Slacker and Steve - Name Your Relations Club 5/2

Tuesday, May 2nd

According to a new survey, one out of 10 people say they've had relations in an airport, and the buck doesn’t stop there! Apparently, the park is the place to be in the UK and America as it’s the #1 spot for public relations. Where's the weirdest place you have had ‘relations’?

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Stay on the day. Com we want you to start your own club yes we do. This city gonna go really well really bad yesterday which way you're doing and end a let's give it to see your finest hour she's going to be so here's our talking about. Like everybody knows what the mile high club is he's yeah I mean you say that and it's like oh I know I know what you do to get in the mile high club them. But if you worry dude that's saying that you do to get in the mile high club somewhere else. What would you club beat cult there you go I'm trying to think what Michael will be called. I don't so we we we don't it's the reason we started talking about this is there's a story out says 10% of people. Which doesn't seem like a lot and its intentions and a lot. How relations at the airport knocking me in the mile high club just. The airport itself and Simmons is 70% of that ten got busted while they were doing I believe that all of you are odd I busted didn't achieve it's what's the bathroom that's the by that I mean I didn't like this I. Huge cultural critic. It's called the Stanley has apparently bathroom that's pretty unisex that's fans that were I may indeed I'm indeed you're a unisex all come in the Stanley. If the daily bathrooms or not and brought condoned by the knocking clubs there's much there there it is because I've worked at the airports and in during 9/11 and yeah you could come out to big. Of the airport without the ticket now we have to go through security even get out to be used to be able to come out and so my girlfriend would just come out in between me. On bags. That's an app for these yet burning hair cut she watched me through luggage and like black let's let's urge us all night. Use this on the fifth so your club is life. Any time anywhere against her. However elected club away though okay there's soon Jericho oil synagogue T shirt on I shot it's legitimate. Actually my own structure suggests owners Mexico. Smart it is it's actually an American Eagle with links Starr is always that was unusual yes I'm always like oh yeah kinda trust. It's a would be in the glass. I guess and the flag and it goes into stars all beautiful sweatshirt or the walls holing that the move. Anyway my club would be I just had my comforter dry cleaner and it cost me forty dollars so let's not have relations. I'm anywhere but unlike comforter club. But out of your your heart into what you should. Look sincere while secretly negotiate. These is brought into the garden club via subway prep table club tech had good relations but it. Please tune restaurant was closed it was and you use each for easy and it doesn't solutions check check. Yeah surely heard. Yes yes we did it was after close and there was an co worker that was female that those clothes and with and one thing led to another in Melbourne anyway yeah. Yes they're right the one thing it's like when you distanced his who has just the way he worked at surrender enough. Q wait a second. Don't pay you barked and you guys are playing on the container into the station on the top you know that would have been back in the storage area we all the prep all it was like yeah you've seen him in teachings like the metal seamless steel bigger bite you lose Ali. Yeah that's it was that but I don't front table in my garage on Barton. Strictly my wife of relief. How do you take your whole way Novak hunt and your wife who was owner knows somebody. All there was no Mo hourly and grandparents high school was like. Yesterday I was grandma's so whereas if you. I could or should you do this stay with that on so we got some other stories low waiting for you to tell us what club you're end and again. You're in control the show this can either go really well. And you can tell us that Dick catchy name you after club like Steve's name which is only oil and liberal 87 syllables that's true diagnosis is long though. Are on the hood of my truck believe Central Park getting caught club there it is it's illegal at a federal partner. You've got caught a park yeah I just ask this stuff that they make it easier to stop federal. I think when he told a few probably stopped though we were so. OK if there were so in tune with each other our souls were connected that we didn't realize it was an environment. We really here. How about bus boys girls as thinkers club. We do a bust pointer earlier on a bus this dude on and his girlfriend were on a public bus in West Midlands England. On and they busted problem is in the dust pointers club come normally did kind of treatment they Uga I was like please stop a union to task. This guy had been released from prison. Hours