Slacker and Steve - In the Name of Love 2/6

Tuesday, February 6th


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Actor and you buried people who runs a battle laughs that's Cairo this is more important to do this to a classy do you Tucson there. It was you know let's what you've done in the name of love some pet you've done something where your significant other for your child. You you couldn't imagine not timing your life where you know I'll peppers Imus should see that. Well it. The reason we got sorted out this out of you've heard this yeah Dax Shepard. And Kristen battle he wears you admit there's always in her book she's a book called mom's screening or web series are front and Oca. Booker web series it's a book. Cheap nobody does that what message book the bulk hum so there was a time where she had a build up. Whatever whatever milk ducts she's happen in my wife osu when you do this for urgent yes. Like I had I am so I wish her could what happens is cool one of them is it's not cool oh you have to be nights. Medicinal its knowledge super regret yet don't seed it's not only touching mommy parts you've got to let's put your touch in the mommy part you want you to reminds him like he can't like feel and you. I guess she's bright thing in pain because it's always hurt and they there's like a moment and it's the milk duct is like dried up and yet there's like a world. I don't know if it's your milk you have no we never happens you can you can drink to I'd like a gallon an OK day care but it just let your milk sit around it's a little like. Trustee or whatever around the rim or whatever because it's like the milk duct does that Dixon tries to sit there and you elect told. Break up okay it massages in the yes and so you're like massaging. Like she would just have. She was seen too much on the right side to left side got a little neglect or some some dried out did you decide -- to do in the air and he cannot just make an added heating and spinach and here's seeds would be to just worst husband and father. Little 2010 bulls won't. It's like who you've got to music yeah. Yes we've done right now it is for me designed it to be and then you know it's not they're not there you what they are you don't. Mommy parts aren't a point just food rather feed bags they're they're you don't need they don't they don't they're not happy with them you're not. Now don't and so he had to do what tool instead of just doing massage. They couldn't call a doctor on in the baby it's not nursing so she needed to get some of the milk out. You squeeze grown in there has to be out. There has to do what you do that herself. Steve what do you make everything into a movie useful yeah okay. 20 I know a lot of lament the Coca. One guy I'm just I just are impossibly pockets or how I am a serious conversation. If you know she couldn't. OK so she's the key is owed to accept he didn't want. Misogyny essentially nursed. Okay and stated you just copy right there like siphoning the waterbed methadone. Looks. So. Though he stated in north cut. So. I'm thanks for taking the magic of that's part of. She said this is a quote I cinema has been really need you to suck this out. We could talk about it we can be weird about it or you can just go ahead and nurse so he didn't. Except him poison from a wounded and he has a much option for you to do that. I've not got far have you had to do the massage and a guest house on right now how to salsa which she claims she can do to herself not as hard as you can. Because certainly it's. Massage yourself Steve he is like if you aren't for just our oil or do you but what you could army who I would love for you to not look where you're looking. I was gonna get into my knees start except from where you were looked horrible in my poll tested massage. But I relaxing. Amazing now it's better I don't matter now let me massages and no kids who do without a slight or lower their columns in is social views sometimes yes yes it makes massage and you can't you know when to give themselves the kind of massage need to. You don't get a tight suck (%expletive) I know you don't get it's okay you don't get it to you I don't know I think because you've never relationship I don't did you going to be able to. Understand what are your relationship long enough that they threw up here to clean up. This is what we're talking about Asian did you in the name of us where it's like I love them and they're laying there hair's clean embarked on what helped them. See I. I want to describe a couple things and then you're gonna make it dirty looks I don't know I just picked them up and take into the shower and clean them they did not in the you PC Michigan talks are your series and I cannot it's not nice it's nice you precisely European helpful right there when you say nice I don't know not least you're like it's okay it's so our gas. I hope her boobs are too if you're such a I try to to you I do realize you're right until I. Cleaned up barf I have to be dating you how clean your marsh wait at all if they bar for a meal clean mice the bar fop Fabini. But dude are your are you there's only five do you clean your portfolio of security at what was on your wedding day Yemen my best and embarked out dilemma all right credit cinema. And the little low to get clean Obama because he wanted to your positive but resolutions of the stuff creek zone you are good and my my good buddy drank so much red wine and I walked in to find him in his room and it looks like somebody been murdered there. Only does his bar was just