Slacker and Steve - Naked Restaurant 11/7

Tuesday, November 7th


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Steve Collins there. He's about being naked. All over the most is not fat but really since since knows. Now I'm not trying to meaning you don't even seem like you guys pent up about being naked but I thought it would that was built in better shape I did mine let's say and that. Uh oh I was little bit more of who's clearly if I would turn the lights on more often when I was your gas do you I don't see you. Like I'm not in my in my prime fighting shape seizing guy what would ever walk around my house thank. Very sometimes by myself yes just knowing that. Jill what sitting down and furniture forget it I can never do that got me kid was doing blather from platter I get that yeah there's this it's always like something touching yet. It cost. As these kids can. It change. Thought I NS or height or your I only had about you. Campbell I don't Haywood thank goodness just even sitting on from stuff furniture. Drew cheers and would. You know OK that sounds weird then I'll tell you something less yeah okay let's stick to the BSE this how often around your house are you like making a bowl of cereal and make it you sit down and I'm ready said cereal because I would eat cereal make it okay like spaghetti and meatball you know they're okay once. We got its. We the people are in to be in net even who who who thinks. Life is better native. BA. Whatever activity you do but didn't you the people when you go to a town you find out there's a nudist resort. Six cities over twenty miles you jump in the Cooper you like let's go hit up detonated what else you people we also need the other people. We think makes it is not good. Or maybe you're on a sense of make you all sorts of people with varying degrees. A thought about naked because Paris France has opened. A naked restaurant yeah I see that third make it half third time over there anyway. It's a heat man. When the food is hot I don't know what idea it's ya eat a bowl of cereal. Worst case scenario will do know dribbles and in my lap or some I'm OK with that yeah. We just went to a dinner we were steak house and I ordered. Ordered. The the brisk. Well the lobster best ereader this guy they brought her over and I didn't realize that I don't find cost my shirt cuff anyway an elbow you don't your whole arm community and this is thrilled on the my you like stylish or right side. If I was sitting naked. Yup that would have been huge front but mentally this if you make it wouldn't happen because you're the guy sure cool we got dressed sleeves without mentally. So he was hanging open. And it's true that's why it just any other. Instance where I could be spilling something calling outside. It's got its customers cut I don't need it yeah he's hot at first okay yeah I know it was like a vicious slots let's see I think he got on my skin I edit this. But would you mistakes. No. I would need period. You need any native Syria sitting on any thing serum this were true. Knows so you're have you ever have you ever finished having relations I had someone bring you sued and said your bed yeah so then nearly naked. I live for you so wearing a shirt. I you know they got the whole time but they do all the crumbs. I think it's all I have to make the bad again there is if you care more about your. It's nice. Telling you guys you know if you ever get the pleasure of having relations Steve pleasure and look around the room and know that he's more focused on the mess your meg test test test had set of cabins out. Outside mr. clean faster. Off it would show. I'm over. Helio won pro naked person of any more than it went OK Andrea. Yeah hey are you and tutored. Many can now. Creek. I am driving them home brewer could not little. Question still stands for that's why wouldn't let me also when do you get naked. I'm elegant and rather than I. Get up. Hot Springs and not the equates to go and I get up tomorrow a trip little in the ocean blue curtain on the ocean and in. And a lot of skinny dipping there yeah. I'm at least until I and I just literally hundreds on day. What sound nice what I'm how do you feel about the naked now. I don't have blue. I'm glad that we need to create that I don't think they're doing things that we make it. You don't think it's weird I mean I feel walking naked is OK but I'm sort of with Steve when it comes to sitting once you sit in endangered. Just stood there are everything's closer and your side you're Leven out of your leaving them sometimes super. Friday and then when you're eating food crisis tune there's something about having the comfort of there's yet it just a barrier. The salsa on this. You are coming vertically or you just. Matching that despite all the time. Oh how would they know. Okay now. Now right so if you're your your your. What your pores open enough and you have to be sweating a cold day and I sit down. It's even worse it now colds they duel and you won't see marries like stir comes. But it's a smooth jerk you're okay this restaurant really think they get a little Pestrana and it's. Awesome this restaurant seats forty people. Cost about thirty bucks and they Derek they're gonna do Boehner business just. I don't know there's something about CN somebody's junk when I'm ordering somebody to announce he. You. Let it show maybe just signed the you maybe didn't mention the last stop. Yeah I hot dogs so she's particularly the idea. Oh I know odd dogs on the menu you need odds are against. Are we talk a movie it's not the ones that put me dish gamers to play with Netflix seems that's what our on our part and nobody makes on our government and I thank you for calling dishes and we I mean I'm. How do you make eye and it's like you don't have anything Sally. Served address pressuring you brought up a good point I just I don't wanna see. Most of the people that go to those special beaches are the ones that I had no NCB the people that are young. Nora. Yeah yeah I he needs and they can place. I didn't have to jambalaya eat that there need to play. I'm I'm very pro making it I mean I don't contradict its beaches. I've been outside they gave but part of it also is temperature is it gonna beat Chilean hair. With everybody. I mean it. Timeline likely we were saying it is hot in there that sucks I know it's cold in there. There's shrink you know a lot of other issues there's a whole unknown there's a lot of this I mean temperature you don't know. Rated B a certain temperature. But as aren't eating made it out despite what we I'll eat naked I'll be try to make it that it's the right temperature now at the beach and appropriate situation. They did at home blade. But I have to draw the line lengthy get the restaurant dining yeah I mean we're Brothers Nate gave. We really got one chick who's your hi Jess so yeah they're naked breast stride here in his never gonna work.