Slacker and Steve - New Boxers and Yoga Pants 4/26

Thursday, April 26th


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Staying on every national our. What happened what he's alert. You boxers right. This is weird even start a conversation between two men but I gotta go their body I do not site loads boxers the I'll go boxer briefs all soreness went oh god. Oh yeah Zia and general boxer briefs guy OK I wore boxers when they first came out because it was like the cool side I could not even the big bunch. Regis there due to hold anything you right there but you'd be talking living here there's you bunching they are so there's a new type of boxer briefs we've got two new fashion inventions one for men one for women. Bombed and they involve your jump page could he do the rounds. Then there's company in Japan just started selling boxer briefs which two pouches. For men's junk. One that story is your berries. That's one coach for the Mary's got to and then another one that stores your best hit so. That it points Norse. Charade up. Is that where you're supposed to be wearing a it's a just. Do you Merkel played so you should itself but why why wary why what's the upside titles. They're saying if you separate your stuff like data lets both parts breeds better O get a separate them by phone yes. They're only eight bucks a pair but no mind. Right now on down it's all. To the side down into the to the way I'm very much like Kennedy after we got shot down and do the last OK so if you do so yes so but like. I don't know it would it would be like to have it Doi pointing towards me all day. This company says keeping it up word will. Make you feel better I don't know if I can deal with I have to try our mother I don't even think I wanna try and you're an hour a little Wii gaming get a hearing yet to order from an Amazon overseas accounts are best leave you tonight I think it's a no and I think women are gonna say noticed too there are now armed. They're called sir Rochus and their crotch less yoga parents ought to know why it of what's the upside for this is have been a problem with the yoga pants that women decided we need this. For summary here's my theory Steve O I only women decided they wanted it I think men decided they wanted to know how that that is silly came to my mind too that the the but but. That's yeah its they're also Russia's they have a flat. In in your crotch so areas so you could still work out and then. But one win. If you need dig if you need quick access OK because no man has been pointing upward all day in his brand new underwear. You could just lost so that is the only reason for this they do seem like I mean I just you can go ha continue that. Well let's you can get geared okay. If you mean. If if this is disastrously what what's the upside by would women's I think I this clearly was designed by man because men are like wow look really good in those yoga pants Memphis I didn't leave them on. While weeds. There's so they designed these in no expect women to Wear these despite feeling a woman designed the upward underwear and you guys don't know what we want to get really. Me up a good news or they want you wanna be out there. This could Soto fight either one of the stupid products.