earlier. Always the boss's boss and he's taken him to suit and civilian life no extra Sam back to jail. With other way Lucas seven. Leaving prison that is an amber violating so all the bus pointer clubs. Hard to seven that's a more assets I just assets of new clue on how about this when train station relation club. Okay I've never couple had relations on the busy tube station he was AM passer by whose couldn't believe what they're seeing what's packs that are it's like kind of there's a ton of people on these people just couldn't get they just. Yet he's they're doing their thing and tonight he goes through com. He changed it change the way they were doing it more than once oh good to us so it wasn't just thanks Lee Dunn was like. Subway prepped able club or you one way you know normally do on the subways for a table with The Herald. How about pepperoni brokers club now or talked denied. To people 28 year old woman and 31 year old man were waiting for their twelve inch pepperoni. When pizza. Okay the current. And down. They began to have she resorts get. On the pizza enjoy it. Stick dipped its. They were that's why later than that there in the pepperoni poker club got you on. She set and very open minded about relations and public places I love the thrill and them. We just couldn't we couldn't. Bennett who was subway nerve so your news odd they did say they wanted to hear a Pizza Hut photos and photos on this when they yelled kill or their runs are beyond the hole and when he attended a little Caesars again maybe. What. We go to pop which was a problem Murphy's yet you have to make sure I feel like your approach table that's weird when I do and at top actually they have one of those benches it was too late every guy he said these Mosul bench early retirement is the totals Murphy. No hard. Time. Scuttled having relations in its own list. So I was always follow loose. I can come up with a word that hasn't settled down and so most clubs there's also lose yes full phone Booth forty gators. Me I do expect a on your concurring opinion stating a million yeah I guess we'll. I know Steve it's got to meet her six hit one perfect storm for Steve my sweatshirt claimed the chip. So there is mildly not claimed she exits this to what. I had a mile road club to at least. Eighty shoots in 94 degrees from outrageous she actually cut us of these two people both own aquariums apparently they were shopping for finish. And down they stopped to get some beer. The rain in this took over from them users store. In a phone Booth they were just off you'll always dream they're like they're letting a lot of we can kill you announces with a bag of fish there and yeah I when Sonia nicely don't put a bag of fish on top and so we humans this it. Go to the finally we got a bank bumper clubs the bow tie odd couple and Venezuela. Worried and school banked in Venezuela. In AM. New line. I think just in the lobby. Oh and by the seat to pause about how I'd feel like just roll around in the security guards is stepping over our intention to do right. Really sad to adjourn to the colts didn't look we're on the ground with their clothes okay cost to the side why it's so and yes that's their club FDIC used the yes although that's in Venezuela I don't think Dan the FTS. We have Alfonso. This what we want from me you know it's basically where'd your relates. You weird spot club but then you have to name your clubs at the beginning you're sure we money we wouldn't want here are your whole story with a three year called imperial and we in Steve's case he's called me and took longer than your whole story sure. Because I could throw us was a good Perry is doing now really something a little iteration in my eyes and is there are. Don't butcher. My other toe in the water on the club tomorrow so she's Purina weird relations club we'd love to hear your stories ever. I went clobber you end. Key thought so club whose toxic real well with your sale go to just a random person that you just couldn't help yourself to go around. There what is this school I attended had killed those two and yeah six I don't like her definitely trust pass saying you learn. Oh yeah we're not too distant planet on the boats in the 980. Where you have this sir somebody your rock solid students know I didn't. Tell his student it's I went to school where he couldn't. Relate to on school grounds and there are a bench rules about. People with lake upper and lower classmen and things like that terror is he and that was the place up to you to go and be allowed to. See I'm sure he was innocent could it. Seems you. Just kidding but it seems like well you shall not scratch and I don't really that's Google's. Yeah so it pretty logical conclusion or what was it was it everything you hoped it would be yeah. Oh certainly owed this is how was the emotion of the ocean view known nationally. Add to that aspect here at state. You know in some ways because here we are top next to Michael you know but talking you bring into that and you do. A good