Slacker and Steve - No Kids Section on Planes 2/23

Friday, February 23rd


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Staying on and so on airfare watchdog did this thing Oka and I'm wondering how you feel which is sure to catch type of person. If people don't notice what the problem arises in Steve's world view rather then go to YouTube and find a solution or. Momma tinkering. Or doing anything like that you just he's ditch your wallet out and start slinging money into parks tennis I can tell goes away like that all this is. Mickey go ice about it celebrates its line that it works and for its own heavy job. I just felt like you just have to have an unlimited amount of resource is that how well that's how I'm able to do it in you guys OK. We all understand lots in life Steve you. A pizza are still more according to airfare watchdog asked people sort of not really anonymously because I think if if if the airlines ever did what they are talking about people would be mad okay but the question was. Would you pay extra would you Steven would you throw money and it was. If you could see it's any kids free zone. On an heir called head yeah who would not yours it. Pretty handy you're seeing how well enjoy my slice him what is really enjoy about being stuck in a tube where your seats. Barely moved today it's like this pellet they're there's how did possess yes bright outside shirt it's all the the all time post here how. How much money would you give them a two week I'll take all that would you would add screaming. Uncontrollable. Children around me to how often did you how did you do more such screening all of those Steve. How did you have some are slow move I know I'll give you that it's been awhile. But it happens we've auto endure and knows what did I don't pay any thing how much you want okay what do you got. 200 bucks extra. It went one way yeah okay sixty yes but people take fifty 200 dollars round trip in our. We wanted Qaeda and RPI tell you why you're an idiot YYPD because here you go you're in the aircraft's right up your router. Kids free care and doesn't mean they're not needy kids on the plane you're just admitted free zone. And we've far away from me though right how far away you may possibly be unless your on a 747. It's good stretch is no sleep did you hit it real high alert went out and took. Care okay I'll see if Jeff does it. But it can. Now all I. What submitting your fifty bucks to adjourn and don't you're never steep their children on what you're right. And I'll probably have to smell woman's been kind of your but it's early in the or put him in the back great but the kids in the back don't you mean back at a restaurant you have to go to. There's one of for a rightly so there's only for first class and I know you. After that OK way to say it out so does spend money to get in first class and Chirac community first class kid free zone a lot. Ten in the Stanley to Brazil. You're not fly first class we use our all of our credit card miles did not and we are sitting first class so guess what you can escape from a there either that's a huge free zone than we do not always downhill. Betsy is really rich kid always always. Give free. Who's in first class until he gets you go you know the reason we wanna sit in first class is so that we don't waste a full day of our vacation. We disguised did you actually when you fly in international slightly when we fly to Brazil we leave our house I 11 o'clock. And we like 11 o'clock in the morning and we'd get to air. Satellite 11 o'clock. Then the next day merger was yours or your client almighty when your Seaver Klein's I don't know four inches. You're not really sleep in Boca but in first class you can lay down so you actually sleep all all night doing that and then when you lay and your life's. Yet age. We're ready to go as opposed to you Lanny like winds up to 24 hours so we got we got harassed you you blow your whole first indication. So that's why my kids will be sitting in first that's. I don't yup they're gonna be kicked out Suzanne don't we do for you know you let's toss it rich people we pay a lot of money to Sudanese yeah but I was winning or people. Save our credit card miles and were able to come out. Don't rain on your parade. If you store. Sales for its people boys for loss and worst case scenario it's free those of their saw him drunk. Cooks have no OK you always oh we doesn't. But apparently Malaysian airlines air Asia astute airlines in Indy go have already on the team free zones. But everybody's afraid due to an American because parents who do I just. What's. Parents would blow hard they would say it's not it's discriminating it's bullying it's. It's kids she mean it's whatever the politically correct buzz word of free market economy dot. It's it's I do I hope they do it and I hope they charge 200 bucks and you can still hear the kids here right now. I sort of hurt. The yeah. Yeah yeah yeah.