strictly like red wine it was everywhere and you you wouldn't include Miller. Questionable clean up. Do you. Z these are the things it's a turn off from the top somebody else is it no I only do among married people do it. Why didn't you just dating it'll deal itself would do and firmer personally heard that you can't reach. So we ask a similar firstly but no way they're mad I didn't go affected. I truly don't feel like this is first it's okay if you go unless you your profile pic on tender was losing it but we know what did you do this it's quite. That's definitely a we'll have the right to the cockpit of an avenue right at the but that's simpler don't. It's like you're you're very we read this list it's like you guys are monkeys all you do is like pick on each other's bodies and stuff we want you to call us and tell us. The sings you've done for your say significant other that you can't imagine you get I think you're freaking out would you share a toothbrush or somebody mellow now her because you can click here's what happened. Flew to Mexico my two last minute thing is like a god we grab everything we at this hotel winter resort to its way out there but not a nice resort would you go to like. Kimball when you got. I am. Harry Potter one admirals are nice those are not so I have a date they haven't shot I eat they usually have like a little kid there's like some huge sandwich and little travel toothbrush. We're at a track pole in Mexico Hogan had a she's precious sites. What is uncommon to make her not brush your teeth for the next few days socially hear you my toothbrush Oki sharing toothbrushes and somebody could have fathered by that should there has to press for so you also know that Minnesota and we are clearly outskirts of the you'd touch with Amazon. Cindy there was three Amazon and you don't like Amazon and Matt you know your finger than it too well. Could share oh yeah this it's one thing to sharing kisses a whole different thing this year or for Don Cho when your pick in a news conference and all of us. In the name of plumbers do you know Richard. If I ever used these. I wouldn't use my own to perform quickly are you know it's pretty damn good but that's what I just Branson opted to dump that you got off the last time always insists that the germs are all still be here. Yeah hot water it's us it's not a now it's time. Now do you ever checked you did teeth somebody like Michael that they passed don't yet they're like. Yeah they asked but I don't just want to surf that's something she yours so your partially or you you you might be able to get to a point. We can pop somebody is it okay for help them if they they're they're not breastfeeding needs to get done OK he checked anybody's ears for wax. Why you wouldn't want to know it was like only had written to my ears and cleared him and if I say yes and I'm the woman has to any option. Everywhere. Well when you just a gold. You gospel just used to cook for the ball second Obama this is upper part here you can't keep that's better stuff they can get a merely getting along well there you go you can. No you can get. So I guess I grew myself for eighty years I finally decide to get married and out the other person that's. You're ordered the other personnel groups me is that no matter how did you must go to waste there's guys like where you start to take on each other stuff. That's all the talk about what he'd done in the name of close in all pro stocks but what are you dine. What are how do you drink clean up martial or check in bodily stuff Poppins shift policing boil over he does that's what that's actually what doctors are for. You had to grab something in my. What I. There's one thing to do now for my wife the first couple. Was girlfriends and guy alone no. She asked me check something swore and it was one of the weirdest things I've never Glickman the doctor would disallow to tell you and a second what wasn't a value bullet points who works great so it's not anywhere here thump. So what is the weirdest thing not to be gross what's the weirdest thing. You've done. In the minimum or no H. You know all right what do you do minimal us. And it ain't got a long is that it actually the next Irish finance that growth shares to sell all that out. Here's a dismal. Yes the teachers. You knew it was there why you marry you. Know all you can do it he kept it covered up until he sees similar. Somebody had a one mulls a deal breaker you source it wasn't a fashion stir I've never seen the gym like that but I know she's not she's around decide to all the I'm. That I they're grown out of a mole a call. Your. Part of the one who caught it before he met you Nate who was responsible for the more air cast. I cannot get drafted drew little way to detonated. It in seat belt title horrible cal low. I'm guilty Hepburn do it's not like literate split towel now latins and this speech didn't make dust everywhere. What. I like it in violent storm like it's a little inning rocks are. Little do. Anything don't know I'll tell me how moved. I saw I I would look at that story in the did an excellent outfit I don't clog that didn't work. My god what you pay is awesome auto save what is on the OPEC it's it's actually Brazilian thing Obama was not paying his feet. And it's like a Trammell for your feet and they kicked a cheetahs but can you just. And like grinder Ellis is Saddam having seen in people's seat in problem so why you see 'cause otherwise there. And I'll lice and go outside in the summer Steve I bet you which I have never seen I bet she your