them back but they'd I they'd never seen the house so I wanted to take everybody by Edmund and show them where I was livid and where Ed worked in this city you know that's up. And so we're going through and we pulled into town probably about 9 o'clock at night he and so was completely dark. And I was like LA law exists when you by the Condo ensure your eyelids twelve dead the bedroom window that I had overlooked the parking lot of this Condo complex. And so I get everybody in the car we go over there we pull into the parking lot and I'm like yeah that was our Condo right there that's where we lived and that window right there that's my bedroom and their second everybody turns to look at the window. Some wish. Datsun sedans are right away. It's like what's going on if you don't know everybody was and there are like did she come with the left lane to the yes still there's talk of the MS. But yeah if that aren't aren't we enabling it to make his story. In the yeah this is going to be immaturity test I don't know if. If you naked in a weird spot BT just being naked and normal Spartan but just your best naked story we'd love to terrorists and our. Yeah guy next to end. My friend and pound and my boy Internet and tiger personally went to the national park and we're gonna hate experienced. We're like let me charity like let you get like that the baker. And we got negatively or I'll quickly gave Lehigh that a little bit where about a hundred yards away from our close the rich taking the photos right up there but end. On the button if they Hanley was probably a boy or aged fourteen or fifteen. Just old enough to walk over it and we're just sitting O'Meara with net and kidnappings. And it just. And then go where ever they can govern. So while how old loses boy check now you're naked nests. Our port are often no go well that's that's not just old enough to know what's going on that's old enough for him to be mentally recording everything we games it's been played in his mind we 03 and Goldberg and oh yeah that was some sort of fun includes its. This one time I went to a national forum is not gonna believe what happens here in the girls. So you just covered yourself with why do you swim and you only can cover it I guess we knew that they're not a candidate ever everything oh look. You have actually it's a federal offense to be naked you know state. Yeah I. Edie is his injury to yeah iriki yeah eighteen I have done all of those things are so sure how lots of comments that TV is getting intense. That's a dollar to contribute your beer in my tent usually yeah. I'm done both of those things a lot that's a good question costs or national partly both well our it will take you dream you're naked as zombies. Could you still do the national park Soto should seriously though the last one didn't I read about it. Wow and here the golf. That's a zoo is those people who the pineapple people hired have dinner people's. This is the yeah you know attitudes. Our coach talking earlier college. I was had really good with the girls. And our friend walked and we're about to go out and let him go in the hole a little little. Are the third jump out book they're sort of window into the cold snow and run across Kippur prayer in my room. You can PPP or make it. Whole youth you do you finish and your dismount was it a three story drop their newest Novak kicked. The Fed through a little nuggets of it has. All. So very cool it down click it Steve you. Well I got lower fives. The car and nobody saw your naked run. I guess not the composers like mentally Nolo guard apparent so so lucky. Three stories into a snow bank that's impressive especially when you were million yeah who just got an older LC if you got to do all I would have just stayed out I think you're right didn't repercussions for jumping in there was no Manning took that with my aunt. They give the call nick I kitty. And I mix it. Nate get out of my second day and make eniac. And my teacher would make me in turn chemical or Barrett competitor he ain't RM. Hey pat I like that simple chemical reaction that blew up the red states McCain the green Hulk and I got burned my hour. About an hour later I was under a. With over at buried I battered in my book it parking lot completely naked getting hosed down instruct. What what this. This chemical reaction sport that burns your clothes off for they had just fuel the Martha view and screwing. Not in my back I was wearing a splatter and in my garment watching I was lash out please speak very and my iron majestic a load and. As the burning when the play. How other legends from liquid powder have been been like how you got putt that bad but you're getting naked. Wow pretty hair bank. So take him like only a handful of firefighters who are so I always did roll everybody I. These are seeing the back. Like literally buried I have I don't have said. And the first time anybody's ever seen you naked it back my mom it was a lot chair and kind Ernie is due there. And I debate Beckett cat inside the park inside that unit cracking liner at the eating your parking lot. Cranking out there is. There are like I think she mother penile. Yeah I am glad I enactment like connect to pay a flat site the now that like perhaps it might Brian and Iraq since there like yep like unhappy. To me. It's his dogs that is ceremony thank you for your naked mr. Cheney. Is that things are now in their lives and yeah early show alone now hopefully at least six firefighters deserved the Rihanna. Knew it he knew. I had. College. Would it be that friend and do your Minneapolis that he and I am not been without are all that we get any yet. You know it's helpful and a lot like it try and make Eric would tell you that got out or you're all around. Chatting Mary I am and I got out of it back to their room. Oh and hit it. I stayed in a million hotels my life I was in a band I can honestly say and never skinny dipped even once I have friends left hot tubs liked to make you cannot have. I don't edit task was the only. It's