mood. Room. Go I want everybody did take note today was the day that Steve made the banging of a sailboat into adopting knowing this but if I don't if any you can isolate their sound and make your ringtone back. You can fabulously. At a post he's going with more. My way. Good crew person reciprocal. This a lot of thought until months there and it is good then you could talk. If you have no. My successor is gonna call later on ago I heard Steve it's. I'm proud of Steve's son Kirk I think Torre with the our guys. We'll clever UN though you didn't. I am in the church they are two very well. Oh. We. Dad did you my dad's Arianna you know. Different. Yeah out there that you really good actually you're with trees are really that. There. Why oh brain Catholic but I mean how and exactly what the Prius now I would actually and a pair army in high school and my orbit job and you gotta clean the church you know. And you know one night out there all alone so invited the girlfriend over a neat little that I know that extra security camera then there are and business he will. Doubt the very awkward confession the next. Jay how can they told you aside and said we we side you wanna just tell us why it. It made me actually watched that video. Like it built built. Oh man who likely coupons go slow things like oh wait it's a pretty good this let me move her case it's a bit. They didn't think you'll spot me and the paper copy. Ha ha ha ha a palpable Boehner I thought man that's a good one no they do for letting us in on your club Mallory. Yeah hey guys what's your clubs. Are there any bad blood was no you to shut to do you know learn on you know maintain and why it's so hot. It can turn that's good she can true true true. Mean it's just that. I snapped my name maniacal boyfriend in their room in Maine and I was inning and he is sitting in the chair and then. Since I did a claim in the better man armed pilots union. Usable where he was little sunglasses things that the fat. Yes unfulfilled. Yeah. Wow but the senate did you that late. You know I didn't tanning bed you could do little sticker of the Playboy bunny on your saying Seattle market. You heard your team and you have blinked slowly and force him out there you have no lights. This break him at twelve men and oh lead it's not a now I am that's a lot of trust in Dallas right. Fiercely siren goes exile when you don't ruin we did you Arianna is now and then he asked and so I decided I'd say you're in the twelve many clubs. Is the kind of unfortunately joining us confidence Mallard if you really call this but she's actually doesn't disappoint outside the time I'm sure our needs some time. I'm RC east. I look clobber UN's. I mainly campus parking globe. These. You know there's security guards around the yeah there are there are. You know sometime spewing your age. No mood. You're you are real clean cars where were you. We start out in the car blade 88 it's pretty cramped in the spreadsheet at Lahaina civic on the it's an answer is yes this. Did you cots. No no we didn't it was that night alias wage. No I'm very many cars around and and security work I don't know where they wherever they were and are clearly now wants. New gasoline out of their own decisions we later down on the gas itself. I took the take two K. Okay you are chief the Jim. Yes I know I will clobber you end. I'm in new movie theater concession club. North although junior men's is no. You know boxing here. Us. This theater back in high school. Stand. You're there's one girl order so what are we were attractive we were the last two people work at a concession stand it was late at night we went to the backroom that was the absolute necessity stand unlock the door. Your daughter extra. I'll just a half while whole talking about the session got the cut but how would it true or was it. Over real well we always when we worked there for a good while afterwards and really didn't come back the bad. It's still not right there and got down memory. It's nice yeah thank you for the call Jim you people Alexa. I McClover UN. Don't you appreciate or your employee year. I'm Michael intranet actually conditioning would purposely admit to themselves to do that credit well. He would do you put in some hospitals so you'd come and relate with them. Waltz that's if fairness Sera Federer Shura. And there wasn't exempt mile bike. Three other women GOO. My gosh. He's so we eat all of his girlfriend did you have to dress like a nurse. And so let's say you rough part this is like you lost the theater kid told me just to do. Yeah as mock up my husband leave your house there's some. Oh my god was an amazing. You wouldn't we got caught quite a few times and he got and term. Quite a few hospitals. What it's like a whole underbelly of society but my colleague that everything else but I'm joining that club as soon as humanly possible that the you really call while you still wanna tell us what club here and we'll take more of your answers over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.