seats. Are like BBC because you're substance use every moment of every day like you're supposed to do no physical activity so you know Bunyan you have nothing none what's your deeds. Feels so sauce bring new diet I. I would like pillows and around your feet cool music I. I just went down. This is a Chrysler rolled out your dead heat over much as the next whose whole case may I touch your hubby has got to. Now it's okay thank you so thank. I SA into my wife seat and why don't they take your spy I was Juli is known as she grows its school the other thing is with the Alamo tank. Slugger from different than normal type the can get it wet so then it keeps though when I ride the little bit older it was awesome. Just isn't as sad it's like what they're doing you know hole and stuff like that new media event directly girl posing for those that's gone on I do that. With the kids are sick never spray bottle. Like sprayed down the foot DOS six since I got the drama goes. That's when you don't you tell exactly that goes. This is marriage I loved the solemn acts up or I'm Amal mope around all. How would tell you right now. If you guys don't go by and I'm okay you're an idiot is if you have nasty sixers where is this your official source who is my official sponsors and you're a kid did I. Don't walk around a look at you but people see no immediate. Need an animal that you were put out law. I I he's going to be doing hormones. So I calculus hospitalized an. She written about him in the bed so I ended up cleaning up the entire bed or. James this is an this that we signed up for when you do those bowels of the older so let's not let's assume which is gibberish is not your. You get more seriously if my wife did that to me I'd be out of the relations all I was gonna say what happened in a previous relationship that I had didn't watch I she thought she had. I had to go look in the toilet. For watts cheats not there was something strange in her true and she won a meal look and see if I thought it looks strange okay I think she was just doing that just assuming that test is how much do you love me what was it or who. Did you find what we do there was like I don't know workers Guerrero I balloon came down there. Also assess what you phosphate ice ice feel like we had. Like marinara sauce with tomato skin what I argued she dynamited and it would want us she dynamite and blood. She has igniting designated. I didn't get down and honest but I I'd I did a good one I ever didn't get down I don't know it smells out now says she. That's properties of stand but tomatoes can walk but. Apart you sort of these begging me to turn the microphone off but I'm not gonna do it who. Clearly we keep going who you where you look sometimes you have to look at your significant other group and go don't don't normal no. You do it's part of my discussing askew does that mean you have to do its part love coach tickets and I want you know. I love you enough to look at your -- up kick you call me tomorrow or you're now we know and I won't I won't. You don't need the home and that's what makes me sick about you look at UC complaint she she's like I'm the before picture and you'll be asked her type whose son and I'm OK I wanna like take pressure like Mikey looked like before and then show yours and fueled by in draws us to do I guess it's. He beat us to Haley. I did sorry not an average you can run express jet right now there is video I'm just as it makes total sense what so I don't. Any talent now. Series I'm making no money for mama. I'm just tell you right now but you do have to counselors and put dust is it is Fallujah lights in your living room there will be just fine layer of your seat every laugh ha ha ha we are just aren't here what are you and I love yes. I haven't given labor and acts. This youth team once he's that person do that no you have to you know waxed by eagle likely to Nowak break out. And it aren't you got it. You don't have to do you want to do anything I tell you about your hair removed from my best. Probable. I don't let you lay it down the free to a to a guys trying to. Guide what's so you don't celebs. Well it was actually an ex girlfriend that did it for me. I had it's called a pilot dial this. Special since its inception since. Yeah oh yeah it's right at the top gear but this year back. Try to resisting. Us. Well here's the thing we planned it out because likely you did tie my shoes I couldn't sit down with. So I I planned it out like it gate like Thursday night were cheering this in the senate the only big we have with a double tech. And he tried. Deferred until fifteen minute there's a lot of very good tried to drink. This is a little limerick I literally just may not you should see a special list for your special since two alcohol. I thought you might not go really isn't sometime yeah. It's all done now is the usually I don't know why don't Troy do the swing lines people could just. But under our debt they don't drive that's disgusting and Tina. Yeah. I. He's these what do you do. Her at this tomorrow unless I'm below period mother. My as. My caddie and I am well I was drunk one night Millie drum. And I guess he thinks that no nod tonight there's a couple of years back now let me garbage and other the widow should don't sell. And then anyway is that. I was brought up in the toilet and my peace Hulu is laying down the toilet singing I didn't literally terror at the toilet to get my teacher Matt or me. You know this kind of weird this and that today yeah. Yeah but that's. You see nobody animal actually.