not liberating well. Pretty Dixie you're only. If the if you don't clear the water came from a noted nobody else is just a matter of forty times he's a more normal lies he took people writing or suspect that the acted. I'm carrying out I would not do that again today I think yeah. Now. I need to do is more. Three no. I didn't think I'd be sitting given the ocean there's announce made sure to eat all the bacteria but a couple of putts didn't get to the eight person hot tub and know who. Uses. Plus this is MP3 this is why Soria cycle bacteria is okay Sandra. Yeah yeah I. So am I wouldn't play eighteen or nineteen and I are back home in our apartment. And I thought I have a house to myself. And as taking a shower and I had the laundry and the dryer and I wanted to put something on Miller and America. Oh boy I'm definitely run to the higher you go. I'm amber I know holiday spirit lake in the middle of the apartment basically a. But some are around. But they can't and then I'm on I turn my mom had any right Eric rich. And Jeter is going to be anything you just staring at me and I had got a laundry got it would all all are open they actually get you right through it and. I don't buy it out and I yelled out like. Your mom know you're on to see you need to know it's win she's only only real sure how is that your mind if it. Really eighteen your mom Jessie native anymore. Now. And it's a little yeah you get to a point real. About blowing you hone heads. Even though soccer Euro and we don't have like early in the fighter or. Soccer doesn't his mom. Yeah you're all shocked and I see my guys my dad did seeming need to do eighteenth. And any dizziness parent should see you the same sex parent. Does is against you know alone yet Lloyds do you have when he's alright here you I got a little Brasilia this coach I don't know Larry. No. They're very awkward I ran away and we never talked about it again. Trust I think you should make you miss it could because I guess some weird I don't find India we get to that agency don't want you you don't see flee when you're on to your own goals just your mom go just about how well. Sure our seats and if they can what I am traveling to go see in my mom's we're at first I'm going to be gone for a couple days and and I'm going day instant grams of picks up my mom players stared at my I don't know Max throughput. Pushed yeah I. OK good good good. Nice and wind hurt and I was putting it may remain and I had heard I woke up in the middle of the night that loud banging out loud loud bang. And then I got all the old call after Contra Costa golf president. Did unfamiliar phone number and finally it turns knocking on my apartment door action and I'm scared out of my mind it you know. And I am like a little docking you're paying. I looked outside I really worked up the courage open the door and my my neighbor who I've never met Ted you're really pick tapped out on your balcony and it turned out that they headlock and held out on my balcony while having relationships are. Us. So the loud banging you learn was. Slow and back out. Let's try to bang on the door as loud as they tried to wake me up. It was cute pretty good to go into their room and opened their docket. Why are they having relations outside. I yelled out. You we it's our numbers since Ken we only have access to the inside I would look inside and then yeah. We're pretty. Let well apartment their little a lot of unity in our party. Okay John and I am looking for roommates is an all time single race for the comic he on jokes. I I night netted said. Well I love the bad I'm not gonna really explain what that was and my friend meat you'll win it in a Speedo and go skiing down a mountain and it was one of those velcro speed those. NN it was really went in on I don't know and then somehow flew off and and then I would proceeded to be naked skiing downhill that happened eat Mexican. Wait a little preschooler kid. I. And I bolted into the trees and I was so cold you know you'd be like rain nothing and it might. French repeated film at what one thing and and they found in the trees and they get they brought me I think what I used what are jacket. Now I Speedo with you on this trip and then it was a velcro speed though this is so wins that bit. That happened like a week before oh so your pain and Oscar. Well it was all quit yeah debate where you put your lipstick you when you. It's fabulous course since the news is that that's when you elect. Oh when you're with that he passed oh. Do I don't use that to go there are totally naked benefit the odds are you really don't know. He took it could have been an impressive though because this cold and that's good bogeys as he schools I'm probably going on muse and I don't Dagestan and simply can't. Yeah guys connected. On making and some tantrum had just moved out of state to a small town. Here's some commotion right outside our per. Our apartment alert so we opened the door to cracks. Course of bedtime in Manila changing each drank the door open and I hear some scuffling and like what's going on it's like kind of peek around the corner where the door cracked open. And it at least. And cops right there with their guns drawn I think don't agree immigrant he's laying on the ground with European behind the Fed apparently our neighbors had gotten its entire domestic right out front you know in the shotgun shell in between our apartment -- cash and so they're being very cautious. So that I was completely naked breathing called medal of wind here. Completely gets to. Exposed. We're out on the grounds of the cops to frisk you it's like clearly I don't have any really so. Where lol your hands we can. Yeah. Oh my god. That is possible. Concentration I'd say you've for the call. This is fun and Steve yeah I commend you what's that and me I commend myself in words you shirts. I think I'd if you want more connected stories you wanna give to us. Didn't it was on the baseball page the site currency based the page and will be less mature there.