Slacker and Steve - Never Left the State 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Staying on and so all. I'm not a low there's a new study out that says sounds a huge number of Americans have barely traveled anywhere. And I remember. A few years ago. When you. It was a big deal. You went and got a passport I got past. You were gonna go to Mexico or you're gonna terrorists are your signals today you down low in the romantic getaway and recently you were you you had the tickets in your card you'll go win big Tinto Bly. Cummings answering your passport. Absolutely no and extra steam today guys is that it's just pay you can take it out of the post Amazon lol I actually for an hour it's. OK with a top 40% of people have never left the country I think that's had forty preserve what little we can't resist a nor did Mexico your -- so you are releasing you're saying you left the country well technically it's leaving the country yes or talk like that kind literally Kutcher so you since your passport has no stance you're saying as our younger person you win when it was only birth certificate required I did I was like in junior high or use in high school but only far as far as you can drive you never flew to -- each time I did. We did two words that Germany's in the office to eat well. Like I didn't realize even done that way younger it was right at a junior high into November oh well then I take it. Actually I'll put up outside of that since that I better what you want to. That doesn't do that if I was raised in North Dakota what she could throw Iraqi Canada's low and up to Canada part of Kennedy goes and that's a statue what a great up for the worst party candidates. If that's the it's a North Dakota Canada's baseless they were I feel I immediate North Dakota and sometimes allied. Each. Coach yes you guys are Canadians give us your travel or those who you're on the list. 40% of never left the country 54% have visited less than ten states but I doubt it dived on your tour bus for years that you could you know I was feeling that counts so presumably stop conceding today is a staged an agreement Sayyaf. I know you couldn't tell me that the staged. In Springfield Ohio was any different than the stage in Oklahoma City needed to remain under in a flight attendant you at the same occupational hazard you'd you'd ever to Wear your out when you wake up is there a flight attendant they wake up their Fairfield and exactly and it could be any talent why don't you to breakfast continental breakfast and yet you didn't cab down totally 13% have never been in an airplane. 13% of the population of America is is that not the saddest thing to work militants hundreds of thousands of people who never flown yet and 11% had never even left the states they were born and okay what ever I mean it's just a couple of miles to a border you can cross into what I know which is people don't do much Terrence. Understand I think we we took one road trip my entire childhood went through like four states and came home you yeah for some hours on a plane I paid for it. You're closer to adults fight I was definitely handle. Do you semi left the country I was all the way adults why is is is because of fund a money years of because your four people or story idea I don't know because of also according to the study 76% of the people said they wished they could travel more. But put no one's dignity. That's our I guess the entire purpose of this little announcement is. It off your bike yeah because buying more crap doesn't mean anything but those lights are you know I got to tell you stuff. I trip out of your car itself and print a boarding passes.